Health Foundations Exam 2 Final

Flight or Flight syndrome was described by?
Walter Cannon
General adaption syndrome was described by
Hans Selye
All of the following are differences between coping and defense mechanisms except
Coping is focused on the future
The stage of the transactional model in which the person internally determines severity of stressor is:
Primary appraisal
Death of a family member
Life event
Stressor that results in response of one social group to another is:
Chronic Strain
When desired events do not occur even though there is an occurrence is normative for people of a group:
When desired or anticipated events do not occur, stessor is a:
All of the following are problem focused except:
Denying existence of a stressful situation
All of the following are emotional focused coping except:
Goal setting
When a person determines how much control of a stressor
Secondary Stressor
Demands from internal and external environment seen as harmful:
Observing others actions
Vicarious capability
Capability of setting internal standards for one’s behavior
None of the above
Analyzing your past experiences
Self reflective capability
Verifying thoughts happens in all ways except:
Interpersonal verification
Anticipation of outcomes that would ensure as result of engaging in behavior under discussion
Outcome expectancies
All of the following are apart of the social cognitive theory model except:
Criminal outcomes
Values a person places on probable outcomes
Outcome expectancies
Part of the social cognitive theory that perceives environment:
Situational perceptions
Pertains to goal settings and development plans:
Self control
Part of the social cognitive theory > the confidence a person has
Self efficacy
techniques used by a person to control the emotional and physiological state associated with acquiring the new behavior
Emotional coping
Developing a plan to accomplish chosen behaviors
Goal setting
Social cognitive theory is also known as the social learning theory T/F
Interaction among personal and interpersonal environment…. reciprocal determinism T/F
Social marketing uses techniques from
Commercial marketing
Statement A: In social marketing, the primary purpose is to make profits.
Statement B: Marketing of condoms is one of the largest applications of social marketing in the world
Statement A is false
Statement B is True
Statement A: In social marketing, budgets are generous.
Statement B: In commercial marketing, benefits are often invisible
Both statements are false
The transfer or transaction of something valuable between two individuals or groups is called:
Exchange theory
The state in which the marketing mission, objectives, goals, and strategy are defined is known as:
Planning stage
The stage in which program progress is tracked is known as:
Monitoring stage
The step in social marketing in which the goals and objectives are set and the social marketing mix is chosen is known as :
Strategy development
Identifying distinct groups of people who are similar to each other in different characteristics is know as:
Audience segmentation
All of the following are part of the P’s that define the constructs of marketing mix except:
Behavior or offering that is intended to be adopted by the target audience
Tangible and intangible things that target audience has to give up in order to adopt new idea
Where the target audience will perform the behavior
Mechanism by which one gets the message across to the audience
In social marketing, price refers only to the tangible costs that the target audience has to pay in order to adopt the new product T/F
A mechanism by which one gets a message across tot he target audience is called audience segmentation T/F
The primary audience involved in the program is the target audience to whom the behavior is targeted T/F
The process by which new idea, object, or process filters through various channels in a community over time is known as:
The new idea, object, or practice that is to be adopted is known as:
Statement A: The hallmark of diffusion of innovations theory that it deals with dissemination of any idea and its adoption by people.
Statement B: Diffusion of innovations theory is a tool for social change
Statement A false
Statement B true
Innovations that represent a significant improvement but do not entail any new technology or approach are known as:
Distinctive innovations
A perception about innovations consistent with values, past experiences and needs
The degree to which an innovation requires change or adjustments by other elements in the social system
Which communication channel is most helpful in persuading a potential adopter?
All of the following are steps in the innovation process except
Disseminating the innovation to others
People who are deliberate highly connected within a peer system and ahead of the average fall into what adopter?
Early majority
An individual who influences a potential adopters decision about innovation in a favorable way is an?
Change agent
Which of the following is not a step for applying the diffusion of innovations theory for health programming?
applying a predetermined approach
In diffusion of innovation it doesn’t matter how long an idea or practice or product has been around T/F
An acronym for dissemination of the diffusion of innovations theory of public health organization?
Innovations spread faster among homophiles groups T/F?
Two way exchange between the learners and educators
Identification of underlying systemic forces of oppression
Reflective action or active reflection
Relationship that identifies one as a political social being
According to Freire informal education has a hierarchal relationship between learners and facilitators, builds on community knowledge and aims at political action T/F
Freire believed that education was a means of freeing people form the culture of silence that is widely prevalent among the masses, especially in non industrialized countries T/F
In the Freirean approach, the naming phase is also called the dialogue phase T/F
In the Freirean approach, the reflection phase is also called the listening stage T/F
For health education conscientization refers to identification of the root causes of unhealthy behavior T/F
A hallmark of the Freirian model is it’s simple language T/F

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