State of Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide Test Review

Who can file a request with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend the license or instruction permit of a minor?
Anyone who has signed the application of a minor for an operator’s license or instruction permit

The illegal transportation of liquor by a minor carries a minimum suspension of how many days?
30 days

How many classes of driver’s license are issued in Maine?
3 classes

What are demerit points?
A system of assigning points to people convicted of certain motor vehicle traffic violations. Once 12 points is reached, the offender’s license is suspended.

Name the violations of traffic laws which, upon conviction, carry automatic 90 day suspensions.
Passing a roadblock, street racing, or a second conviction of using false identification to obtain liquor.

What is a title and how do you apply for one?
A legal document that identifies the ownership of a vehicle. If the vehicle is purchased at a Maine dealership then the dealer will provide it for you. If not, you fill one out yourself and submit it with the prior title certificate.

How often should I have my vehicle inspected?
Once a year

What tax must be paid prior to registering a motor vehicle?
Excise tax

Will I need liability insurance when I register my motor vehicle?

Where and how do I register my motor vehicle?
After the excise tax is paid and a receipt is received, registration and plates may be obtained at any Motor Vehicle Branch Offices or by mailing the application in to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

What are some of the emergency supplies I should have in my vehicle at all times?
Owner’s manual, spare tire, tire jack, lug wrench, first aid kit, blanket, flashlight, and road maps.

What is the BrAC level which denotes operation under the influence in Maine for people under 21 years of age?
Any consumption of alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal and any level detected in a minor operating a vehicle will result in conviction

What is the legal BrAC level for determining O.U.I. in those ages 21 and older in Maine?
0.08 to 0.14 grams per 100 milliliters of blood or 210 liters of breath

What does “implied consent” mean?
That as soon as you get behind the wheel of a car, you are automatically consenting to any testing requested by a law enforcement officer.

What drug is the most damaging and widely used in the United States today?

True or false? An O.U.I. offense could cost you more than $7,000.

Automobiles get __% better mileage at 55 MPH than at 70 MPH

At a four way stop, who has the right of way?
The driver who got there first.

What does a red line through a red circle mean?
You cannot do something.

What routine maintenance steps should you follow to maximize your automobiles fuel efficiency?
Getting tune-ups, oil changes, keep your tires properly inflated, and your wheels properly aligned.

What is the difference between a solid line on the roadway and a broken one?
Solid lines prevent passing; broken lines allow passing when it is safe.

How should you proceed when approaching a traffic circle?
You must yield the right-of-way to vehicles already in the circle.

Good drivers try to see ahead for at least how many seconds?

What procedures should you follow before attempting to pass another vehicle?
Check/watch for other vehicles, check for upcoming road conditions, make sure you have space to return to, signal, and finally, pass when clear

You are at a stop sign. A car approaches from the left which has its directional signal flashing indicating a right turn into the road you are about to leave. Is it safe to assume that this vehicle will make the turn?
It is never safe to assume.

To change lanes safely while driving, what procedures should you follow?
Give the correct signal and look over your shoulder in the direction o the lane you are about to enter.

True or False? You should use your low beams in fog, snow, or heavy rain.

Where is it dangerous to pass?
When there is an oncoming car, your’re on a hill or curve, at an intersection, or if there is any other lane obstruction.

How do you determine whether or not there is enough room to pass a vehicle in front of you?
If there are no oncoming cars, if you are not on a hill or curve, there are no intersections, no obstructions, and if you have a space to return into your lane.

True or False? When attempting to pass another vehicle you should always treat a hill or curve as an oncoming vehicle?

What procedures should you follow when you are having car trouble and have to stop?
Try to pull off the road and out of traffic. Turn on emergency flashers. Open hoot to signal an emergency.

Where is the driver’s blind spot usually located?
Where the mirrors don’t reach

What is a safe speed?
It depends on the conditions – speed limits, road surface, curves, water on the roadway

At 50 MPH it takes about ___ feet to stop.
188 ft

What traffic signs are almost always yellow and diamond shaped?
Warning signs

Unless otherwise posted, at what speed should you travel when driving through a business district?
25 MPH

What should you do if you are driving along in the rain, snow, or fog, and begin to have difficulty seeing either ahead, beside, or behind you?
Pull off the road and wait for it to clear

When following trucks, tractor trailers, and buses, what driving considerations should you keep in mind?
Don’t follow too close, they often make wide turns, they gain and lose lost of speed on hills, and leave extra room when stopped behind one.

True or False? The driver behind you has more control over the space directly behind you than you do.

True or False? When driving long distances on straight roads you should keep your vehicles as warm as possible.

What procedures should you follow when entering an expressway?
If an entrance ramp is present, speed up before merging. If not, stop and then speed up. Always look over your shoulder and in your mirrors before merging into traffic.

When encountering bicyclists, how should you drive?

True or False? Bicyclists are vehicle drivers and have all the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles.

When passing a bicyclist, how much room should you give?
At least 3 feet of space.

List the three distinct type of driving distractions.
Visual distractions, manual distractions, and cognitive distractions.

In Maine, children and adults up to what age are required to wear safety belts or be secured in a safety eat when riding in an automobile?
All ages must be secure

In avoiding a collision a direr has three options. What are they?
Stop quickly, turn quickly, speed up quickly.

What should you do if your power steering fails?
If you’re going straight, grip the wheels hard with both hands to keep in control. If turning, turn hard. Stop the car and restart the engine.

If your brakes become wet after driving through deep water, you can “dry” them by ____.
driving slowly and putting brakes on for a short distance.

True or False? Seat belts help you stay alert.

Approximately how many people die each year in motor vehicle accidents in the United States.

What is the first thing you should do when confronted by an oncoming vehicle in your lane?
Blow your horn and flash your lights to alert the other driver

When operating your vehicle on ice or snow, it takes ___ to ___ times as much distance to stop your vehicle as it does on dry pavement
Three to Twelve

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about ___% of all deaths and serious injuries occur in cars traveling under 40 MPH within 25 miles from one’s home.

True or False? When used properly, lap and shoulder belts can reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury by 40-55%.

What is the first thing you should do if you are involved in an accident?
Stop your car immediately and give first aid to any injured people, if possible. Call an ambulance if needed.

True or False? Always contact the police if you are involved in an accident in which someone was injured.

What is “hydroplaning” and how should it be handled?
Happens when you’re driving on wet roads and causes skidding. To handle and prevent, slow down during rain, replace tires as soon as they become worn out, and keep properly inflated.

Should you try to pull injured victims from a vehicle that has been involved in an accident?
Not unless absolutely necessary due to a fire or other life-threatening danger.

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