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P & E Regulatory Policy

question How are government regulations established? answer by the executive branch question What are the purposes of financial regulations? Check all that apply. answer TO MAKE BUSINESS COMPETITIVE to enforce government intervention TO LIMIT AND PREVENT MONOPOLIES to allow businesses to collaborate to ensure only one business can operate TO PLACE REGULATIONS ON PRICES question […]

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Combo with ;study5; and 3 others

question Which of the following terms is used to describe an event in which a person is denied access to a system when they should be allowed to enter? answer False Negative question Which form of access control enforces security based on user identities and allows individual users to define access controls over owned resources? […]

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APES Unit One

question Sustainability (definition) answer Capacity of the earth’s natural systems and human cultural systems to survive, flourish, and adapt to changing environmental conditions into the very long-term future question 3 principles of sustainability answer (A) solar energy (B) biodiversity (C) Chemical (or Nutrient) cycling question Biodiversity (definition) answer the variety and adaptability of organisms and […]

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Week 11 – Organizational Change and Business Process Re-Engineering

question What does BPR stand for? answer Business Process Reengineering question What does OPM3 stand for? answer Organizational Project Management Maturity Model question What is OPM3 used to assess? answer The company’s level of skills and ability to implement an ERP system successfully. question What are the three steps of OPM3? answer Knowledge, Assessment and […]

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Unit 2 Business Mgt

question T / F In recent years the rate of economic growth for both India and China has lagged well behind that of the United States. answer False question T / F International trade stimulates competition as it encourages innovation and creativity for new products. answer True question T / F A country has a […]

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The Presidency (Ch 10)
15 Sep 2020 Database

question 1. The office of the presidency was established by Article ________ of the Constitution. a. I b. II c. III d. IV e. V answer ANS: B – II question 2. What did the framers mean to accomplish by indirect election of the president? a. to make a more independent and powerful chief executive […]

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Tech Chapter 9

question You sign up for an RSS feed from Which of the following would you expect to happen? answer You will be notified of updates in the content areas you selected question Which of the following statements concerning blogging is false? answer A reader can believe all of the details in a blog question […]

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ST Chapter 10

question short-term objective answer measurable outcomes achievable or intended to be achieved in one year or less – specific and quantitative question how do short-term objectives implement strategy answer 1. short-term objectives operationalize long-term objectives 2. discussion of st objectives raise issues and potential conflicts within an organization that require coordination 3. st objectives assist […]

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Server 4-12 Chapter 16

question Your organization has six offices spread over three cities in North America. At a minimum, how many Active Directory sites should you plan to have? answer Three question Why is it generally not recommended to configure bridgehead servers manually? answer You could disrupt the flow of replication traffic between sites question What default value […]

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Reading Quiz 2

question Which of the following statements about communication in the workplace is most accurate? a. Today’s workplaces are nearly all paperless; employees conduct business with digital media and communicate only with electronic messages. b. Most employees exchange documents and complete projects on the Web, but only management creates content, reviews products, or edits projects. c. […]

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Project Management CH 8 T/F

question T/F: The quality assurance process involves taking responsibility for quality throughout the project’s life cycle answer true question T/F: Validated changes and validated deliverables are the outputs of the quality assurance process answer false question T/F: The design of experiments technique cannot be applied to project management issues such as cost and schedule trade-offs […]

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Policy and Strat Ch 4

question Which of the following is not one of the five questions that comprise the task of evaluating a company’s resources and competitive position? answer What are the company’s most profitable geographic market segments question Which of the following is not a component of evaluating a company’s resources and competitive position? answer Scanning the environment […]

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Oracle Study Guide Sections 1-10

question What are the major content areas covered in the Oracle Academy? -SQL, database configuration, and performance tuning. -Data Modeling, PJava and C+ -Data Modeling, SQL, and PL/SQL -Database programming, and Computer repair. answer -Data Modeling, SQL, and PL/SQL question The demand for Information Technology professionals in today’s market is increasing. True or False? -True […]

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Networking Administration

question Which of the following roles implement what can be classified as infrastructure services? answer DNS and DHCP question Which of the following is a valid upgrade path to windows server 2012? answer Windows server 2008 standard to windows server 2012 standard question Which feature must you add to a window server 2012 server core […]

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MKTG 445

question Define Bootstrap marketing ? answer Marketing efforts that require little capital (also known as virtually free promotion) the tactical use of low-cost, unconventional tactics to get your message out to the intended audience. Out-thinking. not out-spending your competitor! question Define viral marketing? answer Information dispersal occurs through the individual network hubs, talk show hosts […]

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MIS Chapter 5 Quiz

question What is the difference between hardware and software? A. Hardware is the physical devices associated with a computer system, where software is the instructions the hardware executes to carry out tasks B. They are both specific forms of clients C. Hardware executes the instructions to carry out tasks, where software is the physical devices […]

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Mid Term 70-412

question Which PowerShell cmdlet is used to add a new dedicated IP to an NLB cluster node? answer Add NibClusterNodeDip question Which PowerShell cmdlet is to delete anNLB cluster? answer Remove-NibCluster question When you configure port rule for NLB cluster, you will need to configure all of the options listed here, expected for one. Which […]

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MGT 3111 Ch. 11

question An appointment with a potential customer to explain or demonstrate your product or service is called a ________. A) Sales call B) Prequalification C) Product demonstration D) Cold call E) Survey answer A question Which of the following is NOT a principle of selling? A) Make a good personal impression B) Know your customer […]

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Mgmt 371 #2

question d answer The GE business screen is an expansion of the ideas from a. The generic strategy approach b. Porters competitive strategies c. The miles and snow typology of business strategy d. The bcg matrix e. The product life cycle approach question b answer 2. Which of the strategy types in the Miles and […]

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Marketplace and Insight Final

question Macroeconomics answer _____ is the study of a country’s overall financial dynamics, such as the employment rate, the gross domestic product, and taxation policies. question Subprime mortgage loans answer Jermaine has a poor credit score and a high debt-to-income ratio. Based on his credit ratings, which of the following would any bank or investment […]

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Managing Your Time

question Chunking is a good strategy for completing large assignments because it makes the work answer more manageable question Which is the best reason for John to bring snacks to his study sessions? answer [NOT] to make his study sessions enjoyable question Which features should a study schedule include? Check all that apply. answer [NOT] […]

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Management 3003 Midterm

question Which of the following should you avoid while constructing your list of references? • developing relationships with potential references over time • including professors with whom you took a significant number of classes related to your field • preparing a consistently formatted reference list consisting of just three to five individuals • including current […]

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