Safety Quiz Test Questions

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Procedure for cuts and scrapes
report them, never touch other peoples blood, all cuts on hands must be covered with bandaids, and use the first aid kit
Procedure for Burns
Tell teacher, beware of glass because hot and cold look the same. Use cold water, and dont apply creams, grease or bandaids for 4 hours.
Procedure for Chemical Spills
Tell teacher, dilute acids and bases with kitty litter, baking soda, or water.
3 different types of fire extiunguishers
Paper, electrical, grease
What type of ext. does newman have?
Paper, electrical and grease
How to use a fire extuinguisher
Pull the pin
Aim the hose at base of fire
Squeeze the handle
Sweep back and forth
Eyewash fountain location
back of the classroom
How to use the eyewash station and why?
If chemicals get into your eyes, and hold your eyelids open while a partner presses the button for water and rinse for 15 minutes
First aid kit where, what, and why
Location: back of the classroom, or office, for cuts and scrapes, it contains basic bandaids, alcohol, and swabs
Safety Shower: where when, how
Back of the classroom, when large amounts of acids or base are on your body, pull handle all the way down
Fume hood: when how and where
By the lab bench, when dealing with chemicals that release toxic gas, and lower the glass to the middle of your chest
Fire Blanket: where, when, how, flaw
Back of the room in big red tub, if someone is passed out and on fire, smother the fire with the blanket and flaw is that it causes flames to shoot out on top
Chemical safety
Never put unused chemicals back in the original container. ask the teacher what to do with the leftover
How to heat glass?
on an angle
Computer policy
One partner may have ONE is necessary and that parter may not touch the experiment nor the other partners touch the computer
Name the 6 different safety devices

1) Fire Extinguisher

2) Fume Hood

3) Eye Wash Station

4) safety Shower

5) First Aid Kit

6) Fire Blanket


Proceadure for broken glass
Tell teacher and then place in glassware box

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