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Emergency Medicine Good Samaritan Law
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Good Samaritan law protects
protection for people who give first aid in good faith
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/first-aid-and-cpr-2/
The nurse observes a multivehicle collision where several people are seriously injured. When a nurse stops at the scene of this accident, the nurse is: Question 9 options: Given legal immunity by the Good Samaritan Law. Held responsible for the care provided at the scene. Meeting the legal trust that accompanies a nursing license. Immune from prosecution because a contract does not exist.
a.The Good Samaritan Law does not provide legal immunity; the nurse can still be held accountable for gross departure from acceptable standards of practice or willful wrongdoing. b.Nurses are responsible for their own actions, and the care provided must be what any reasonably prudent nurse would do under similar circumstances c.Assistance at the scene of an accident is an ethical, not a legal, duty A contract does not have to exist for a nurse to commit negligence.
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/legal-ethics-of-questions-n134/
3 The Good Samaritan law holds healthcare providers immune from liability as long as they function within the scope of their expertise. Automobile and homeowner insurance would not cover the nurse in this situation. The Patient Care Partnership may grant immunity from suit if the injured party consents, which is not the case in this scenario.
The nurse stops to help in an emergency at the scene of an accident. The injured party files a suit, and the nurse’s employing institution insurance does not cover the nurse. Which would probably cover the nurse in this situation? 1 The nurse’s automobile insurance 2 The nurse’s homeowner’s insurance 3 The Good Samaritan laws, which grant immunity from suit if there is no gross negligence 4 The Patient Care Partnership, which may grant immunity from suit if the injured party consents
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/foundations-of-nursing-chapter-23-legal-implications-in-nursing-practice/
The Good Samaritan Law states that the helping person cannot be sued for additional injuries caused during a rescue attempt even if it is less than perfect.
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