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Microbiology Mycology
Mycology – Study of fungi – Flashcards 48 terms
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Livia Baldwin
48 terms
Dermatology Mycology Sexual Reproduction
Mycology 1 Answers – Flashcards 25 terms
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Jamie Hutchinson
25 terms
Compare And Contrast Mycology
Microbiology Exam 4 (Mycology-Fungi, Yeasts, Molds) – Flashcards 103 terms
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Tara Rose
103 terms
Microbiology For Health Sciences Mycology Nursing Red And White Blood Cells
Microbiology Case Studies: Exam 1 – Flashcards 40 terms
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40 terms
Mycology: Mycology 1 – Flashcards 18 terms
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Tilly Wilkinson
18 terms
Mycology Pathophysiology Public Health Pulmonology
Test Answers on Chapter 13 Respiratory System – Flashcards 35 terms
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Margaret Bruce
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Mycology Nursing Virology
Nursing Implications Antibiotics – Flashcards 22 terms
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22 terms
Test Answers on Bact/Myc – Microbiology – Flashcards 659 terms
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Brooke Sharp
659 terms
Gram Positive Cocci In Clusters Microbiology Mycology Toxic Shock Syndrome
Test Questions on Bacteria – Microbiology – Flashcards with Answers 55 terms
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Eosin Methylene Blue Agar Mycology
Exam 2-Scott – Flashcards 106 terms
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106 terms
Cell Membrane Microbiology Mycology Sexual Reproduction
Microbiology Final Exam Flashcard 52 terms
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Marlon Riddle
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Advanced Pathophysiology Dermatology Medical Terminology Mycology Nursing
Fungal Associations – Flashcards 62 terms
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Emily Kemp
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Microbiology Mycology
Lab Quiz #3 – Flashcards 39 terms
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Infectious Diseases Microbiology Mycology Public Health
Micro 1 Final – Flashcards 118 terms
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Gram Positive Rods Microbiology Mycology
Micro Exam II – Flashcards 110 terms
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Cindy Krause
110 terms
Dermatology Microbiology For Health Sciences Mycology The Nose
Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Test Microbiology – Flashcards 72 terms
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Darryl Wooten
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AP Biology Microbiology Mycology
Microbiology chapter5-Eukaryotes – Flashcards 60 terms
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Hands And Feet Microbiology Mycology South America
Microbiology III – Flashcards 90 terms
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90 terms
Microbiology section 3 – Flashcards 221 terms
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James Hopper
221 terms
Fungi Make Their Own Food Microbiology Mycology
Microbiology WJC 2013 Cpt.1 – Flashcards 68 terms
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Dermatology Microbiology Mycology
Mycology Exam 1 – Flashcards 114 terms
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114 terms
Dermatology Microbiology Mycology Sexual Reproduction
OHSU-CLS MYCOLOGY (KIMMIE) – Flashcards 111 terms
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111 terms
What is mycology?
the study of fungi
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Define mycology. By studying this, what are its human uses?
Study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans Human uses:– Tinder– Medicinals (penicillin)Food (beer, wine, cheese, edible mushrooms)– Entheogens
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Mycology: Specialty agar
– bird-seed: C. neoformans – corn meal: C albicans – rice infusion oxgall Tween 80 (RIOT)
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Mycology: Lab Methods
– 10% KOH: clears debris, breaks down keratin from nails, hair – lactophenol cotton blue: stains, kills org.
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Mycology: Primary growth agar
– SAB: Sabouraud’s dextrose agar – Mycosel: sim. to SAB but inhibits some Candida, Cryptococcus, Aspergillus
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define mycology
study of fungi
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