Speech Chp. 9-11

5 organizational patterns (plus variation of 5th) Topical, chronological, spatial, casual, problem-solution (motivated sequence) Topical organization Organization of the natural divisions in a central idea on the basis of recency, primacy, complexity, or the speaker’s preference Primacy Arrangement of the ideas in a speech from the most to the least important Recency Arrangement of the […]

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Comm109 chapter 9

The best pattern of organization for a speech explaining how to make a wedding cake would likely be time-sequence If a speaker says, “We have considered the lack of an adequate number of highways in the United States; now let us turn to consider the safety of those highways,” the speaker is using a transition. […]

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chapter 9 tooth morphology

tooth morphology the study of the structure and the form of teeth dentition natural teeth in position maxillary arch upper arch mandibular arch lower arch adjacent next to midline dental arches are divided into two halves by an imaginary line quadrants one-forth of the dental arches; there are four humans grow two sets of teeth: […]

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Ame gov’t ch13

Match each item with the correct statement below. You will not use all the terms. a. chief executive b. presidential succession c. Platform d. commander in chief 1. ____ the President’s role as the head of the armed forces 2. ____ the formal statement of a political party’s basic principles 3. ____ the plan by […]

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Government Chapter 2

Alexander Hamilton argued that the chief executive office should possess energy What was the primary goal of the Constitution’s framers? to create an effective government Under the Articles of Confederation, the relationship between the states and the federal government can be best compared to the United Nations’ relationship with member states. The Constitution is a […]

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SPED Final 4 & 5

A special requirement of IDEA that assists in the referral process by identifying children who may benefit from special education, even if they are not in school yet, is A. The children’s placement service B. Child find C. Child referral D. The Child at Risk B. Child find Baylor has just gone through the Assessment […]

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Gabby Douglas Speech

card 1 “never quit, never give up. When you have a little trouble here and there, Just keep fighting. In the end it will pay off.” This was a quote by Gabby Douglas. card 2 Gabby Douglas is an Olympic gold medal gymnast. She has gone through so much in her life. Gabby’s Family was […]

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On Nuclear Disarmament, On Nuclear Disarmament

Setting of Carl Sagan’s speech 1988 at Gettysburg, PA (Pennsylvania) Repeating rifles & Cannons What weapons were used in the Battle of Gettysburg What did the United States use against two Japanese cities Atomic bombs According to Saga, how many nuclear weapons do the United States and Soviet Union have today sixty thousand Nuclear weapons […]

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S11-531: Motor Speech Evaluation

What are the purpose of a clinical exam? – to inform differential diagnosis – to establish a speech diagnosis – to help with localization & disease diagnosis – to specify severity – to plan initial intervention – purpose may vary according to phase of disorder (people with degenerative conditions, children with developmental motor speech disorders) […]

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