Essentials of Athletic Injury Management 9th Edition (CH. 1,2,3)

Sports Medicine
A broad field of medical practice related to physical activity or sport; The clinical application of the work of the disciplines are preformed.
Who are the players on the sports medicine team?
Personal Fitness Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches
What is a Personal Fitness Trainer?
Designs a exercise program to meet someones needs and goals. Also considers a person’s health history.
What organizations help you become a certified Personal Fitness Trainer? (4) Also, must be certified in what?
– American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
– National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
-National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
-American Council of Exercise (ACE)
-First Aid
How do athletic trainers fit under the sports medicine umbrella?
It goes under both performance enhancement and the injury and care management
What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach? How are they certified? Where are they not really available?
Oversees fitness of Athlete.
Through NSCA.
High School Level.
What does the Athletic Director/ Administrator do?
-Responsible for hiring Personnel. (Over everyone)
-Responsible for emergency action and risk management plan.
-Responsible for budget.
What is the role of the coach in the sports medicine team? What can they NOT do?
-Responsible for each individual associated with the team
– If no Trainer= more reliable
– Must have first Aid
– Can NOT say when the players are allowed to return to the field.
What are the roles and the responsibilities of the Athletic Trainer? What credentials do they need?
-Works with athlete from time of injury to resolution.
-Responsible for the phases of health care.
-They need a College education and Internship.
-BOC Certification
-ATC Credential
What can a Athletic Trainer do?
-Injury Prevention
-Clinical Examination & Diagnosis
-Acute care of injuries and illnesses (First AID)
-Therapeutic Rehabilitation
-Health Care Administration
-Psychosocial Referral
-Educating the public through seminars
What are the responsibilities of the team physician? Attends what? Who must they be at work/agreement with?
-Makes the call if the player can play or not.
-Physical Exams
-Diagnosing Injury
-Attends practices and games
-Is over the Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer must be able to do what with the families? Must be familiar with?
-Deal with multiple healthcare provided by the parents request.
Other professionals just outside of the sports medicine team
Nurse (school), Orthopedists, Neurologists, Internist, Family medicine physician, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Dermatologist, Osteopath, Dentist
Define HIPAA
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
-Protects medical records from being shared.
Define FERPA
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
-Protects privacy of student educational records
Define OSHA
Occupational Safety and Health Act
National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment
What are the 2 protocols set by the Athletic Trainer?
-Policies regarding environmental condition and emergency protocols should also be set.
Hygiene and Sanitation. What must they adhere too?
-Rules concerning room cleanliness and sanitation must be set and made known to population using facility.
-Occupational Safety and Health Act standards and guidelines.
What happens with the emergency action plan? Where is it required?
-Policies must be in place so you know what to do.
-know where all things are
-required at all levels.
Why is adminsitering pre-participation examination important? What is it?
-Reveal condition that may warrant disqualification
-Your physical
Where can you get a physical done?
-Professional Physician.
– May not see that the athlete is predispose to injury.
-Station Examination.
-Better one because it’s in person with the teams physician.
What is the most important thing to identify before an examination?
-Identifying past and existing medical conditions
-Updated yearly.
Sport Disqualitification
-Certain Injuries and illnesses warrant special concern when dealing with sports. LOOK IN BOOK
What are expendable items?
Only used once, First Aid and injury supplies.
What are equipment items? Fixed? Non fixed?
-Items that can be used again.
-Remains in training room (ex. Ice-machine)
-Non-fixed (ex. crutches coolers)
When hiring a Athletic Trainer in a secondary school, what do they need?
ATC’s are recommended.
Being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person.
The failure to use ordinary or reasonable care.
Legal wrongs committed against a person
-Fail to perform legal duty.
-Care giver fails to do something a reasonably prudent individual would.
-Act of Omission
-Performs action that is not their legally perform.
-Care giver does something a reasonably prudent individual would not.
-Act of Comission
Good Samaritan Law
Provides limited protection against legal liability to one that provides care should something go wrong.
Statutes of Limitation -How long can you sue?
-About 1 to 3 years.
Assumption of Risk
Athlete is aware of the danger with in the sport and still wants to play.
*for sure a question
Product Liability. What has a liability suit?
-Liability of any or all parties involved in manufactured products for damages caused by product.
– Product with inherent defects
National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)
-Minimum standards for equipment to ensure safety.
General Health Insurance
-Policy that covers illnesses, hospitalization, and emergency care (Primary Insurance)
-Secondary Insurance- sports teams have them.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
-Provide preventive measures and dictate where individual can receive care.
-pays 100%
– How HMO works
-Members make standard payments monthly regardless of services rendered.
Preferred Providers Organization (PPO)
-If you have money.
-Fee-for service basis.
-Discount health care and limits where treatment can be obtained.
Point of Service
-Combination of HMO & PPO.
-Based of HMO but allows care outside of the plan.
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