Advanced Functions 12
Advanced Functions 12
1st Edition
Chris Kirkpatrick, Kristina Farentino, Susanne Trew
ISBN: 9780176678326
Textbook solutions
Chapter 1: Functions: Characteristics and Properties
Page 2: Getting Started
Section 1-1: Functions
Section 1-2: Exploring Absolute Value
Section 1-3: Properties of Graphs of Functions
Section 1-4: Sketching Graphs of Functions
Section 1-5: Inverse Relations
Section 1-6: Piecewise Functions
Section 1-7: Exploring Operations with Functions
Page 62: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 2: Functions: Understanding Rates of Change
Page 66: Getting Started
Section 2-1: Determining Average Rate of Change
Section 2-2: Estimating Instantaneous Rates of Change from Tables of Values and Equations
Section 2-3: Exploring Instantaneous Rates of Change Using Graphs
Section 2-4: Using Rates of Change to Create a Graphical Model
Section 2-5: Solving Problems Involving Rates of Change
Page 118: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 3: Polynomial Functions
Page 122: Getting Started
Section 3-1: Exploring Polynomial Functions
Section 3-2: Characteristics of Polynomial Functions
Section 3-3: Characteristics of Polynomial Functions in Factored Form
Section 3-4: Transformation of Cubic and Quartic Functions
Section 3-5: Dividing Polynomials
Section 3-6: Factoring Polynomials
Section 3-7: Factoring a Sum or Difference of Cubes
Page 186: Chapter Self-Test
Page 188: Cumulative Review
Page 155: Check Your Understanding
Page 161: Practice Questions
Page 182: Check Your Understanding
Page 184: Practice Questions
Chapter 4: Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
Page 194: Getting Started
Section 4-1: Solving Polynomial Equations
Section 4-2: Solving Linear Inequalities
Section 4-3: Solving Polynomial Inequalities
Section 4-4: Rates of Change in Polynomial Functions
Page 242: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 5: Rational Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
Page 246: Getting Started
Section 5-1: Graphs of Reciprocal Functions
Section 5-2: Exploring Quotients of Polynomial Functions
Section 5-3: Graphs of Rational Functions of the Form f(x) 5 ax 1 b cx 1 d
Section 5-4: Solving Rational Equations
Section 5-5: Solving Rational Inequalities
Section 5-6: Rates of Change in Rational Functions
Page 310: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 6: Trigonometric Functions
Page 314: Getting Started
Section 6-1: Radian Measure
Section 6-2: Radian Measure and Angles on the Cartesian Plane
Section 6-3: Exploring Graphs of the Primary Trigonometric Functions
Section 6-4: Transformations of Trigonometric Functions
Section 6-5: Exploring Graphs of the Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions
Section 6-6: Modelling with Trigonometric Functions
Section 6-7: Rates of Change in Trigonometric Functions
Page 378: Chapter Self-Test
Page 380: Cumulative Review
Chapter 7: Trigonometric Identities and Equations
Page 386: Getting Started
Section 7-1: Exploring Equivalent Trigonometric Functions
Section 7-2: Compound Angle Formulas
Section 7-3: Double Angle Formulas
Section 7-4: Proving Trigonometric Identities
Section 7-5: Solving Linear Trigonometric Equations
Section 7-6: Solving Quadratic Trigonometric Equations
Page 441: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 8: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Page 446: Getting Started
Section 8-1: Exploring the Logarithmic Function
Section 8-2: Transformations of Logarithmic Functions
Section 8-3: Evaluating Logarithms
Section 8-4: Laws of Logarithms
Section 8-5: Solving Exponential Equations
Section 8-6: Solving Logarithmic Equations
Section 8-7: Solving Problems with Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Section 8-8: Rates of Change in Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Page 512: Chapter Self-Test
Chapter 9: Combinations of Functions
Page 516: Getting Started
Section 9-1: Exploring Combinations of Functions
Section 9-2: Combining Two Functions: Sums and Differences
Section 9-3: Combining Two Functions: Products
Section 9-4: Exploring Quotients of Functions
Section 9-5: Composition of Functions
Section 9-6: Techniques for Solving Equations and Inequalities
Section 9-7: Modelling with Functions
Page 578: Chapter Self-Test
Page 580: Cumulative Review
Page 542: Further Your Understanding
Page 544: Practice Questions
Page 569: Check Your Understanding
Page 576: Practice Questions
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