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George Elliot- How sympathy is created for Silas Marner the eponymous character Essay Example
2608 words 10 pages

Mary Anne Evans was born in 1819 near Aubrey, the youngest child of the local priest Robert Evans, she was highly educated and first developed her career writing pieces for Blackwoods magazine and went on to write her first book in that was a translation of Strauss’s life of Christ in 1846. Being a determined […]

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George Eliot Silas Marner
Silas Marner’ Paper Essay Example
1394 words 6 pages

‘Silas Marner’ was published in 1861, when the whole of England had been undergoing many changes. In Eliot’s opinion, these changes were definitely for the worse. Eliot herself was raised on a large country estate in Warwickshire. She had also, however, visited a number of towns and industrialised areas as she travelled. This gave her […]

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George Eliot Silas Marner
The theme of an outsider is an important one in George Eliot’s ‘Silas Marner Essay Example
1585 words 6 pages

In this essay I will be concentrating on the theme of an outsider. The theme of an outsider is an important one in George Eliot’s ‘Silas Marner’ because it is a story about a man who is alienated from his community because he is different, a social misfit “In that far-off time superstition clung easily […]

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George Eliot Narration Silas Marner
How does Eliot create sympathy for Marner in chapters 1 & 2 Essay Example
3043 words 12 pages

Silas Marner is a moral fable written by the Mary-Ann Evans under the pen name of George Eliot. It was published in 1861. It tells the story of the ways of an estranged old weaver, his struggles through life and society, descendence to and emancipation from mental slavery, desolation of faith, and human nature. Essentially, […]

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Children George Eliot Silas Marner
Comparison Between Latern Yard and Raveloe Essay Example
1383 words 6 pages

Latern Yard and Ravloe were two different towns, religiously and socially. People in Latern Yard were more religious and less friendly, but in the other hand Ravloe was less Religious but friendly. In Latern Yard the church played an important part in the people’s life, it was like the heart of the town. Silas had […]

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Agriculture George Eliot Industrial Revolution Love Silas Marner Society War
Greek Philosopher Heraclitus Essay Example
5841 words 22 pages

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher who maintained that strife and change are natural conditions of the universe. I am interested in philosophy and when reading recently about Heraclitus it came to mind that his “Logos,” theory reminded me very much of George Eliot’s writing style! It seems odd to parallel the teachings of a Greek […]

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Ethics George Eliot
Middlemarch and the Victorian Period Professor Sally Shuttleworth Essay Example
2785 words 11 pages

Week 1Middlemarch and the Victorian Period Professor Sally ShuttleworthMiddlemarch was written shortly after the passage of the second Reform Bill, and set at the time of the first. From the vantage point of the early 1870s, George Eliot looks back to the 1830s, and explores many of the issues which were to dominate the Victorian […]

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George Eliot Narration Poetry Professor
The theme of relationships in Silas Marner Essay Example
1702 words 7 pages

”Silas Marner” was written by the established and contemporary author George Eliot (alias Mary Anne Evans) in the mid 19th century. The book however, is set in the early 1800s. During the time Eliot was writing this book England was changing – there was a growing population; rapid industrialisation and many people were moving from […]

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George Eliot Novel Relationship Silas Marner
The significance of the rural landscape in Silas Marner Essay Example
1140 words 5 pages

George Eliot, the author of Silas Marner became dubious about her religious faith. This lack of faith is reflected in the absence of religious importance in Raveloe. The strong beliefs of Eliot’s father and brother are similar to that of Dolly Winthrop’s who, in relatively unreligious surroundings, is religious herself. The writing of prose allowed […]

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Agriculture George Eliot Silas Marner
Silas Marner Essay Example
1442 words 6 pages

A great deal is significant about the way George Eliot portrayed women’s rights in the 19th century in her novel Silas Marner. For example Mary Ann Evans had to take alias of George Eliot to hide her true identity and gender to be taken seriously as an author. She lived with a man but couldn’t […]

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George Eliot Marriage Silas Marner
The importance of the theme of “Duty” in George Elliot’s Essay Example
1250 words 5 pages

After vigilant investigation I have accomplished an understanding that the theme “duty” in the novel Silas Marner has a big impact and means very much. Duty is the moral obligation, which is due. In the novel there are various links to do with duty and the main characters all had a duty to fulfill. Silas […]

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Buying Homes Divorce George Eliot Silas Marner Social Institution
How does George Eliot use Setting in Silas Marner Essay Example
1583 words 6 pages

Throughout Silas Marner a variety of different settings are used to create a location for the events that are taking place in the novel to happen. A common example of a setting used at numerous points in the novel is Silas Marner’s stone cottage. Eliot uses setting in many ways: symbolism can be shown, for […]

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George Eliot Literature Novel Silas Marner
George Eliot’s Silas Marner Essay Example
5735 words 21 pages

Silas Marner began his life in a ‘little hidden world known to itself as the church assembly in Lantern Yard. ‘ Silas was a valuable member of this ‘narrow religious sect’, who showed great devotion to God and compassion towards his neighbours. However, due to unfair accusations and the betrayal he felt from both God […]

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Faith George Eliot Silas Marner

Popular Questions About George Eliot

What was George Eliot famous for?
George Eliot was an English Victorian novelist known for the psychological depth of her characters and her descriptions of English rural life. Her major works included Adam Bede (1859), The Mill on the Floss (1860), Silas Marner (1861), MiddlemarchMiddlemarchThe action of Middlemarch takes place "between September 1829 and May 1832", or 40 years before its publication in 1871–1872, a gap not so pronounced for it to be regularly labelled as a historical novel.
Why did George Eliot change her name?
George Eliot' joins 24 female authors making debuts under their real names. Evans adopted the pen name of George Eliot in the mid-19th century, in order to ensure her works were taken seriously. MiddlemarchMiddlemarchThe action of Middlemarch takes place "between September 1829 and May 1832", or 40 years before its publication in 1871–1872, a gap not so pronounced for it to be regularly labelled as a historical novel.
Why did Mary Ann Evans wrote under a pen name?
George Eliot is the pseudonym created in 1857 by the aspiring writer Marian Evans. The male name was created partly to conceal the gender of the author, and partly to disguise her irregular social position, living as an unmarried woman with a married man.
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