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First Aid Kit
State of Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide Test Review – Flashcards 59 terms
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59 terms
First Aid Kit
CHP PRACTICE QUIZ #1 – Flashcards 61 terms
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First Aid Kit Nursing Nursing-LPN Organic Brain Syndrome Surgery
Chapter 5 Care of Postoperative Surgical Patients – Flashcards 61 terms
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Check For Breathing Emergency Medicine First Aid Kit Good Samaritan Law Head Tilt Chin Lift
First Aid (Grade 9 Health) – Flashcards 26 terms
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First Aid Kit Make Eye Contact Pull Off The Road
School Bus Endorsement Practice Test – Flashcards 139 terms
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Equipment First Aid First Aid Kit Management
Army Study Guide: Maintenance 14 terms
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Equipment First Aid Kit
Maintenance (AR 750-1 and DA PAM 750-1) 20 terms
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How many first aid kits does the CH-47 have?
7 first aid kits
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First aid kit where, what, and why
Location: back of the classroom, or office, for cuts and scrapes, it contains basic bandaids, alcohol, and swabs
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You are at the scene of a chemical plant where a patient has been exposed to hydrofluoric acid. The plant first aid kit includes calcium gluconate for treatment of hydrofluoric acid exposure. You​ should: A. Contact medical control and request permission to administer the drug. B. encourage the patient to​ self-administer the drug. C. immediately administer the drug. D. have a plant employee administer the drug.
A. Contact medical control and request permission to administer the drug.
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Action: Supplying the First Aid Kit
– Keep the supplies in a sturdy, watertight container that is clearly labeled – Know where the first aid kit is. – Replace what you use so the kit will be ready for the next emergency – Check the kit at the beginning of each work period for expired supplies and to make sure it is complete and ready for an emergency
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First aid kit Standards
1 important emergency numbers 2 absorbent compress 3 adhesive bandage 4 adhesive tape 5 antibiotic treatment 6 Antiseptic swab 7 antiseptic wipe 8 antiseptic towelette 9 bandage compress 2in 10 bandage compress 3in 11 bandage compress 4in 12 burn dressing 13 burn treatment 14 CPR barrier 15 cold pack 16 eye covering with means of attechment 17 eye/skin wash 18 gloves 19 Roller bandage 4in 20 roller bandage 2in 21 sterile pad 22 Triangular bandage 23 Heartsave first aid quick reference Guid
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/heart-saver-first-aid-and-cpr-aed/
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