Synthesis and Decomposition Reaction Patterns

A metal combines with a nonmetal to form a binary salt   Ex: 6Li + N2 –> 2Li3N Metallic oxides and water form bases   Ex: Na2O + HOH –> 2NaOH Nonmetallic oxides and water form Acids   Co2 + H2O –> H2CO3 Metallic oxides and nonmetallic oxides fom Salts   Na2O + CO2 –> […]

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Ammonium NH4 +1 Acetate C2H3O2 -1 Arsenate AsO4 -3 Arsenite AsO3 -3 Bicarbonate HCO3 -1 Borate BO3 -3 Carbonate CO3 -2 Hypochlorite ClO -1 Chlorite ClO2 -1 Chlorate ClO3 -1 Perchlorate ClO4 -1 Chromate CrO4 -2 Cyanate CNO -1 Cyanide CN -1 Dichromate Cr2O7 -2 Phosphate PO4 -3 Phospite PO3 -3 Hydrogen Phospate HPO4 -2 […]

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Aluminum Al +3 Antimony Sb +3 +5 Argon Ar +0 Arsenic As -3 +3 +5 Barium Ba +2 Beryllium Be +2 Bismuth Bi +3 +5 Boron B +3 Bromine Br -1 +1 +5 Cadmium Cd +2 Calcium Ca +2 Carbon C -4 +2 +4 Cesium Cs +1 Chlorine Cl -1 +1 +3 +5 +7 Chromium […]

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Al Aluminum Sb Antimony Ar Argon As Arsenic Ba Barium Be Berillium Bi Bismuth B Boron Br Bromine Cd Cadmium Ca Calcium C Carbon Cl Chlorine Cr Chromium Co Cobalt Cu Copper F Fluorine Ge Germanium Au Gold He Helium H Hydrogen I Iodine Fe Iron Kr Krypton Pb Lead Li Lithium Mg Magnesium Mn […]

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Symbols of Elements

  Aluminum   Al Antimony Sb Argon Ar   Arsenic   As   Barium   Ba   Bismuth   Bi   Boron   B   Bromine   Br   Cadmium   Cd   Calcium     Ca   Carbon   C   Chlorine   Cl   Chromium   Cr   Cobalt   Co   Copper […]

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Symbols/Names of Elements

Al Aluminum Ba Barium Be Beryllium Bi Bismuth B Boron Cd Cadmium Ca Calcium Cs Cesium Cr Chromium Co Cobalt Cu Cooper Ga Gallium Au Gold H Hydrogen Fe Iron Pb Lead Li Lithium Mg Magnesium Mn Manganese Hg Mercury Ni Nickel Pt Platinum K Potassium Ra Radium Sc Scandium Si Silicon Ag Silver Na […]

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Symbols for Ions

Aluminum Al+3 Antimony (III) Sb+3 Ammonium NH4+1 Arsenic (III) As+3 Arsenic (V) As+5 Barium Ba+2 Beryllium Be+2 Bismuth (III) Bi+3 Bismuth (V) Bi+5 Cadmium Cd+2 Cerrium (III) Ce+3 Cerrium (IV) Ce+4 Calcium Ca+2 Chromium (II) Cr+2 Chromium (III) Cr+3 Cobalt (II) Co+2 Cobalt (III) Co+3 Copper (I) Cu+1 Copper (II) Cu+2 Francium Fr+1 Gallium Ga+3 […]

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Symbols for Elements/Comp.

Hydrogen H Carbon C Nitrogen N Aluminum Al Sodium NA Silver Ag Neon Ne Phosphorous P Iodine I Oxygen O Helium He Chlorine Cl Iron Fe Gold Au Sulfur S Calcium Ca Potassium K Silicon Si Salt NaCl Water H20 Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Carbon Monoxide CO Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sugar C6H12O6

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Symbols and Valences

Hydrogen H +1 Oxygen O -2 Sodium Na +1 Potassium K +1 Chlorine Cl -1 Fluorine F -1 Bromine Br -1 Iodine I -1 Calcium Ca +2 Barium Ba +2 Gold Au +1 Silver Ag +1 Magnesium Mg +2 Manganese Mn +2 Cobalt Co +2 Cadmium Cd +2 Aluminum Al +3 Zinc Zn +2 Beryllium […]

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