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There can be no winning Christian life without profound and unquestioning religion in the life God. He who would populate victoriously and make feats for God must foremost believe in Him without hesitating. The Lord has called on all trusters to “ pull near with a true bosom in full confidence of religion ” ( Hebrews 10:22 ) . FAITH is Full Assurance In Trusting Hearts. Since we know that “ He is faithful that promised, ” we can “ keep fast the profession of our religion without hesitating ” ( Hebrews 11:23 ) . True religion is ever based on God ‘s infallible word. The truster foremost reads or hears some promise of the Lord. He becomes cognizant that God has spoken to him straight and he knows God can non lie. With arrant assurance in the trustiness of the One who has promised, he reckons the promise every bit certain as if it were already fulfilled. Faith is cardinal and indispensable in the truster ‘s life. The truster besides receives the commandments of God by religion. He knows: If God commands, He enables. If He bids Peter to walk on the H2O, Peter can be certain that the needful power will be given ( Matthew 14:28-29 ) .

Faith does non run in the kingdom of the possible. There is no glorification for God in that which is humanly possible. Religion begins where adult male ‘s power ends. Faith says, “ If ‘impossible ‘ is the lone expostulation, it can be done! ”


Hebrews 11:1 ; 6:18,19 ; 11:27 ; Romans 8:24,25 ; 2 Corinthians 4:13,18 ; Psalm 139:16 ; Jeremiah 32:10 -17,44 ; Romans 4:18-21 ; 10:17 ; Ephesians 6:16,17.

Faith in God is trust in God, a steadfast persuasion that God can non lie, that if He has promised, He will carry through His Word. Faith expresses the confidence that hope will be realized because the truster is assured that through the power and fidelity of God he will possess the promised ownership. Faith, trust and assurance are inseparable. Counting on the ability, willingness and fidelity of God, who has promised, we are confident of having the things promised.

“ Now faith is the substance of things hope for ” . The word “ substance ” literally means that which has existent being, the existent world. Faith is the “ substance ” , the basic kernel, the existent being, the certain manifestation of what we ask for and trust to have. “ Now faith is the grounds of things non seen ” . Evidence is the absolute cogent evidence of the world and being of anything. Faith is the seeable world of the unseeable. You see the unseeable world with the clear eyes of religion. When you know in your bosom that your petition has been answered before you see it, your religion is the grounds that you have it. Faith says, ‘God has said it, so it must be true. ‘ Faith visualizes the unobserved, giving world to unseeable things. Faith shuts its eyes to all that is seen and opens its ears to all God has said. Faith is the oculus of the psyche which looks out and sees the fulfilment of God ‘s promises clearly.


Hebrews 11:2 ; Genesis 15:6 ; Numbers 12:6-8 ; 14:24 ; 1 Kings 17:22-24 ; 2 Kings 3:11,12 ; Daniel 3:26-29 ; 6:25-27 ; Hebrews 11:39a, 4-8, 23-27, 32-34.

“ For by it ( by religion ) the seniors obtained a good study ” . From Angstrom to Z, that is, from Abel to Zechariah, from Abraham to Zerubbabel the patriarchs and the Prophetss obtained a good study, received great citations for feats done by religion. Men and adult females of God, in former dispensations, lived for God and pleased God, laboured for God and did feats, walked with God and wrought miracles, forsook the universe and followed hard after God, endured persecution and conquered their tormentors, all by religion.

Besides, work forces and adult females in the New Testament, from A to Z, from Andrew, Aquila or Antipas to Zachaeus or Zebedee ‘s boies all lived and triumphed by religion. By religion they were saved and sanctified, healed and delivered, baptized and empowered, protected and preserved ; by religion they overcame sin and Satan, overcame the flesh and the universe, inherited the promises. They, excessively, obtained a good study and received God ‘s citation by religion. Until this twenty-four hours, the lone manner for any of us to obtain a good study from God is by religion. To delight God, we must populate, love, labour by religion. To be subduers or to be more than vanquishers, we must walk by religion, base and defy the enemy by religion, pray by religion and make feats by religion. The ideas of religion, the life of religion, the walk of religion, the obeisance of religion, the linguistic communication of religion, the work of religion and the worship of religion are the things that bring God ‘s blessing on our lives.


Hebrews 11:3 ; Nehemiah 9:6 ; Palm 33:6 ; Isaiah 40:26-31 ; John 1:3 ; Hebrews 1:1-3 ; Acts 17:24 ; Romans 4:17 ; Genesis 18:14 ; Jeremiah 32:17.

“ Through religion we understand that the universes were framed by the word of God “ . Faith gives us religious perceptual experience ; unbelief makes people blind. Through religion in what God has revealed in the Scriptures, we understand, we know that the universes, the Earth, the planets, the Sun, Moon and stars were all created by God. The existence, with every minute thing and the mightiest of things, was created by God. He made the universes by the power of His word. God is the Creator and Maker of all things. “ By the word of the LORD were the celestial spheres made ; and all the hosts of them by the breath of His oral cavity. For He spake, and it was done ; He commanded, and it stood fast “ ( Psalm 33:6,9 ) .

Our God is mighty and powerful, His might and power are infinite and limitless. God, who created the universes, merely by His spoken word, doing all things which are seen out of nil, can supply for all our demands, even when there is no seeable proviso or assistant in sight. He who called universes and the huge existence into being by the word of His power can command abundant supplies for the poorest of His kids. “ But my God shall provide all your demand harmonizing to His wealths in glorification by Christ Jesus ” ( Philippians 4:19 ) .

Our God is the God who specializes in impossiblenesss ( Luke 1:37 ) . There is nil excessively difficult for Him ( Genesis 18:14 ) . “ The things which are impossible with work forces are possible with God ” ( Luke 18:27 ) . Faith truly glorifies God ; it gives Him His proper topographic point as the One who is wholly trusty. “ Have faith in God ” ( Mark 11:22 ) .

* * * * * * *

Congregational Song:


1. Have faith in God when your tract is lonely.

He sees and knows all the manner you have trod ;

Never entirely are the least of His kids ;

Have faith in God, have faith in God.

Have faith in God, He ‘s on His throne,

Have faith in God, He watches over His ain ;

He can non neglect, He must predominate,

Have faith in God, Have faith in God.

2. Have faith in God when your supplications are unreciprocated,

Your earnest supplication He will ne’er bury ;

Delay on the Godhead, swear His word and be patient,

Have faith in God.A He ‘ll reply yet.

3. Have faith in God in your hurting and your sorrow,

His bosom is touched with your heartache and desperation ;

Cast all your attentions and your loads upon Him,

And go forth them at that place, oh, leave them at that place.

4. Have faith in God though all else autumn about you ;

Have faith in God, He provides for His ain:

He can non neglect though all lands shall die.

He rules.A He reigns upon His throne.

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