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Aerobic Cellular Respiration AP Biology
Biology: Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration Study Guide – Flashcards 58 terms
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Aerobic Cellular Respiration Biology
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Aerobic Cellular Respiration Anatomy And Physiology Human Anatomy And Physiology 1
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Aerobic Cellular Respiration Cell Biology
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Aerobic Cellular Respiration
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Aerobic Cellular Respiration AP Biology Biochemistry IB Biology
Study Guide 10 Respiratory System 77 terms
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Early cyanobacteria are thought to be responsible for the liberation of molecular oxygen into Earth’s primitive atmosphere. Which of these effects was achieved through the liberation of oxygen from cyanobacteria? • It paved the way for the development of chlorophyll in green plants. • It caused the mutations that resulted in the formation of aerobic cellular respiration. • It provided the oxygen necessary for aerobic respiration. • It caused the mutations that resulted in the formation of photosynthesis.
It provided the oxygen necessary for aerobic respiration.
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Ch8q2During aerobic cellular respiration, the final electron acceptor is BLANK; while during anaerobic respiration it might be BLANKA)H2O; CO2B)O2; NO3-C)O2; CO2D)CO2; NO3-E)NO3-; CO2
Formula for Aerobic Cellular Respiration
C6 H12 O6+ 6O2+ 6CO2+ 6H2O+ ATP Energy
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Ch8q3Exergonic reactionsA)All of these answers are correctB)Include synthesis of large carbohydratesC)Occur during aerobic cellular respirationD)Do not occur during anaerobic cellular respirationE)Only occur in heterotrophs
Answer:C)Occur during aerobic cellular respiration
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anaerobic cellular respiration
The use of an electron acceptor other than oxygen to complete metabolism using electron transport-based chemiosmosis
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5.The primary role of oxygen in aerobic cellular respiration is to A. combine with lactate, forming pyruvate. B. yielding energy in the form of ATP as it is passed down the respiratory chain. C. combine with carbon forming CO2 D. act as an acceptor for electrons and hydrogen forming water. E. catalyze the reactions of glycolysis 6. One example of an elctron acceptor that can be used in anaerobic respiration is A. NADHB. PyruvateC. waterD. nitrateE. Both B and D are correct
5. D6. E
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