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Career Management
Career Management 1.02 vocabulary review 42 terms
Kaiya Hebert
42 terms
Career Management High School Students Part Time Job
Career Management obj 1-3 35 terms
Kevin Stewart
35 terms
Career Management Educational Psychology Free Time Person Environment Fit Power And Control Predict The Outcome Problem Solving Sociology of the Family
Kins final 45 terms
Margaret Bruce
45 terms
Business Law Career Management Cover Letter Hobbies Human Resource Management The Body Words And Phrases Writing A Cover Letter
Career Management – Quiz 6.01 and 6.02 Practice 40 terms
Roy Johnson
40 terms
Career Development Career Management Myers Briggs Type Indicator Predict The Outcome
CKE Prep – Flashcard 438 terms
Daniel Thompson
438 terms
Phyllis is in the process of understanding what possibilities exist for her within the organization based on her strengths and developmental areas. Which phase of the career management process is she in?
Reality Check
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2 responsibilities in the career management process
employee responsibility company responsibility
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Neil Grahams is a strategic HR advisor in an American MNC. He believes that in today’s globalized economy, both the knowledge and management resources as well as the skilled and unskilled employee resources, central to the success of an organization, are dispersed around the world. According to him, an organization can significantly improve global competitiveness by maximizing its global human resources in the long run. With which of the following is Neil most likely to agree? A) that maximizing long-term retention adversely affects the ability of an organization to maximize its global human resources in the long run B) that IHR managers must develop effective global management teams to improve global competitiveness C) that women have little or no role to play in international management D) that the use of international cadre through career management is unlikely to improve global competitiveness
B) that IHR managers must develop effective global management teams to improve global competitiveness
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4 steps in the career management process
self-assessment reality check goal setting action planning
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Career Management “Development Planning”
Helps employees select development activities that prepare them to meet their career goals
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the career management process starts with?
self- assessment
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Training, Development, and Career Management
Training, Development, and Career Management Organizations and their employees must constantly expand their knowledge, skills, and behavior to meet customer needs and compete in today’s demanding and rapidly changing business environment. More and more companies operate internationally, requiring that employees understand different cultures and customs. More companies organize work in terms of projects or customers, rather than specialized functions, so employees need to acquire a broad range of technical and interpersonal skills. Many companies expect employees at all levels to perform roles once reserved for management. Modern organizations are expected to provide development opportunities to employees without regard to their sex, race, ethnic background, or age so that they have equal opportunity for advancement. In this climate, organizations are placing greater emphasis on training and development. To do this, organizations must understand development’s relationship to training and career management.
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what is the organization’s responsibility in the goal-setting stage of the career management process?
to ensure that the goal is specific, challenging, and attainable
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