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Advanced Pathophysiology Anatomy Male Reproductive System Reproductive System
Chapter 34 – Male Reproductive System – Flashcards 61 terms
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61 terms
Death And Disease Nutrition Percent Body Fat Racial Ethnic Group Reproductive System
HHS 231 Chapter 6/8 Set – Flashcards 60 terms
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Abortion Abstain From Alcohol Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Birth Control Pills Nutrition Obstetrics Pregnancy Reproductive System
Ch. 13 – Flashcard 16 terms
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16 terms
AP Biology Biological Species Concept Ecology Reproductive System
MT2 Prelims – Flashcards 63 terms
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Parasitology Reproductive System Surgery Zoology
Exam 2 – Microbiology Flashcard 85 terms
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Reproductive System
GLY1102 Topic 9 25 terms
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Anthropology Ecology Reproductive System The Environment
exam 2 anthro 160 terms
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160 terms
Which of the following is(are) not classified as an accessory organ(s) of the reproductive system in the male?
Because of the increased danger to their reproductive systems, it is legal to bar women from positions that have been shown to be of high risk.
The nurse, collecting data on the reproductive system from a female patient, is told that the patient has a vaginal discharge that is cottage cheese like in appearance. The nurse recognizes this as:
C. Candida albicans infection
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The reproductive system of a male mammal provides
a means for the delivery of gametes.
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When caring for clients with neoplasms of the reproductive system, the nurse must begin by assessing the woman’s knowledge of the disorder, its management, and prognosis. This assessment should be followed by a nursing diagnosis. Which diagnosis fails to address the psychologic effect of these disorders? Select one: a. Disturbed body image, as a result of changes in anatomy b. Anxiety, related to surgical procedures c. Interrupted family processes d. Risk for injury, related to lack of skill for self-care
d. Risk for injury, related to lack of skill for self-care
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The reproductive system A) produces gametes. B) stores and transports gamates. C) nourishes gametes. D) all of the above E) A and B only
all of the above
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The _______ and _______ support both the endocrine system and reproductive system.
ovaries, testes
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Reproductive systems with external fertilization are most common in
aquatic animals.
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