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which sequence correctly orders the stages of the general adaption syndrome, from first to last
alarm>resistance >exhaustion
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What are the three phases of general adaption syndrome, and what effect is in response to?
alarm- immediate increase in stress hormones (cortisol) resistance- adapts to ongoing threat and continues to function normally exhaustion- runs out of reserves and immunity, blood glucose decreases, illness may occur
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What are the 3 stages of Selye’s general adaption syndrome?
Alarm – body mobilizes to respond to stress Resistance – efforts to take action to overcome stress Exhaustion – physical resources are depleted in the process of trying to overcome or adjust to threat
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The general adaption syndrome describes stages in the
Body’s response to prolonged stress
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General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)
Selye’s concept of the body’s adaptive response to stress in three phases–alarm, resistance, exhaustion.
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General adaption syndrome was described by
Dr. Selye termed the _________ as the general adaption syndrome
Stress response
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General Adaption Syndrome (GAS):
The pattern followed in the physiological response to stress, consisting of the alarm, resistance, and exhaustion phrases 1. Physiological phase: fight or flight 2. Alarm phase: Body tries to get back to homeostasis 3. Exhaustion phase: (allostatic load) exhaustive wear on the body, stress has depleted
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