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Cell Biology Homologous Pairs Of Chromosomes
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AP Biology Homologous Pairs Of Chromosomes
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Homologous Pairs Of Chromosomes
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AP Biology Biology Homologous Pairs Of Chromosomes
Ch 12 practice test 71 terms
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Which of the following choices best defines “recombinant DNA technology”? A). combining alternate alleles on the same chromosome B). an independent assortment of alternate alleles C). cloning genes from homologous pairs of chromosomes D). combining genes from different species E). manipulated crossing over
D). Combining genes from different species.
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Which of the following does NOT occur during Prophase I of meiosis? A protein structure called a synaptonemal complex forms between the homologues. Crossing over between tetrads occurs. Homologous pairs of chromosomes separate and move toward the poles. Chromosomes begin to condense. Spindle is formed.
NOT – Homologous pairs of chromosomes separate and move toward the poles.
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homologous pairs of chromosomes line up next to one another along the equator
What occurs during metaphase 1?
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Orientation of homologous pairs of chromosomes at metaphase I results in alternative arrangements that contribute to genetic variation in offspring. The orientation is called _____.
independent assortment
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