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A client in acute respiratory distress is brought to the emergency department. After endotracheal (ET) intubation and initiation of mechanical ventilation, the client is transferred to the intensive care unit. Before suctioning the ET tube, the nurse hyperventilates and hyperoxygenates the client. What is the rationale for these interventions? a) They help prevent cardiac arrhythmias. b) They help prevent pulmonary edema. c) They help prevent pneumothorax. d) They help prevent subcutaneous emphysema.
They help prevent cardiac arrhythmias.
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A nurse working in the intensive care unit​ (ICU) needs to give a​ change-of-shift report. What is the most appropriate action by the nurse for this type of verbal reporting​ system? a. Give details on routine care needs of the client b. Elaborate on client background data c. Report a client​’s need for special emotional support d. State priorities of client care at the beginning Your answer is not correct. Rationale During a​ change-of-shift report, the nurse should include the​ client’s need for special support. The nurse should be concise and brief regarding client background data and routine care needs of the client. Priorities of client care should be stated at the end of the​ report, when the receiving nurse will be most likely to remember the information.
Report a client​’s need for special emotional support .
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A patient is admitted to the intensive care unit with DIC associated with a gram-negative infection. Which assessment information has the most immediate implications for the patient’s care?
The patients oxygen saturation is 87%.
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A patient in the intensive care unit has anemia, schistocytes, and thrombocytopenia. The prothrombin time (PT) and partial thromboplastin time (PTT) are elevated and the fibrinogen is low. What test to confirm what diagnosis would be appropriate?
D-dimer to confirm acute disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
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A nurse who works on a medical-surgical unit reads an article about a research study regarding nursing care in the intensive care unit (ICU) and decreased nosocomial infections. Which action should the nurse take in exploring this research topic
Do a journal search and look for similar studies related to non-ICU pts
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Reggie is a new pharmacist in a surgical intensive care unit. He notices that it is taking an average of three hours from the time an order is placed until a patient receives an antibiotic (the goal is one hour). What might Reggie do if he were to act like a leader?
Look into the cause of the problem and research how other ICUs have solved it.
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7. The workmen cause an electrical fire when installing a new piece of equipment in the intensive care unit. A client is on a ventilator in the next room. The first action the nurse should take is to: 1. Pull the fire alarm 2. Attempt to extinguish the fire 3. Call the physician to obtain orders to take the client off the ventilator 4. Use an Ambu-bag and remove the client from the area
Use an Ambu-bag and remove the client from the area
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A 7-year-old girl is in the intensive care unit following a bicycle accident. Which would be most helpful in providing support to the girl’s parents?
Providing honest answers in a reassuring manner Providing honest answers to the parents’ questions and concerns in a reassuring manner will provide the most support. Procedures and treatment plans should be explained in terms they can understand and repeated patiently, if need be. Encouraging the parents to read to their daughter will involve them in their child’s care and help normalize the situation for the child.
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The nurse and an unlicensed assistive personnel are caring for four clients on a telemetry unit. Which nursing task would be best for the nurse to delegate to the UAP? 1. Assist the client to go down to the smoking area for a cigarette. 2. Transport the client to the intensive care unit via stretcher 3. Provide the client going home discharge teaching instructions 4. Help position the client who is having a portable x-ray done
4. The UAP can assist the x-ray technician in positioning the client for the portable x-ray. This does not require judgement
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A child is on a ventilator in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Which nursing intervention would best meet the psychosocial needs of this child? 1. Allow the parents to remain at the bedside. 2. Touch and talk to the child often. 3. Provide the child with a blanket from home. 4. Provide consistent caregivers.
Correct Answer: 2 Rationale 1: Touch and verbal exchanges will aid in psychosocial support. The other responses provide a sense of security.
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