Psychology Chapter 11: Stress, Health, and Human Flourishing

The process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging.

General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)
Selye’s concept of the body’s adaptive response to stress in three phases–alarm, resistance, exhaustion.

Health Psychology
A sub-field of psychology that provides psychology’s contribution to behavioral medicine.

The study of how psychological, neural, and endocrine processes together affect the immune system and resulting health.

Coronary Heart Disease
The clogging of the vessels that nourish the heart muscle; the leading cause of death in many developed countries.

Type A
Friedman and Rosenman’s term for competitive, hard-driving, impatient, verbally aggressive, and anger-prone people.

Type B
Friedman and Rosenman’s term for easygoing, relaxed people.

In psychology,

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the idea that “releasing” aggressive energy (through action or fantasy) relieves aggressive urges.

Alleviating stress using emotional, cognitive, or behavioral methods.

Problem-focused Coping
Attempting to alleviate stress directly–by changing the stressor or the way we interact with that stressor. [Example: Stressed about homework->do homework]

Emotion-focused Coping
Attempting to alleviate stress by avoiding or ignoring a stressor and attending to emotional needs related to one’s stress reaction.

Learned Helpnessness
The hopelessness and passive resignation an animal or human learns when unable to avoid repeated aversive events.

External Locus of Control
The perception that chance or outside forces beyond our personal control determine our fate.

Internal Locus of Control
The perception that you control your own fate.

Aerobic Exercise
Sustained exercise that increases heart and lung fitness; may also alleviate depression and anxiety.

Feel-good, Do-good, Phenomenon
People’s tendency to be helpful when already in a good mood.

Positive Psychology
The scientific study of optimal human functioning; aims to discover and promote strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to flourish.

Adaption-level Phenomenon
Our tendency to form judgments (of sounds, of lights, of income) relative to a neutral level defined by our prior experience.[Example: You win the lottery and we get really happy, but then we adapt to that lifestyle so our happiness level goes back to normal.]

Relative Deprivation
The perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself.

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