The History Of Religion And Society Theology Religion Essay Example
The History Of Religion And Society Theology Religion Essay Example

The History Of Religion And Society Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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Religion and literature both have been around for a long clip. They both have been a portion of the human life even in 1000 BC and before that. In fact, both faiths every bit good as literature have been a changeless comrade to adult male since the Stone Age. The demand to document every of import and unimportant event that happens, marked the beginning of literature while faith and history, helped in developing it into what it has become today.

While faith helped with the development and success of literature, literature helped in entering every individual large and little event that shaped faith and its signifier itself. To add to this, they both have frequently taken the aid of each other in order to show some or the other thought for the populace. In this procedure, they have either wittingly or unwittingly influence


d the society. The society that embraces both the signifiers is frequently taken to believe whatever the signifiers have to offer. What is non credible in one signifier can be supported by the other signifier on the footing of genuineness.

Therefore the aim of this survey is to measure and analyze the extent to which faith and literature, are dependent on each other. The chief aim of the survey is to happen out how one signifier ( faith ) is portrayed in another signifier ( literature, viz. fresh ) .

Religion and Society

Harmonizing to Britannica, faith is defined as A human existences ' relation to that which they regard as sanctum, sacred, absolute, religious, godly, or worthy of exceptional fear. However, Wikipedia states religionA as a aggregation ofA belief systems, A cultural systems, andA universe views

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that relate humanity toA spiritualityA and, sometimes, toA moral values. Religion helps in quieting the human impulse for religious satisfaction and peace.

Religious satisfaction can be defined as the satisfaction that one can acquire one time he attains understanding of events which otherwise are beyond one 's bounds of understanding. It can besides emerge from the impulse to cognize the intent and beginning of life. This is largely done by faulting or crediting an upper manus or force. If things are truly good, so that means that God is happy. If things do n't travel the manner they were planned, so the Gods are proving us or are displeased with us for something we did in this life or the past life. Those who claim to understand how God 's will works, go the governments and Judgess of good and bad. Therefore religious satisfaction can be called a novel construct as it is obtained merely by agencies of intrusting one 's determinations to the God.

`` Given the demand to understand things that are non apprehensible within society, it becomes clear that the birth of faith was a effect of the gradual realization by the human race of its consciousness of cause and consequence. This can be seen from the position of early world. How do natural phenomena occur, what causes them, where did we come from, who made us, why are at that place good times and bad times? ... A It was easy to see cause and consequence where there was human activity. It would hold besides been accepted that animate beings cause things to go on and that workss turn and decease. But beyond

this, people must hold looked for some signifier of `` Human '' cause. When it came to accounting for air current, temblors, rain and inundations, drouth and dearth, the Sun, Moon and stars, it must hold been impossible that there could non be some concealed manus or custodies behind them. And so they invented Gods. In the Middle East, there were monotheistic faiths. In Europe there were polytheistic faiths. In Asia there were mystical faiths. It has been asserted that God made adult male in his ain image. It is likely more right to state that adult male visualized God in his ain imageaˆ¦ Those who controlled faith realised that it was a great beginning of power. It offered militias of strength when civilizations clashed. By the clip societal complexness reached the point which we might depict as civilization, faith was good established and accepted by about everyone.

Religion is about ever a belief in some signifier of supernatural occurrences or causes. It is ever associated with some kind of subject, be it physical, mental or psychological. Such subjects frequently manifest themselves as spiritual ritual or accustomed behavior. Religion underpins the emotions and logic of about everyone. In today 's secular societies, many deny the fact, but all are so steeped in the traditions and thoughts basic to religion that it is impossible to agitate off its effects. Even in societies where the official line has been that there is no God, the ordinary people have been so exposed to a long tradition of spiritual constructs that about no-one could be devoid of its effects. Religion efficaciously provides an individuality for those who consider themselves to

be members of a peculiar group. Even those who do non see themselves to be members, or do non actively take part, but are associated chiefly with those are members of a religious order, efficaciously place themselves and are identified by others, as belonging to the civilization of the religious order.

The act of following the subject of a faith, nevertheless meagerly, is associated with the thought of bring forthing a sense of wellbeing. When people confess their wickednesss, they feel better about themselves. When people are god-fearing and follow the subject strictly, they frequently feel that they are superior to those who are less strict. They have generated a self-excusal for reprobating and contemning others. This type of behavior is, of class, non confined to faith. There are many illustrations where people are bound by other common elements, such as life as neighbors, working as co-workers or back uping the same football squad. However, all these groups take on some elements of faith, because there are common beliefs and values. Those who are seen to hold a neglect, or even disrespect, for those values are seen as a menace to the group. This has ever been the instance with faith. It has been used as an alibi to oppress others. Therefore, the existent nature of faith is that it forms persons into groups, who portion common superstitious notions, common ideals, common frights and common agencies of accomplishing a sense of wellbeing.

Religion can besides be used as a dominant tool with which, one can prolong order and abolish resistance on spiritual evidences. It is frequently used to pour contempt on those who do non believe, so

that when persons question the right to regulate, the right to construe faith or the being of the divinity, incensed repulsion is generated in those who are in a place to enforce censoring. Often this can be achieved by simple equal group force per unit area. Religious `` moralss '' are cited in support of many specious theories and tabu. The footing of many of these is that the life force is someway holy, that life is the exclusive preserve of the divinity. Such is the arbitrary nature of the statements that, even within a individual religious order of a individual faith, there will be theological dissensions about what is ethical and what is unethical. Because Torahs secular Torahs are believed to be made with spiritual rules underpinning them, it is easy for the bench to fall into the trap of reprobating persons to inhuman treatment and inhumaneness in the belief that it is ethical to make so. '' ( HOWE 2001 )

For over the old ages, faith has played a really important function in the society. While it has been the ground for edifice Bridgess between two states, it has besides been the cause for differences which have even developed to wars between states. In add-on to this, divisions within one faith have complicated the norms and traditional forms of the followings of that faith. These divisions could hold been emerged from the stretching of populations over the Earth every bit good as political influence.

Reasons for the necessities for a different faith can be many. It could be the development in communicating engineerings that make even the longest distance apart, seem about a phone

call off. It can besides be the addition in the influence of foreigners who flock down into the community and unrecorded as a portion of it, saying economic or political demands. Another ground can be the increasing consciousness among the people who so become Rebels against the governments of that specific faith. Besides contact with people of other communities and hence, the commixture of civilizations and traditions, like in India, is one other ground.

1.3 Literature and Society

`` We live in a society. That is, there are dealingss and interrelatedness between work forces who live in the society. We like to hear about our fellow work forces that live in society, their ideas and feelings, their likes and disfavor. Naturally, if we have the power of linguistic communication to show the feelings, we are good on the manner to making literature. '' ( Mangaraj n.d. )

The 11th edition ofA Merriam-Webster 's Collegiate DictionaryA considers literature to be 'writings holding excellence of signifier or look and showing thoughts of permanent or cosmopolitan involvement ' .

Britannica merely defines literature as a organic structure of written plants. However, literature can be defined as anything, but non everything, that uses some signifier of linguistic communication to demo something to the society, that is, it symbolizes an look. A book or a picture, a vocal or a drama skit, all are signifiers of literary plants. Harmonizing to Wikipedia, Literature may dwell of texts based on factual information ( non-fiction ) , every bit good as on original imaginativeness ( fiction ) .

`` The art of literature is non reducible to the words on the page ; they are at that place

entirely because of the trade of composing. As an art, literature might be described as the organisation of words to give pleasance. Yet through words literature elevates and transforms experience beyond `` mere '' pleasance. Literature besides functions more loosely in society as a agency of both knocking and confirming cultural values. '' ( Mangaraj n.d. )

The most of import constituent of literature is linguistic communication. Whether the linguistic communication is ocular or unwritten shows the significance of the work.

`` Critics have invented a assortment of systems for handling literature as a aggregation of genres. Often these genres are unreal, invented after the fact with the purpose of doing literature less straggling, more tidy. Theories of literature must be based upon direct experience of the life texts and so be flexible plenty to incorporate their individualism and assortment. Possibly the best attack is historical, or familial. '' ( Brittanica n.d. )

`` Literature means something that is written for reviewing and animating the head. It records the ideas and feelings of great heads. It attracts in two ways-through its affair and through its mode. The affair must be such that those who read it are interested in some manner. The mode must be such as will be delighting to the reader and adds to his fund of cognition. '' ( HOWE 2001 )

Most literary plants reflect the society or at least certain communities within the society. Besides societies can besides act upon the being or certain factors of a literary work. A literary work has the power to act upon even the smaller subdivisions of the society and convey up pandemonium in the otherwise unagitated scenario

of a society. Literature has the power to exercise the political orientations of what is good or bad in the people 's heads. It besides has the power to convey about an rebellion in the society every bit good as to assist in reforming or destructing a certain facet of the community.

Political powers, philosophers, spiritual parties, economic experts, everyone uses the aid of literature to set up their thoughts on show for being accessed by the populace and to set up their docket and act upon the society. Even the thought of a 'society ' was brought with the aid of literature. Till so, society was merely depicted with the aid of ocular representations, descriptions, and so on. The word 'society ' was ne'er penned until the Renaissance period.

`` Indeed, it becomes more and more hard to categorise literature, for in modern civilisation words are everyplace. Man is capable to a uninterrupted inundation of communicating. Most of it is fleeting, but here and there-in high-ranking news media, in telecasting, in the film, in commercial fiction, in Westerns and detective narratives, and in field, expositive prose-some authorship, about by accident, achieves an aesthetic satisfaction, a deepness and relevancy that entitle it to stand with other illustrations of the art of literature. '' ( Brittanica n.d. )

`` If literature expresses societal understandings, of course it is bound to exert some positive influence on our head and attitude. Society reacts to literature in a living manner. An inspiring verse form creates general influence on society. It rouses our feelings and enthusiasm for welfareaˆ¦ Thus, society creates literature. It may be described as the mirror of the society. But

the quality and nature of the contemplation depends upon the author 's attitude of head, whether he is progressive in his mentality or ultraconservative.

Naturally, conservative-minded author will emphasize those facets of societal life, which put the traditional ways of life in the best possible manner. For illustration, he will put a high value on fear for antique ideals, regard for faith, celibacy of adult female and so on. On the other manus, a progressive author will be given to demo how old ideals act as restraints on the natural freedom of the human head, stultify the free motion of adult male and adult females in an unrestricted ambiance, set for emancipating new ideals and traveling society that looks frontward to newer ways of life. '' ( HOWE 2001 )

1.4 Religion and Literature

For centuries, faith and literature have been depending on each other for support. While literature foremost came into being as propaganda for faith, faith was foremost depicted and noticed with the aid of literature. Religion and literature both exist to function the same intents that are, to understand, explicate, construe and reason. They both use emotions as the base for their working. Language and looks are besides used in the use of both faith every bit good as literature.

Religion and literature have been around for such a long clip that it is hard to happen out which came foremost and whether that one created the other. Both the signifiers are dominant in nature and can to a great extent act upon how one lives one 's life. Either signifier can be the ground why a certain individual or topographic point exists in the face

of the Earth.

`` Religion and literature, furthermore, follow methods non dissimilar. They stand for the value of the imaginativeness ; they represent the artistic, instead than the scientific, methods of construing life and phenomena. If divinity, which is the scientific discipline of faith, lends itself to definition and to rational procedures mostly, faith belongs to the kingdom of the sentiments and sensibilities-the bosom, the scruples, and the will. Literature, excessively, likewise diminutions to come in the kingdom of the formal definition ; it is the merchandise of the imaginativeness, and to the imaginativeness it makes its primary entreaty, particularly in poesy and, to some extent, in baronial prose composing. Neither argues orA dogmatizes ; both confidant, suggest, and seek to construe ; neither holds definite and precise rational judgements sing things ageless, cosmopolitan, or Godhead, but each possesses general beliefs and confidences esteeming the Godhead and the ageless. Neither has a system, a strategy, but each has an rational interpretation and emotional understanding with the personal in life and in being. '' ( Thwing n.d. )

`` Religion gives to literature, furthermore, huge and rich stuffs. Its sacred books themselves constitute great literatures and besides furnish stuffs for great literature. The interlingual rendition of the Bible into Gothic by Ulphilas non merely preserved the Bible, but besides helped to make and to perpetuate literature. Luther 's interlingual rendition of the Bible and the King James ' Version are non merely themselves great literatures, but besides have helped to organize great literatures in modern life. German and English address, every bit good as letters, has been made more pure, more rational, and more inspiring by these great

interlingual renditions. It may be besides added that the discourses of Robert South and of Isaac Barrow ( qq.v. ) are themselves worthy pieces of literature and might be compared with Burke'sA Orations. It is besides to be remembered that the establishments of faith, as the monasteries and cathedral chapterhouses, were, for a thousand old ages, the keepers of the most cherished hoarded wealths of literature. The mediaeval period was dark and damaging to humanity 's highest involvements. In times of war non merely are Torahs soundless, but besides literature. It was the monastics who preserved the manuscripts of ancient Greece and of Rome, copying and re-copying and noticing from the twelvemonth 500 till the innovation of printing. As the priests were uranologists, non merely in Europe, but besides in India, in order to repair and to continue the banquet and other holy yearss, so the monastics of the Middle Ages in Europe, if non literary work forces themselves, were the defenders of the holy lamp of letters. '' ( Thwing, CB Library n.d. )

`` Not merely do faith and literature spring from the same cardinal beginnings, they besides are formed by the same forces. They both make a changeless entreaty to life. They assume the presence and orderly usage of the ground ; they accept the strength of the human emotions of love, fright, wonder, fear, and they both presume and accept the categorical jussive mood of the scruples and the freedom and force of the will of adult male. Both addition in laterality, prestigiousness, and usefulness as they are the more closely related to life. The great subjects of faith and literature are

similar and are critical: wickedness, its beginning, punishments, and present ance therefrom ; love-the passion and the will-its topographic point and its restrictions ; righteousness, and the relation of work forces to each other. In illustration of the individualities of the subjects of faith and literature, one may mention to Dante 's `` Divine Comedy, '' which is concerned with the passing from and through Hell, where live those who knew non Christ in the earthly life, or, if they knew him, refused to obey, through Purgatory, where dwell those whose wickednesss are non mortal, and into the Paradise where brood the righteous in an infinity of light and of love. '' ( Thwing, CB Library n.d. )

However, either signifier has the power to alter the manner the other one operates. Literature can easy alter the beliefs that faith would hold tried to safeguard and faith can alter the manner literature can be perceived, to its penchant.

1.5 Religion in Literature

`` Religion is besides a topic that permits the footing for many different originative locales, including literature. Novelists of all walks of life, and from every possible clip period, have used spiritual allusions in their originative plants. They might be merely go throughing remarks on the manner to a really different secret plan, or they may really good be the foundation upon which the full work is based. '' ( Religion in Literature: A Look at Some of the Classic Books n.d. )

Religion has been a really of import constituent in the success of a literary work. How faith is shown to hold affected the civilization and the lives of the characters in the book is

a really of import facet.

`` Religion is a popular topic because no 1 seems to be in understanding, and there are more avenues down which to go than with, for illustration, foreign abductions. A fresh about angels, devils, the hereafter, God, Satan, persecution, or undoing will capture the readers ' attending and keep it until the really terminal. It will animate contention on the most crude degree because, if you choose to utilize faith in your authorship, person is traveling to differ with you ; it 's a certainty. '' ( Thwing, Religion and Literature n.d. )

`` Yet, early English literature, such as those listed above, did non merely discourse spiritual issues but dealt with issues of single rights and personal freedoms every bit good as societal issues that concerned behaviors andA relationshipsA associating to the interactions of human existences. It is through the chronological survey of these literary chef-d'oeuvres that one can see the altering manner of authorship and linguistic communication usage and besides the altering positions and attitudes toward these cosmopolitan issues throughout the old ages as new finds were being made in scientific discipline, new societal category differentiations and thoughts were altering, and spiritual political orientation and corruptness was being questioned. '' ( A Journey through early English Literature n.d. )

Religion normally rises as the ground for differences and struggles in books as literature normally focuses on subjects like skip and bias. Religion can be shown as the ground the characters pass through some state of affairs that decides their destiny. Religion is a really corporate subject in literature that relates to prejudice and race. It can be the base of development

and differences, but can besides give the power to assist and animate the needed to travel through troubles and place their end. Like in world, faith has the same sum of ends in literature, that is, to direct, inspire, and hoist.

However, even the minor representation of faith can go a major controversial issue. Many authors have been brought into the calcium hydroxide visible radiation for their word pictures of faith, chiefly Christianity and Islam. A book like Salman Rushdie 's Satanic Verses is banned in many states for its Islamic word pictures, while Dan Brown 's The Da Vinci Code has invariably been in the topographic point visible radiation for its contentions sing Jesus and Mary Magdalene so much that, the film that was based on the book, was banned in several states, including India.

However, still such contentions have non stopped the authors from utilizing their imaginativeness to make new universes for their readers and to show them with possibilities that the faiths they are familiar with might non be all that they had perceived to be.

1.5 Statement of job

Today, the whole impression of faith is altering. Earlier, people used to follow the regulations and guideline of the faith that they followed, no inquiries asked. However, with new disclosures and realisations about certain facets of the otherwise tightly bounded facts, has made people question the impression of how echt faith is in by itself. To add to this, the new age modern authors who have brought up their new manner of rebellious believing against the norms of faith, particularly Christianity, have forced the general reading populace to rethink their perceptual experiences about their faith, beloved

or otherwise.

Therefore, this survey that focuses on measuring the function of faith in literature, is relevant as it focuses on how today, faith is non merely shown every bit good, and the right side, or as a tract to heaven, but besides as the 'bad cat ' who might be the ground that certain people 's lives are negatively influenced.

1.6 Nature of the Study

The whole survey has been carried out and characterised into chapters in the order as follows: Reappraisal of Literature, Methodology, Content Analysis of the books The Da Vinci Code and The Rozabal Line and eventually, the Conclusion.

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