L 101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership

Which of the following descriptions best describes “leadership”?
A positive, “let’s do something about it” attitude toward problems
Reggie is a new pharmacist in a surgical intensive care unit. He notices that it is taking an average of three hours from the time an order is placed until a patient receives an antibiotic (the goal is one hour). What might Reggie do if he were to act like a leader?
Look into the cause of the problem and research how other ICUs have solved it.
Reggie takes a look at the time between antibiotic order and administration in the other ICUs in his hospital. He discovers that most of the ICUs have the same problem. This is an example of which of the following actions of leaders discussed in this lesson?
Forming a clearer picture of the problem
When effective leaders hear others complaining about a problem, which action would they most likely take?
Try to learn how big the problem really is.
Your hospital has recently begun using the World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist in all of its operating rooms. As chief of surgery, you have been hearing different reports about the use of the checklist; apparently, some surgeons are all for it, while others remain skeptical. You are curious about finding out how well and often the checklist is actually being used. Which of the following might be a good first step to take?
B and C
Which of the following best describes a workable level of unity?
When a group is willing to try an action together, even if there isn’t complete agreement on what to do
You are working on decreasing adverse events related to medication errors, a serious problem on your pediatrics unit. After gathering some data, you present it to your colleagues on the unit. The result is several days of heated discussion among various caregivers. As a leader, at this point you should:
Work to engage as many individuals on the unit as possible, investigating the source of their worries and responding to their concerns.
You and a fellow medical student have learned that in many countries, doctors avoid wearing long-sleeved coats at work because the coats can carry harmful bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). You and your friend would love to see providers in the US stop wearing the coats. A conference of hospital and clinic leaders is coming up. How might you pique their interest in this issue of wearing long-sleeved coats?
All of the above
You are working to improve the care of diabetics in your community health clinic, and today you’re giving a presentation to the clinic’s leadership. You begin by telling the story of Kevin, a diabetic in the clinic who underwent a below-the-knee amputation after years of poorly controlled diabetes. What is the reason for telling this story?
Engage the largest possible number of people in the room.
In order to persuade the “logical” individuals in the room, what should you be sure to include in your presentation about improving care for patients with diabetes?
Average blood pressure and cholesterol levels (quality of care measures) of the clinic’s patients with diabetes
What can quality improvement teams learn from Renoir, Monet, and Cezanne?
Teamwork can lead to creative ideas.
In the lesson, IHI fellow Jana Deen explained that she went back to her roots and focused on patients to start making changes in health care. What other resources might be helpful as you seek to improve health care?
All of the above
Michael Pugh talks about the distinction between management and leadership. Which of the following is most indicative of leadership?
Influencing people
You gather some data about the use of a surgical checklist in your operating rooms and have an idea for an improvement. At the next month’s meeting, you present the idea to your colleagues. The most likely outcomes will include:
People will have different reactions; some will support you, others will initially resist you.
According to Peter Drucker, which of the following statements is true?
All of the above
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