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AP Biology Biology Ecology Long Distance Travel
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Aiden Boyd
45 terms
AP Biology Biology
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AP Biology Biology
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BCOR-012 Final Exam Part 2 338 terms
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AP Biology Biology
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AP Biology Biochemistry Biology Human Body
Biochemistry (ABI 102) 161 terms
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AP Biology Biology
53.1-5 52 terms
Marvel Brown
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AP Biology Biogeography Biological Species Concept
Chapter 17: Speciation 28 terms
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AP Biology Biology Systematics
BSC2010 Ch. 16 24 terms
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AP Bio chap 19-25 23 terms
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AP Biology Cell Biology Ligand Gated Ion Channel
CH 11 PRACTICE TEST KU BIOL 150 42 terms
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AP Biology Biotechnology
Bio Ch 13 68 terms
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AP Biology Biology Evolutionary Biology Geologic Time Scale Systematics
Biology 1002 128 terms
Brad Bledsoe
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AP Biology Biology
BIO 111 Final Practice Questions 81 terms
Dennis Jennings
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AP Biology Biology Non Native Species
Biology Chapter 19 Quiz 17 terms
Rebecca Mallory
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AP Biology Biology
BIO 101 18 terms
William Hopper
18 terms
AP Biology Biology Evolutionary Biology
FDSCI 209 56 terms
August Dunbar
56 terms
AP Biology Biology Genetics Law Of Independent Assortment
Biology test 4 76 terms
Candace Young
76 terms
During an investigation of a freshwater lake, an AP Biology student discovers a previously unknown microscopic organism. Further study shows that the unicellular organism is eukaryotic. (a) Identify FOUR organelles that should be present in the eukaryotic organism and describe the function of each organelle.
Nucleus-Contains hereditary information/DNA/chromosomes or is the site of RNA synthesis. Ribosomes-Site of protein synthesis. ER-Internal transport or compartmentalization. Rough ER-Protein synthesis/packaging/transport. Smooth ER-Lipid synthesis or detoxification or transport. Mitochondria-ATP synthesis or aerobic/cellular respiration. Chloroplasts, plastids-Light absorption/photosynthesis/carbohydrate synthesis. Vacuole, vesicles-Storage or transport. Cilia/flagella-Motility. Basal bodies-Support cilia/flagella. Centrioles-Assist chromosome movement in mitosis. Golgi bodies-Protein modification/packaging/transport. Lysosomes-Enzymatic hydrolysis of wastes/metabolites/pathogens. Peroxisomes-Catalase/peroxidase function or detoxification.
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