The Vision of Mirza Essay Example
The Vision of Mirza Essay Example

The Vision of Mirza Essay Example

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  • Published: December 11, 2017
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Karl Joseph G. RosalesIII-Faraday THE VISION OF MIRZA The speaker in the essay, “The Vision of Mirza”, is having a conversation with a genius man who was playing a musical instrument up the mountain. At first, the speaker was alone in the mountain, until he heard a man playing an instrument. His music was so sweet that the speaker was attracted to it and went to see the player of that instrument. As the speaker sees him, the genius man told him to sit in a top of a high rock. The genius tells the speaker to tell him what he sees. And the speaker answered that he sees a valley with a tide of water.

The genius man tells him what is the meaning of the valley and the tide of water. The val


ley he saw is the Valley of Misery while the tide of water is a part of a great tide of eternity. The tide the speaker saw rises out of a thick mist in one end and loses itself in a thick mist at one end. Then the genius man told the speaker to look closer and tell him what other things he sees. The speaker saw a bridge used by the people to cross the tide of water. And the genius man explained that the bridge he saw is the human life. That bridge was once so strong but when a great flood hit it, the bridge became weak.

Now, the people crossing it are experiencing a hard time to prevent the fragile parts of the bridge. Most of the people fall down the bridge and are drowned In the tide off

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water. Only small number of people is able to cross that bridge safely. There were different kinds of bird that are hovering about the bridge which represent the unusual factors that infest human life. The genius man seems to control the thick mist where the tide of water rises and remove it. The speaker was able to see the things hidden by that thick mist such as innumerable islands covered with fruits and flowers, inhabited by several trees and animals.

The speaker was astounded on what he saw. The genius man explained that these riches will only be attained by persons who did a great job on doing god acts while they’re still living in earth. Then the speaker asked the genius man to remove the other thick mist to reveal the things hidden in it. But when he asked for the second time, the genius man left him alone. The essay of Joseph Addison is full of different thoughts to ponder on. This is so inspirational for us, human beings, to do good deeds and live the life of Jesus while he is still in earth. We need to have a strong faith in God to safely cross the bridge of human life.

If we are confused, ask God for the Holy Spirit to guide us. If problems arise, don’t be afraid to face it because God is always there to assist us. Every problem has its own purpose in life. These are lessons for us to work on and understand by heart. If we fall in the traps of the bridge, let’s try our best to recover. These traps are the works of evil that

could make us lose our faith in God. And if it’s our time to fall in the bridge of life, we may receive the riches God if we’ve done a great job but if we’ve done a wrong way of life, we might attain the things hidden in the dark mist. These things could be misery, and despair.

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