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As I tried to province in the introductory chapter, Luciferianism is seen by some as an aide of Satanism, due to the popular designation in some novels of Lucifer with Satan. Some Luciferians accept this designation or see Lucifer as the light carrier facet of Satan. Others reject it, reasoning that Lucifer is a more positive ideal than Satan. They are inspired by different civilizations ‘ mythologies, by Gnosticism, and by western occultism. In the historical Luciferianism there were several cults that worshiped Lucifer. The Gesta Treverorum records that in 1231, misbelievers began to be persecuted throughout Germany. Among them, there were besides Luciferians. Over the undermentioned three old ages, several people were burned as a consequence. Harmonizing to a apostolic missive from Gregory IX, one of the claims made by the Luciferians was that Lucifer had been cast out of Heaven unjustly. Womans were implicated in the cult, and the Church accused those named as misbelievers of sexual contrarinesss.

In Modern Luciferianism, The Church of Lucifer is an organisation that represents modern Luciferianism where Lucifer is considered a symbol of eternal desire for cognition and a power over all facets of nature. Modern Luciferianism activates since before de 1980 ‘s in America and includes members from around the universe. Modern Luciferianism encourages the survey of assorted ancient cults.

There are several organisations of Luciferianism and each one of them sees Luciferianism from its point of position otherwise and, in the same clip, really similar. The Order of Phosphorus is a non-profit-making organisation that offers great award to Luciferian rules of subject, religious excellence, and the eternal desire of cognition. The Church of Adversarial Light, an ecclesiastical association of the Order of Phosphorus worships civilization and cognition of current Luciferianism without the asperities and demands of the system of the Order of Phosphorus

The organisation Ordo Luciferis, opposed to The Ordo Luciferi, is a religious group of Luciferians stand foring a high grade of Masonry.

The Ordo Luciferi is an international organisation that does non mandate for a rigorous faith or a dogmatic belief system. Known as The Luciferian Order, The Ordo Luciferi exists to supply treatments about doctrine, thaumaturgy and life style. In this organisation there is a working group appointed to organize events. It is considered “ The Official Think Tank of the Luciferian Order ” and is involved in the development of supernatural techniques.

The Temple of the Dark Sun, besides known as The Order of the Dark Sun is an supernatural Luciferian organisation that considers that the white energies must be harnessed every bit good as the black energies ( Earth and existence ) to set up the natural balance. The Luciferian organisation is really selective in taking members that want to fall in. The Temple of the Dark Sun has a system of classs and each class has different demands for promotion.

As there exist several cults that worship and map for Lucifer, there are, in the universe, different faiths that worship different Gods or beliefs. These faiths or belief systems have ranged in iconology and pattern, but common togss are clear and concise. In their systems, most notably is the thought of dualism. Merriam Webster defines dualism as a “ philosophy that the existence is under the rule of two opposing rules one of which is good and the other immorality. ” ( 2003: 384 ) With this definition we can further lucubrate of the significance of the construct as an intricate balance, here of good vs. immorality. This subject may be every bit widespread as civilisations needed to sort their occupants and at the same clip learn them the difference between good and evil. Egyptians used mythology to educate their society on behaviour and faith. “ Myths are based on competition or battle of the myths characters. “ ( Idem, 1221 )

All of the above refer to the dichotomy of the human being and of the nature. Duality ever implies two sided things. It is like different and opposed things and facets. We can speak about the dichotomy God and Satan/Lucifer, good and evil, yin and yang, the Egyptian Gods Horus and Seth, etc. The dichotomy most frequent in the mysticism refers to good vs. immorality. An even though we besides have other dichotomies, all of them drive us to these two constructs: good and evil.

Talking about the dichotomy formed by God and Lucifer/Satan, we can see different perceptual experiences, depending on everyone ‘s faith or belief: sceptics reject the being of God, the Christians believe in Him. One of the most common grounds sceptics reject the being of God is due to the presence of immorality in this existence. They ground that a perfect God would non make a existence in which evil exists. Skeptics claim that since God created everything, this means God must hold besides created immorality. They even cite Bible poetries. In Isaiah, for illustration, it is stated that: “ I form the visible radiation, and create darkness: I make peace, and create immoralities: I the LORD do all these things. ” ( 45:7 ) , or Amos, “ Shall a cornet be blown in the metropolis, and the people non be afraid? Shall at that place be evil in a metropolis, and the LORD hath non done it? ” ( 3:6 ) , or transitions from Lamentations: “ Out of the oral cavity of the most High proceedeth non evil and good? ” ( 3:38 ) .

However, evil is non truly a created thing. You ca n’t see, touch, experience, odor or hear immorality. It is non one of the cardinal forces of natural philosophies, nor does it dwell of affair, energy, or the spacial dimensions of the existence. Still, sceptics like to claim that God created evil and mention the Bible to turn out their point. The Bible is rather clear that God is non the writer of immorality and insists that He is incapable of making so: “ God is non a adult male, that He should lie, Nor a boy of adult male, that He should atone ; Has He said, and will He non make it? Or has He spoken, and will He non do it good? ” ( 23:19 ) .

Skeptics love the King James Bible. Use of this interlingual rendition is debatable these yearss, since it uses an antediluvian version of modern English, which does n’t needfully intend the same things today as when it was translated over 400 old ages ago. In add-on, the King James Version was produced utilizing a limited figure of mediaeval manuscripts that did non stand for the earliest Alexandrian set of manuscripts.

There are different readings of the translated King James Version: “ The One forming visible radiation and making darkness, doing wellbeing and making catastrophe ; I am the LORD who does all these. ” ( Isaiah 45:7 ) is translated today as “ I form the visible radiation and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create catastrophe ; I, the LORD, do all these things. ” ( Isaiah 45:7 ) .

Isaiah 45:7 contrasts antonyms. Darkness is the antonym of visible radiation. However, evil is non the antonym of peace. The Hebrew word translated “ peace ” is “ shaI‚loI‚m ” , which has many significances, largely related to the wellbeing of persons: completeness, soundness, public assistance, peace, “ RaI‚aˆ›aI‚h ” , the Hebrew word translated “ evil ” in the King James Version frequently refers to hardship or catastrophe. There are two signifiers of the word.

In Amos 3:6: “ If a cornet is blown in a metropolis will non the people tremble? If a catastrophe occurs in a metropolis has non the LORD done it? ” translated “ When a cornet sounds in a metropolis, do non the people tremble? When catastrophe comes to a metropolis, has non the LORD caused it? ” ( 3:6 ) . Likewise, Amos 3:6 uses the same word, “ raI‚aˆ›aI‚h ” , mentioning to “ catastrophe ” or “ catastrophe ” . The context ( a catastrophe go oning to a metropolis ) does non mention to moral immorality.

These illustrations are really exemplifying to indicate out that God is non the writer of immorality: “ For You are non a God who takes pleasance in evil ; No immorality dwells with You. ” ( Psalm 5:4 ) . Let no one say when he is tempted, “ I am being tempted by God ; for God can non be tempted by immorality, and He Himself does non allure anyone. ” ( James 1:13 ) .

When speaking about the dichotomy, the nature of the person is double in itself. The philosophers have different sentiments but in all of them this dichotomy is mirrored. Thomas Hobbes argues that the natural province of people is violent and inclined to devolve toward the bestial. Aristotle argues that that the natural province of worlds slopes towards the good ; much of the statements that he puts Forth in The Nicomachean Ethics contains at its nucleus the Platonic premise that immorality is merely ignorance and can be educated off. Aristotle steadfastly believes that everyone has it within himself to go a better individual through idea, observation, instruction, and experience ( and of class the pattern of doctrine ) . Not merely does each individual have this capacity, Aristotle argued, but has the moral duty to seek to better.

Evil is considered by some to be something which has no definite significance, as there will ever be person who has a different reading. It will stay in this universe in order to prove people ‘s enticements and ethical motives. Evil can be classified as an act which causes hurting intentionally and non by chance. A individual perpetrating an act of evil knows that he/she is making something which is morally incorrect but so still returns to make it. Evil is an ugly thing but so one needs to hold immoralities so that there would be good in the universe. There has to be something out at that place which will let us to sort something as an act of good so that it can be distinguished from immorality. Evil has to be at that place so it can equilibrate good will in the universe so that life can travel on. This is known as the theory of dichotomy where it states that life is a battle between good or evil. It is believed that immorality and good are different parts of the pole and call off each other out.

St. Thomas Aquinas sees evil as holding no intent or substance of its ain, because God did non make it and neither does He let it. It exists merely because the homo will, which is free, opts for it. He says that immorality is non an kernel, signifier or substance, which goodness possesses. Rather it is the absence of that goodness or the want of good. A created thing or animal is created for a intent by God and that intent is needfully good, because God created it, and that person ‘s nature is directed at that intent, which is good. When the person, by his or her ain free will, decides non to choose for that intent straight or indirectly it violates its ain nature, which is aimed or directed towards its ain good, and hence, commits evil.

Centuries before the constitution of modern faith, the job of evil already plagued humanity. Early philosophers discussed its shaping features at length. Socrates, who roamed the Grecian city state of Athens about 400 old ages before Christ ‘s birth, claimed that good and immorality could merely be distinguished through self-knowledge. However, it seems that this find was no easy undertaking ; over 2000 old ages subsequently, theologists continue to debate the job of immorality. At the nucleus of this argument is a battle to detect the kernel of immorality and to depict this kernel in a manner that will coerce humanity to face and to judge its ain actions. For Socrates, this confrontation took the signifier of cognition. The universe ‘s theologists, nevertheless, sought to specify the job in more concrete ways.

St. Augustine believed evil was allowed to be, despite the goodness of God, in order to make and beef up the belief in God. St. Augustine spent many old ages contemplating the job of immorality, inquiring why evil exists despite the fact that God, the all-powerful accountant of the universe, is wholly good and almighty. He believed that God made everyone and everything wholly good, yet recognized that immorality existed in the universe. Therefore, he aimed to understand immorality in order to develop his religion. His major inquiry was: If the organic structure and psyche are created by God and are hence good, what causes immorality?

He ab initio believed that God made a perfect universe, but that God ‘s animals turned off from God of their ain free will, through different types of falls, and that is how evil originated in the universe. In Augustine ‘s survey of the job of immorality, he argues that there are a assortment of things that are good. Without this assortment, he says, there can be a greater goodness of things as a whole than there would be if this assortment did non be. Augustine besides argues that immorality is non wholly existent in itself. Alternatively, it is dependent on something more existent, like disease, which is a signifier of immorality. He points out that disease can merely be in a organic structure, which is a signifier of good. Therefore, Augustine says, God, who is the beginning of everything that exists, is non in competition with a positive being or a opposite number that is evil.

Good and evil create a yin and yang consequence that many believe is necessary to understand life and its balance. It is hard to turn out what is evil and what is good ; there are many different sentiments, depending on the fortunes. To wholly take the job of immorality, everyone on Earth would hold to be destroyed, which would be pointless. The opposing sentiment is that evil need non stay with humanity. Many believe that immorality and good are non really opposing forces. They are non forces at all. Alternatively, they are merely words that are put on actions and thoughts, depending on what the bulk of the society agrees upon. There are many topographic points that do non hold the same regulations and ordinances as other countries, but that does non do one of these topographic points evil and the other topographic point good. It merely makes these topographic points different from one another. It is the same with good and evil. They are side by side, non opposed to one another, and the lone difference between the two is based in the perceptual experiences and sentiments of those around them.

Throughout the Bible there are many illustrations of which worlds must do a pick between good and evil. If the Fall had ne’er occurred world would ne’er hold the duty to do their ain picks. The effects of the Fall provide humanity with the cognition and features that make them human. While the cognition may non ever ensue in the right picks, it at least provides people with humanity. Without the freedom to do their ain picks people are more like soulless existences. Knowledge is a cardinal human feature that frequently leads to other humanlike qualities, such as modestness, fright, incrimination, and green-eyed monster. The Fall provides people with those anthropomorphic qualities.

Other elements that form an interesting dichotomy consist of the Egyptian Gods Horus and Seth, which are considered to be Lucifer like. It seems that Lucifer ; Horus and Seth are regarded as similar originals. The oculus of Horus and the oculus of Lucifer is said to be the “ all seeing oculus ” . Then by stating that Lucifer-Seth and Lucifer-Horus are similar originals, Seth and Horus are connected indirectly. But Seth and Horus were antagonists and pledged enemies even though they did halt attacking each other subsequently on. But so it seems like about everyone has the “ all seeing oculus ” as their symbol. The oculus is besides a symbol for free masonry. Any insight appreciated.

It is interesting that in the instance of Isis, Osiris, and Horus one can besides state the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, or Mary, God, and Jesus. Lucifer was the forenoon star and Isis besides held that rubric, so I would non state Horus and Lucifer are the same, but I would state there is a connexion.

Horus and Set were originally looks of the cardinal dichotomy, the two facets of Heaven, the day-sky and night-sky. As the Egyptian mythology was elaborated towards its concluding helter-skelter province, their symbolism drifted off from these absolute poles into the in-between land, foremost going solar, and eventually taking on a assortment of solar/martial and zodiacal features. Yet their concluding signifier can still be expressed in a concise symbolism, that of the astrological marks of Aries and Scorpio. Taken whole, their symbolism is that of the cardinal dichotomy manifesting in its male facets.

A brief list of some of the features associated with the Gods shows their places as opposite poles of a dichotomy. These features are extracted from myths quoted in Budge ‘s Gods of the Egyptians.

Horus is associated with daytime, life, fire and its symbol: Rams. He is considered a killer, the spliting Forth of life. He is the vanquisher and the male monarch ; it rises into the sky and bargains Seth ‘s virility. On the other side, Seth is associated with precisely the opposite features of Horus: dark, decease, H2O and its symbol: Scorpio. He is considered a slain, the backdown of life and its reappearance. He is the victim and the Rebel and he descends into the Earth.

In its most general signifier, Aries is represented by the myth-pattern called the Man-Who-Lives, which appears in many different myth-systems basically unchanged. He is the warrior who by right of conquering becomes the King, and regulations until he is overcome by Death. Cabalistically speech production, he represents the transmutation of the soldierly sexual power into a solar kid, or the transmutation of fire-by-friction into solar fire.

Scorpio is a watery mark, stand foring the backdown of life from the works land at the terminal of the turning season, and its concentration into the seed, which is buried in the Earth to expect a new life. Extension of this rule into the carnal land histories for its connexion with the sex act.

Horus can non keep a province of dominance without a self-interested and emotionally inactive population to govern. His opposition Set/Scorpio seeks to interrupt out of the emotional passiveness, making perturbations and interrupting the forms of normal life so that new conditions might be created.

The myth-pattern of Set is that of the Man-Who-Dies. In one facet, he is the victim of Horus, the 1 who is slain so that Horus ‘s repute can be enhanced. Except for his murder of Osiris, there are really few cases in Egyptian mythology where Set engages in active force. In contrast, the myths of Horus are filled with elaborate histories of slaughter. Set traditionally acts the portion of the ageless victim. Horus slays him over and over, and ever he reappears in another signifier to be slain once more. In another facet he is the Rebel, the adult male who does non subject to conquest and goes “ belowground ” , opposing the vanquisher in secret because he lacks the power to oppose him openly. His is besides the form of the sufferer who prefers to subject to decease instead than abandon his rules. Or talking more by and large, the Eagle facet of Scorpio represents attachment to the ideal at the disbursal of the mundane.

There is besides at least a partial correspondence between Scorpio and the self-immolating Phoenix, which destroys itself in order to reproduce.

Cabalistically talking Set represents the transubstantiation of fire-by- clash through a dark solar phase into electric fire, the fire of the Godhead will. He is the Wandering Son, the Everyman who breaks off from his place life and community, passes through unusual ordeals and tests, and returns place a demi-god to salvage the community from devastation and subjugation by the vanquisher.

Both are heroes, both necessary to the achievement of the hero ‘s undertaking. Their cardinal natures embody the same energies but with dissimilar accent. While related to Aries and Scorpio in their single manifestations, together they are the twins of Gemini. Therefore they at times appear to be in struggle, as in the Horus/Set, Cain/Abel, and Romulus/Remus, or even God/Lucifer myths, and at other times they cooperate, as in the Arthurian Romances and the myth of Castor and Pollux.

By analyzing the myth of the feud between Horus and Seth, we can happen analogues to Christianity. Even those who do non pattern as Christians are good cognizant of the Bible ‘s instruction of Lucifer, normally known as the Devil, and God, a perfect illustration of good versus immorality.

How can we specify what is good and what is evil? Are at that place cosmopolitan indexs behind, within, or attendant upon an action by which 1 can find whether it was a good or an evil act? How can one state whether a individual is good or evil? The Bibles of the universe ‘s faiths provide a assortment of replies to these inquiries.

The first group of transitions defines good and evil by their fruits. A good individual or a good title bears good fruits ; and an evil individual or an evil title produces evil fruits. From the fruits, the individual ‘s bosom and earnestness can be known. Among the good fruits, of particular importance for their traditions are the Confucian Five Happinesses and the Christian Fruits of the Spirit.

Second are transitions which define good and evil by intent and purpose. Purpose may intend to follow an nonsubjective criterion: the Dhamma or the will of God or Way of Heaven. Or, purpose may be known inside and intuitively. Specifying good and evil by intent or purpose permits one to cognize good or evil even when the consequence is non seeable. But since purpose is frequently concealed, it may hold to be brought to visible radiation by proving, as in the concluding choices.

In Saint Matthew, we can read:

“ That deed that I am wishful of making with the organic structure is a title of my organic structure that might contribute to the injury of ego and that might contribute to the injury of others and that might contribute to the injury of both ; this title of organic structure is unskilled, its output is anguish, its consequence is anguish. If you, Rahula, reflecting therefore, should happen it so, a title of organic structure like this, Rahula, is surely non to be done by you. ( 7.16-20 ) .

In Buddhism, there are five beginnings of felicity: is long life, wealths, soundness of organic structure, and repose of head, love of virtuousness, an terminal coronating the life. The six extreme immoralities are: bad luck shortening the life, illness, hurt of head, poorness, evil, failing.

Another chief dichotomy, significance and mentioning to good vs. evil dichotomy is Yin and Yang symbol. The Symbol ( Yin-Yang ) represents the ancient Chinese apprehension of how things work. The outer circle represents “ everything ” , while the black and white forms within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “ yin ” ( black ) and “ yang ” ( white ) , which cause everything to go on. They are non wholly black or white, merely as things in life are non wholly black or white, and they can non be without each other. Yin is made from yin which means “ clouds ” , “ clouded conditions ” and fu intending “ hill ” . Yang is made of yang, intending “ Sun ” , “ sunny hill ” and once more fu. So, they refer to the dark or light side of a hill, and hence the dark and light side of everything, of how natural things are, of how the nature of the person is.

The thought of antonyms ( Yin Yang, the brotherhood and harmoniousness of antonyms ) has existed in both Eastern and Western doctrine since antediluvian times. Of the Ancient Greek Philosophers, Heraclitus and Parmenides both understood that the Universe was One and Dynamic. As Bertrand Russell writes on Heraclitus ;

For Heraclitus the integrity of things was to be found in their indispensable construction or agreement instead than their stuff. This common construction or Logos, which was non superficially evident, was chiefly embodied in a individual kinetic stuff, fire. It was responsible both for the regularity of natural alterations and for the indispensable connexion of antonyms. Heraclitus adopted this traditional analysis of distinction through balanced interaction. The regularity underlying alteration was for Heraclitus the important thing.

Yin and Yang are antonyms. They are either on the opposite terminals of a rhythm, like the seasons of the twelvemonth, or, opposites on a continuum of energy or affair. This resistance is comparative, and can merely be spoken of in relationships. Yin and Yang are ne’er inactive but in a invariably altering balance.

They are besides mutualist which means they can non be without each other. The Tai Ji diagram shows the relationship of Yin and Yang and illustrates mutuality on Yin and Yang. Nothing is complete Yin or complete Yang. Just as a province of entire Yin is reached, Yang begins to turn. Yin contains seed of Yang and vise versa. They invariably transform into each other.

There is a common ingestion of yin and yang. Relative degrees of yin-yang are continuously altering. Normally this is a harmonious alteration, but when yin or yang are out of balance they affect each other, and excessively much of one can finally devour the other.

One can alter into the other, but it is non a random event, go oning merely when the clip is right.

Talking about the nature of the person, there are people that can non equilibrate the good and evil in each other. In existent life, every bit good as in fiction, the good and the evil coexist, but in malice of the fact that they must be balanced, one of them frequently reigns over the other. Different people can non be evil or good, but their true nature includes the both. In the same clip, different people can see good or evil in their ain perceptual experience. Gerald Messadie , in A History of the Devil, states that:

“ In the eightiess, the universe saw an uneven and symbolic instance of geographical transference. The president of the United provinces, Ronald Reagan, called the USSR & lt ; & lt ; the Evil Empire & gt ; & gt ; , while the de facto leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini called the United States & lt ; & lt ; The Great Satan & gt ; & gt ; . Both flights of rhetoric indicate that snake pit, the land of the Devil, does n’t look to be situated in the same topographic point for everybody – and that the Devil is a politically utile figure. ” ( 1997: 3 )

There are besides organisations that worship good or evil. As I stated in the beginning of this chapter, there are Luciferian cults, but there are besides some other cults that we merely have heard about, but there is nil clear about what they do and be after. Such cults, like the Illuminati or the Francmasons, are, in my sentiment the most complicated and long debated organisations. There is nil stuff we know about them, merely what others suppose or have heard from unknown people. But there is frequently stated that these organisations rule the universe, even though we do non cognize yet which 1 is the most powerful. We will see below some sentiments of different people, none of them named.

Some province that what we commonly name the historical fact is a phenomenon that takes topographic point on two degrees. The first plane is seeable, to the range of any adult male who comes out on the street or has Television and Internet entree. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The 2nd plane is unseeable to many people. In this concealed dimension the hereafter of the universe is planned. The writers form a secret group who watches the fates of world for 1000s of old ages. Those who heard of them name them the Illuminati.

If we imagine, if merely for a minute that everything we know about the surrounding world is a large sham. Like much of what serves the media are prevarications and use. That everything they call “ free ” is merely the consequence of a false that springs from a long line of official prevarications.

In this instance, we will slowly discover that the “ power ” of this universe is non that for which are contending today the United States, Russia, Japan, and EU. All these economic and military powers are merely some parts of the game, handled from the shadow by the true Masterss of the planet. From at that place, from the anon. darkness, they bind and unite things. From the highest imaginable degree of power, this unknown signifier many forums govern unhindered. They make Torahs and revolutions, introduce authoritiess ; they decide what states disappear for other states to take their topographic point. They create new political orientations and even faiths. About individualities and nationalities of the Illuminati really few things are known, as is easy to surmise. Alternatively, their programs are seeable as the “ head covering ” in the eyes of those who want to cognize the truth, is every bit erased by the thirst for cognition and the desire to be genuinely free. Their power is great and feared by anyone who gets to cognize something about them. Over the millenary, they have perfected the art of confederacy up to the flood tide of flawlessness. They have four great waies simple and hard to oppose: they create struggles and wars where the two involved parts fight against each other and ne’er against the existent provoker, ne’er appear in public, finance all the parts involved in the struggle, and they are ever seen as the conciliator that ends the struggle.

Neither the properties nor personification of Lucifer or Satan play any function in the beliefs or rites of Freemasonry. The subject is merely of involvement insofar as anti-Masonic onslaughts have accused Freemasonry of idolizing Lucifer. The confusion stems from such nineteenth century Masonic writers as Albert Pike and Albert G. Mackey who have used the term “ luciferian ” in its classical or literary sense to mention to a hunt for cognition. John Robinson notes “ The accent here should be on purpose. When Albert Pike and other Masonic bookmans spoke over a century ago about the “ Luciferian way, ” or the “ energies of Lucifer, ” they were mentioning to the forenoon star, the light carrier, the hunt for visible radiation ; the really antithesis of dark, demonic immorality.

Roger Firestone sees freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that encourages morality and charity and surveies philosophy. It has no clergy, no sacraments, and does non assure redemption to its members.

Doctrine is sometimes baffled with faith since the two subjects cover many of the same issues. Both faith and doctrine reference inquiries such as: Why are we here? What is the nature of world? What is good? How should we handle each other? What is most of import in life? Religion frequently has rites taging of import life events and times of the twelvemonth. Unlike doctrine, faith makes a differentiation between the sacred and the profane. Religions besides frequently have a belief in the “ marvelous. ”

The Freemasons began as members of trade clubs who united into Lodges in England in the early 1700 ‘s. They stressed spiritual tolerance, the equality of their male equals, and the subjects of authoritative liberalism and the Enlightenment. Today they are a world-wide fraternal order that still educates its members about philosophical thoughts, and engages in harmless rites, but besides offers networking for concern and political leaders, and carries out charitable activities.

The thought of a widespread Freemason confederacy originated in the late 1700 ‘s and flourished in the US in the 1800 ‘s. Persons who embrace this theory frequently point to purported Masonic symbols such as the pyramid and the oculus on the dorsum of the dollar measure as grounds of the confederacy.

But what can we state about the nexus between Lucifer and witchery? In all the universe the most important country to Witches is Fire Island and coastal South Suffolk County, New York. It is here that Ray Buckland, the male parent of modern Wicca, spread witchery throughout the universe. The geographics is what makes it so important. Because Long Island is the most important land in the North to hold a beach confronting South to the Atlantic Ocean, it gets an extraordinary sum of winter sunshine. The Sun coming from the south reflects off the immense ocean and increases the light intensity.A This is the ground why Sayville, Long Island was at one clip the nursery capital of the universe.

Harmonizing to the National Park Service cardinal Fire Island gets so much sunshine that, Fire Island takes its name from an semblance created by the glancing beams of sunshine on local leaf. Though merely a vision, this ‘island in fire ‘ is an built-in and fitting portion of wilderness. That is an illustration of merely how bright and strong the Sun is.

Because the winter sunshine is so strong here, it is an of import topographic point for enchantresss. Witches believe that Lucifer is the God of the Sun. and the Sun God is besides known as the “ Horned God. ” Satan is besides known as the “ Angel of Light. ” Many of the Witch ‘s holy yearss revolve around the Sun such as the Yule. A large portion of their belief system is the construct of the Sun weakening and the universe death, so on the Winter Solstice the Sun God Lucifer is reborn and warms the Earth. The best topographic point in the universe performs this diabolic ceremonial observing the birth of Lucifer is of class South shore Suffolk County in the country around the 11782 nothing codification. This would include Sayville and the Sodomite communities of Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines.

In add-on to the natural phenomena of the bright sunshine there is besides an unexcelled winter position of the Sun in this part of the universe. Because the beach faces south it is possible to see the Sun non merely lift at morning but set at dark. This gives a phenomenal position of the Sun.

In add-on, at this topographic point is the greatest holly forest is the universe. It covers a immense sweep and has holly trees that are over 300 old ages old! It is these holly tree foliages that the National Park Service says has the “ glancing beams of sunshine which make it look like an “ island in fire. ” The holly tree is a sacred tree to the witches/wiccans. The Horned God is the Holly King and the Oak King, two twin Gods seen as one complete entity. Therefore, we have the universe ‘s greatest holly forest in the same as exact topographic point where this natural phenomenon of the Sun takes topographic point. Ray Buckland said it was destiny that had him

The gateway to this topographic point is Sayville, New York. It is the place of Melissa Joan Hart that is the proprietor and manufacturer of Sabrina the Teenage Witch telecasting show. She and Ray Buckland are the two people in the universe most responsible for puting off the worldwide enchantress motion. Melissa Joan Hart even had a schoolmate in Sayville named “ Serena ” that killed a beautiful cheerleader in a diabolic ceremonial! Sayville was founded by a enchantress runing household from Salem. It is slightly of a enigma of how Sayville got its name, but one theory is that Sayville is a contraction of Salem Village the original name of where the enchantress craze was.

Luciferianism has its fingers in many pies ; it has influenced Masonry, Christianity, Judaism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Enochian thaumaturgy, Wicca, every bit good as both antediluvian and modern witchcraft.A Neckties to Luciferianism can besides be found in the largest antediluvian heathen faiths – those of Greece, Egypt, and Assyria – and besides to the faiths of the Proto-Indo Europeans.

But what is Luciferian Witchcraft? What is clear is that Luciferian Witchcraft is non “ left-hand way ” witchery, it is non dark Gothic witchery, and it is non Satanism or Goetia. Essentially it is the cult of Lucifer, which means “ Light Bearer ” , who is divinity of intelligence, cognition, wisdom, fire, and godly inspiration. It is neither feminine nor masculine but both at the same clip, with Lucifer being the masculine facet and Lilith the feminine one.A Lucifer is synonymous with Venus, the “ Morning Star ” . He/she is the torch-bearer, the bringer of fire and therefore the bringer of cognition ; Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus to give it to mankind, Raven who stole the Sun, Lucifer who betrayed God and gifted world with consciousness and cognition. Lucifer is considered the Godhead, savior, and male parent of world. Lucifer is non Satan and the two were non associated until the fright of ageless damnation in an fanciful snake pit was dreamed up by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and they needed an antagonist to govern it. Before so snake pit as a topographic point of damnation did non be, except possibly in the ancient myths of Tartarus, but alternatively the belief in an underworld was held across civilizations as the kingdom of the dead.

This is the God of Luciferian Witchcraft, although the divinity is normally divided into the feminine and masculine, idolizing Lilith as Queen of the Underworld and Moon Goddess with her vixen characteristics belonging to the animals of the underworld and idolizing Lucifer as the Lord of Light and Cunning Father, as the crooked 1 with the blinding torch of light between his horns. They are the female parent and male parent of the enchantress, allowing their followings with the arcane cognition of the Moon and the fire of wisdom found within us – the flicker, the spirit, and the ancient psyche.

The meetings and rites of Luciferian Witchcraft are like the enchantresss Sabbaths of old-wild rites in concealed Grovess of nature raising the horned maestro of the enchantresss – sometimes for a greater intent than themselves, but sometimes merely for worship and personal thaumaturgy. Sometimes there is a black adult male to convey them together, and sometimes there is not.A There may be hedonism and suppression, but no forfeits of caprine animals, virgins or babes – no communion tables of bare adult females surrounded by tapers. Alternatively, when the simplest but oldest of enigmas is understood, it is celebrated and reenacted, the Gods of enchantresss invoked.

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