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Average Life Span Basic Human Needs Dimensions Of Wellness Health Psychology Healthy People 2020 Infectious Diseases Mental Health Public Health Wellness
STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 149 terms
Tara Rose
149 terms
Northeastern United States Public Health
reimbursement 157 terms
Isabella Parker
157 terms
Case Control Study Crude Birth Rate Epidemiology Health Public Health Public Health Surveillance
Chapter One 44 terms
Bettina Hugo
44 terms
Average Life Span Basic Human Needs Dimensions Of Wellness Health Psychology Healthy People 2020 Infectious Diseases Mental Health Public Health Wellness
Personal and Community Health Midterm 789 terms
Sabrina Peterson
789 terms
19th And 20th Centuries Determinants Of Health Public Health Public Health Interventions
P.H. reading Quiz 1 21 terms
Henry Lowe
21 terms
Case Control Study Case Fatality Rate Fundamentals Of Epidemiology Prevention And Control Prevention And Treatment Public Health Time And Space
Introduction 19 terms
Bernice Cooper
19 terms
Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Assessment Health Science Healthy People 2010 Long Term Care Managed Care Organizations Nursing Public Health
HAS 3000 Exam 2 64 terms
Patsy Brent
64 terms
Fundamentals Of Epidemiology Infectious Disease Infectious Diseases Public Health West Nile Virus
Epidemeology Chapter 1 39 terms
Michael Seabolt
39 terms
Core Body Temperature Dietary Reference Intakes Ethnic Studies Public Health
HHP final true/false 36 terms
Donna Chou
36 terms
Diffusion Of Innovation Theory Fecal Occult Blood Testing Large Scale Production Post Partum Depression Public Health
PH101: Quiz 1 13 terms
Joan Grant
13 terms
Community Health Peer Review Process Peer Reviewed Journal Public Health Stem Cell Research
Health 55 terms
Daniel Thompson
55 terms
Care For The Sick Long Term Care Medicare And Medicaid Public Health Skilled Nursing Facilities Terminally Ill Patients
HAS 3000 – Chapter 9 11 terms
Joseph Fraser
11 terms
Accountable Care Organizations Care For The Sick Child And Adolescent Federal Emergency Relief Act Late 20th Century Long Term Care Public Health Terminally Ill Patients
US Health Care Chapter 9 12 terms
Paula Corcoran
12 terms
Across The Country Civil Law Community Health Drug Abuse Prevention And Control Mental Health Services Public Health United States
HLTH 255 FINAL (ACTUAL) 61 terms
Anna Collins
61 terms
Business Management Health Healthcare Human Relations Approach Management Public Health Town Hall Meetings World Health Organization
HIMT-2300 MIDTERM- SUMMER 105 terms
Aiden Simmons
105 terms
Health Health Education Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Health Psychology Negative Self Talk Public Health Time Management Skills
Health Quizzes 312 terms
Maxim Beck
312 terms
Average Life Expectancy Healthy People 2020 Infectious Disease Public Health Wellness
Health Card Practice Test 179 terms
Kaitlynn Baldwin
179 terms
Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Healthy People 2020 Nursing Public Health
C228 – WGU 122 terms
Henry Smith
122 terms
Assisted Living Facility Autonomy And Independence Nursing Public Health Rural And Urban
Community Test 3 – Evolve Q’s 90 terms
James Storer
90 terms
Community Health Health Assessment Nursing Nursing-LPN Public Health
Community Health Nursing Book Questions 35 terms
Steven Colyer
35 terms
Disease Prevention And Health Promotion Healthy People 2020 People And Institutions Public Health
Community Health ATI 130 terms
Cindy Krause
130 terms
Community Health Foundations Of Professional Nursing Human Environment Interaction Nursing Public Health Public Health Nurse
Ati RN Community Health Online Practice 2016 B 50 terms
Suzette Hendon
50 terms
What is not included in the Ethics Guide for Public health?
Disseminate results of public health actions
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Which of the following measures to limit freedom of adults in the name of public health has not been taken by the U.S. or state governments?
Laws against smoking cigarettes.
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Which of the following does the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate NOT include?
preference for raw whole milk and cheeses
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Which of the following carries out public health functions core public health functions such as sanitation? (List of levels of public health)
Local Public Health Agencies (Local Health Dept)
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Which of the following measures is most likely to have negative a well as positive results for public health?
Banning pesticide use in the agriculture industry.
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Which of the following statements is incorrect about the job of the International Public Health & Trade Manager at FDA whom you were introduced to one of the additional videos of Module 1?
Inspecting beef carcasses in the Maryland Abattoir
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Which of the following statements best expresses the social justice view of public health?
Members of a community have collective responsibility for their common welfare.
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what did the public health professionals mean by “shoe leather epidemiology”
The tedious process of gathering information in the field using the real world–interviewing patient, families; collecting data
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Which one of the following examples least illustrates a primary prevention approach to public health?
Screening services relevant to the prevention of heart disease are widely promoted through brochures in doctors offices (SECONDARY)
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What is the role of the government in public health?
– assesses health care problems -provides access to services -ensures that services are delivered and outcomes are achieved
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