Leadership Through Servant Leadership Theology Religion Essay Example
Leadership Through Servant Leadership Theology Religion Essay Example

Leadership Through Servant Leadership Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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The great way interrupting thought of Servant Leadership put forth by Robert Greenleaf ( 1977 ) has reached its 4th decennary as a construct and it continues to make a quiet revolution in organisations and later in around the Earth. Harmonizing to Patterson ( 2003 ) , servant leading is defined as leading focused followings, whereby followings are leaders ' primary concern and organisational concerns are peripheral. Ever since the coming of globalisation directors have tended to see people as machines while organisations have considered workers as prison guards in the machine. Servant Leadership emphasizes increased service to others a holistic attack to work, advancing a sense of community and the sharing of power in determination devising. This is the most of import facet to be found in instructors as they build up the future coevals of a state. The characteristic characte


ristic of a leader is in the really word itself as loyal, energetic, good-humored, duteous, , empathic and righteous and if we abbreviate teacher we find along with the said characteristics of a leader there is an extra facet of a instructor being talented, magnetic, honest. Characteristics ascribed to this emerging attack to leading include edifice empathy for others, utilizing extremely developed powers of motive and being able to gestate and pass on constructs. Servant Leadership has become a guiding force and has been adopted by assorted organisations. Servant Leaders exert a 'healing 'influence on persons and establishments by using foresight, intuition, consciousness, perceptual experience, the art of contemplation, and deep seated acknowledgment that, servant -leadership begins with, a leader 's desire to alter himself or herself ( Spears,1996 ) . Since its conceptual

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origin, servant leading has been espoused by a turning figure of research workers as a `` valid theory '' of organisational leading ( Russel & A ; Stone, 2002 ) with a great promise for both theoretical and practical development. ( Bass, 2000 )


What is Servant Leadership? The Servant Leadership is one of the many patterns to be included in both formal and informal instruction and preparation plans. Theory and pattern of this sort of leading are interlinked ; to understand the developments in the leading theory is to understand the construct of leading itself. Leadership is needfully hard because it must frequently concentrate on the challenges of alteration. Change that is transformational, does non adhere to easy solutions: it involves value loaded issues: it tests strongly held truenesss ; it surfaces deep sitting struggles. These sorts of alterations are non acceptable to people as they are discerning about the losingss they would incur. To exert leading is to ask for people to do adaptative to alter. In order to be adaptable one must happen out new ways and waive old wonts against the promise of unsure result.

Harmonizing to Greenleaf 's doctrine, the servant Leader embodies these features ( Lee1993 ) :

  1. They are retainers foremost.
  2. They articulate ends.
  3. They inspire trust.
  4. They know how to listen.
  5. They are Masterss of positive feedback.
  6. They rely on foresight.
  7. They emphasize personal development.

Spears explained: There is a revolution underway. In corporate council chambers, university categories, community leading groups, non -for-profit organisations and elsewhere, alteration has become a natural phenomenon ; our attack to these, alterations towards work and leading should convey about a revolution to function foremost

and so take. Many people are seeking new and better ways of incorporating work with their ain personal and religious growing. They are seeking to unite the best elements of leading, based upon service to others, as portion of an exciting construct called ' Servant Leadership ' . It has been, to be certain, a slow turning revolution -but one which is now directing deep roots through the society. In the last few old ages, many people have begun to acknowledge the profound influence of thought of Robert K. Greenleaf, a adult male who has come to be known as the Grandfather of this motion. ( Spears, 1996 ) In such a scenario it is a affair of concern as to how far this construct has an impact on the faculty members. Can Teachers heighten the pupil 's attack of leading through Servant Leaders? '

In the universe of globalisation adaptability to alter will be an indispensable component. With this complexness of the capable new accounts of leading are bound to originate and should act upon how future leaders behave. Since leading is all about version to alter hence it becomes single duty and the disposition to be as leader 's prevarications within them. The Servant is as Greenleaf explained:

The servant-leader is servant first... ..It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to function foremost. Then witting pick brings one to draw a bead on to take. That individual is aggressively different from one who is leader foremost, possibly because the leader foremost and the retainer are to utmost types. Between them there are shadings and blends that are portion of the infinite assortment of

human nature. ''

There is no easy manner to turn out the function of a servant leader. The trial of a servant leader is one of pragmatism based on seeable results. Greenleaf continues ;

The best trial, and hard to administrate, is ; do those served, go healthier, wiser, freer more independent, more likely themselves to go retainers? And what is the consequence on the least on the privileged in society. Will he profit or at least, will he non be further deprived?

Importantly, neither Greenleaf 's definition of a servant leader at its best trial requires one to keep a formal leading place. What matters is what we do and with what consequence. The aim is to heighten the growing of persons in institutes and promote teamwork and personal engagement. There are certain qualities essential for a leader. The properties being a patient hearer, one who can be empathic, should hold a healing touch a ego consciousness, persuasive quality one that can look into the hereafter, ready to function, and committed to the growing of others and a concern for constructing a community.

Servant leading is non an easy explanatory construct.It can non be built in one twenty-four hours. But it is a long-run transformational attack to life and to work. This property has a quality to bring forth positive alteration in its surroundings: when followings see grounds that their leaders follow the ideals of servant leading, they are more likely to go servant themselves.

While it may look that Servant Leadership is a comfy journey where everyone wanders around and nil concrete comes out. Servant Leadership is non about deficiency of way, but about execution. The motivational component

of servant leading portrays a cardinal presupposition which distinguishes the construct from other leading ideas. This presupposition forms the mental province of the servant leader with I serve mindset as opposed to I lead.The primary ground why leaders exist is to function foremost, non to take foremost. The servant leader operates with the position to function because of being a leader non to take as a dictator. This new construct speaks to a big figure of people who have the ability to take usher themselves to make what they are ever capable of making. It takes much of the fright out of the leading, because the leader does non cognize what to make in every executable situation-they merely hold to function those who follow them in their pursuit for the replies.

Taking this measure farther, Servant Leaderships focus non merely on their followings needs as a whole, but on the single follower. It is frequently said that the basic thing that an single purposes at is the deepest feeling to be included, valued and appreciated and understood. The Servant Leader in order to function people can non overlook the person. The Servant leader takes persons really earnestly he is able to mend both their followings and themselves from experiences of the yesteryear. If Maslow 's demand hierarchy theory is taken into consideration we see that there comes a clip when the person reaches self realization.The construct of servant leading is rather like that when a leader realizes that he has non to be in the top of it but to be at the underside by being supportive to work forces and adult females.

Significance of the Problem.


more anecdotal grounds than empirical grounds exists in the literature to back up servant leading ( Bowmen, 1997 ) .As a consequence ; Bass ( 2000 ) argued the construct of servant leading theory requires significant empirical research. Harmonizing to Sendjaya and Sarros ( 2002 ) , a ground for the scarceness of research in servant leadings that impression of servant as leader may be perceived as an oxymoron. Yet, the philosophical foundation of servant leading sets a platform for its theoretical development. Bass ( 2000 ) further explained that the strength of the servant leading motion, every bit good as its multiple associations with follower acquisition, growing and liberty, suggests the unseasoned theory will play a valuable, critical function in the future leading of establishments. This survey aims a trial to research the emerging theory of servant leading in instructors.

Literature Review

In his plants, Greenleaf discusses the demand for a better attack to leading, one that puts functioning others --

Servant-leadership emphasizes increased service to others, a holistic attack to work, advancing a sense of community, and the sharing of power in determination devising. The words retainer and leader are normally thought of as being antonyms. When two antonyms are brought together in a originative and meaningful manner, a paradox emerges. So the words retainer and leader have been brought together to make the self-contradictory thought of servant-leadership. Who is the Servant Leader? One who has a natural feeling to function. Then the witting pick brings one to draw a bead on to take. That individual is aggressively different possibly because of the demand to pacify an unusual power thrust or to get material ownerships come

secondary and his primary slogan is service to mankind to convey reformation. There is a blending which is a portion of the human nature.

The difference is found when the retainer takes attention to do certain that other precedence demands are being served. The most hard portion to administrate is this: Do those served grow as individuals? Do they, while being served become healthier, wiser? Do they bask the liberty or are more likely to go retainers? What is the consequence on the least privileged people, in society ; is there any benefit for them or they become more disadvantaged. All of this rests on the premises that merely manner to alter it or do it go on is to bring forth people, who would gracefully, accept the alteration and set it into pattern. In pattern when the instructors put it into pattern it would be a protection shield to be put on when `` taking the military personnel '' .

Taking this farther, Servant Leaders focuses non merely on their followings ' demands as a whole but on the single follower. If this characteristic characteristic is developed among instructors so the relationship of instructors and pupils would be more esteemed. The healing touch which emerges out of this behaviour heals both the followings and themselves. The retainer 's strength lies in their willingness to accept instead than bring down hurting. ( Sarkus 1996 )

While Servant Leadership is a procedure that can non be defined or articulated by stairss, the several cardinal elements, defined by Spears ( 1996 ) , which lay the foundation for a Servant Leader:

  1. Listening receptively to what others have to state
  2. Credence

of others and holding empathy for them.

  • Foresight and establishment
  • Awareness and perceptual experience.
  • Having extremely developed powers of persuasion.
  • An ability to exercise a healing influence upon single and establishments.
  • An ability to gestate and to pass on constructs
  • Building community in the workplace.
  • Practicing the art of contemplation.
  • Recognition that Servant Leadership begins with the desire to alter oneself.
  • Once this procedure has begun, it so becomes possible to pattern Servant Leadership at the establishment degree. This new construct speaks to a big figure of people who have the ability to take to steer them to what they were ever capable of making. It takes fear out of the heads of the leaders, because the leader does non hold to cognize what to make in every executable situation- they merely have to be able to function those who follow them in their pursuit for the replies. They are able to turn to the corporate wisdom of the group to derive cognition. ( Lee 1993 ) Servant Leaderships are introverted and believe that replies can be found within, they readily acknowledge personal strengths and failings. Their great sense of humbleness is what leads them to seek the support and advice of others. ( Sarkus1996 ) By holding to the bravery to roll up the corporate wisdom of their followings Leaders become more productive and better leaders and visionary.

    Servant leading is a long-run, transformational attack to life and work -- in specifics, a manner of being -- that has the possible for making positive alteration throughout the society.

    As, a small measure is a elephantine spring to mankind so the turning figure of persons and organisations practising

    servant-leadership has increased into a revolution, one that carries with it a deep current of significance and passion.

    Robert K. Greenleaf 's thought of servant-leadership, now in its 4th decennary as a construct bearing that name, continues to make a quiet revolution in workplaces around the universe. Since the clip of the Industrial Revolution, directors have tended to see people as tools, while organisations have considered workers as slaves. In the past few decennaries there is a displacement in that long-held position. In infinite for-profit and non-profit-making organisations today we are see conventional, bossy, and hierarchal manners of leading giving to a different ways of working -- one based on teamwork and community, one by affecting others in determination devising, one that is strongly based in ethical and caring behaviour, and one that is trying to construct the personal growing of people.

    Slowly but certainly, Greenleaf 's servant-leadership Hagiographas have made a deep, permanent feeling on leaders, pedagogues, and many others who are concerned with issues of leading, direction, service, and personal growing.

    After some old ages of carefully sing Greenleaf 's original Hagiographas, there are a few personality traits which relates to the leading qualities. A leader ever communicates with the people. To border a leader from among the people is one with a good personality, Empathetic towards others, an unfastened head with pragmatism, with a liberated idea and an encouraging attitude.

    Listening. Leaderships have traditionally been valued for their communicating and decision-making accomplishments. While these are besides of import accomplishments for the servant-leader, they need to be reinforced by a deep committedness to listening intently to others. The servant-leader seeks to place the adaptability of a group

    and helps to come out of their closed mental blocks.. He or she seeks to listen receptively to what is being said. Listening, coupled with regular periods of contemplation, is indispensable to the growing of the servant-leader.

    Empathise. The servant-leader strives to understand and sympathize with others. As a human nature people want to be recognized and included. They want to be recognized and felt of import and acknowledged for their work. The Servant Leader has a personal human touch among the people he deals with. In `` The Servant as Leader '' Greenleaf writes: `` There is something subtle communicated to one who is being served and led if implicit in the compact between servant-leader and led is the apprehension that the hunt for integrity is something they portion. `` ( Robert Greenleaf )

    Awareness. Self consciousness makes one more value based and ethical. As awareness brings a sort of self realisation among people to convey a alteration in them and in society. Able leaders are normally aggressively awake and moderately disturbed to make a Renaissance among the persons. They are non searchers after consolation. They have their ain inner repose.

    Persuasive nature.. Another characteristic characteristic of servant-leaders is carrying people instead than being important and ordering. Carrying through motive, empathy and attention.

    Ambitious. Servant-leaders seek to foster their abilities to `` woolgather large '' The ability to look at a job from a originative position means that one must believe out of the box. For persons who need to pattern, this is a characteristic that requires subject and pattern. Servant-leaders are called to seek a balance between inventive thought and a daily focussed attack.

    One who can look

    at the future.. Foresight is a characteristic that enables the servant-leader to take lessons from the past and analyze the worlds of the present, and the pros and cons of a determination for the future.. Foresight although is non common country in leading surveies, but it needs careful attending.

    Providing to the demands of others. Peter Block has defined stewardship as `` keeping something in trust for another. '' Robert Greenleaf 's position of all establishments was one in which CEOs, staffs, and trustees all played important functions in keeping their establishments in trust for the greater good of society. Servant-leadership, like stewardship, assumes foremost and foremost a committedness to functioning the demands of others.

    Enhancement of single growing. Servant-leaders believe that people should be valued non merely as workers but besides as persons. As a consequence, the servant-leader is committed to the growing of each and every employee within the establishment. The servant-leader takes in his pace the enormous duty to make everything possible to foster the growing of employees.

    Developing a sense of community. The servant-leader develops a community feeling among persons and builds a sort of belongingness among employees. He aims at constructing an classless society non merely through words but through pattern. Greenleaf said: `` All that is needed to reconstruct community as a feasible life signifier for big Numberss of people is for adequate servant-leaders to demo the manner, non by mass motions, but by each servant-leader showing his ain limitless liability for a quite specific community-related group. ''

    These few features of servant-leadership are by no agencies exhaustive, but they serve to pass on the power and promise that this construct offers to

    those who are unfastened to its invitation and challenge.

    The Turning Impact of Servant Leadership

    Many persons and organisations have adopted servant-leadership as a guiding doctrine. For persons it offers a agency to personal growing -- spiritually, professionally, emotionally, and intellectually. It has ties to the thoughts of M. Scott Peck ( The Road Less Traveled ) , Parker Palmer ( The Active Life ) , Ann McGee-Cooper ( You Do n't Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted! ) , and others who have written on spread outing human potency. A major application of servant-leadership is that it encourages everyone to actively seek chances to both service and lead others, thereby heightening the intrinsic potency of people and adds value to their lives.

    Servant-leadership has influenced many celebrated authors, minds, and leaders. Max DePree, former president of the Herman Miller Company and writer of Leadership Is an Art and Leadership Jazz, has said, `` The servant goon of leading demands to be felt, understood, believed, and practiced. '' And Peter Senge, writers of The Fifth Discipline, has said that he tells people `` non to trouble oneself reading any other book about leading until you foremost read Robert Greenleaf 's book, Servant-Leadership. I believe it is the most remarkable and utile statement on leading I 've come across. ''

    In the universe of corporate instruction and preparation plans, many direction and leading advisers should use servant-leadership stuffs as portion of their on-going work with corporations. Through internal preparation and instruction, organisations are detecting that servant-leadership can truly better upon concern development and behavior, while still successfully making net income.

    Servant leaders serve others in order to hike their ego

    and self-respect. This theoretical account of leading requires a alteration of attitude of the leader. Egos have to be let travel and the belief that people perform at their best in an environment of freedom and authorization has to be earnestly adopted ( Melrose, 1996 )

    The traits of Servant Leader are in uninterrupted development.Trust is one of the factors which is non acquired by benevolence entirely. It grows from a good managed and cost effectual plan that produces mensurable consequences. ( Caroll,2005 ) .Leaders serve the full community without anticipating a return.

    Taking this into consideration how can a teacher be a leader? An effectual function of a instructor is more elusive with 3A 's.

    • Adequacy
    • Accomplishments
    • Assertiveness.

    Adequacy to function a intent, and doing it consequence oriented. The capableness of a individual to carry through a undertaking with a assertiveness of conveying about a alteration in assorted competences.

    Aims ;

    1. To research the province of the art of Servant Leadership.
    2. To carry on an exploratory survey to formalize the hypothesis `` Are instructors Servant Leaderships '' .

    Research Methodology.

    Persons who pattern Servant Leadership have the ability to prosecute in an open behavioral system through their accomplishments. They are required to manage everyday undertakings with set processs and to use to get by with the demands of the environment.A practician of Servant Leadership is said to be more competent and is able to intermix accomplishments and competences. They are more specific to undertakings and state of affairss. An effort has been made that are these qualities which are assumed to be in a leader can be adapted by a instructor and how far applicable to servant leading. Are they

    able to prosecute in behaviour that are controlled, elicited and triggered by demands of specific undertakings? Can they of all time think out of the box and instill the ability to be various. These competences are indispensable because of the alteration in environment as it besides involves ability for soul-searching to heighten self-efficiency through one 's ain thought and judgment 1s capableness to manage assorted undertakings. Servant Leadership has been applied and to some extent tested in the workplace in organisational direction. The theory focuses on a leader 's interior values of the people who employ it. The research is based on secondary informations along with experience and practical exposure based on analysis by the writer.

    Restrictions of the survey.

    As the survey is to analyze that can teacher play the function of a servant leader. But the point is who the people to be led by the instructor are. If it is considered from a societal point of position a instructor can be a leader as it is the ability of a instructor to leave cognition and take the future coevalss by illustration. This survey is limited to a characteristic characteristics of a instructor hence it has been limited to a peculiar group. As imperfectnesss pave the way for flawlessness so this survey is non absolute.

    Analysis and Discussion:

    Teaching and larning are non merely concerned with cognition, knowledge and accomplishment, they are besides emotional pattern and knowledge, feeling and thought, combine together in all societal patterns in complex ways. But, learning and larning are inextricably emotional in nature.It refers to one 's ability to administrate one 's feelings, tempers, thrusts and emotions. They, make really realistic ego

    rating, are cognizant of their ain strengths and restrictions and consciously take determinations, in inauspicious state of affairss. That builds the strength of character. This competence is likely to exhibit better public presentation. These characteristics help them to be competent leaders. They have a blunt nature by which they tend to understand what others feel. They interact good and pass on with people of different background really good as they can accurately read others heads. They build better relationship and convey about a extremist alteration in the society.

    The present epoch has put human existences in a province of flux where they are ever looking frontward to convey about some positive alteration. Servant-leadership is one such new construct that has easy but certainly gained 1000s of supporters over the past old ages. It attracts all such people who long to better the human status and construct up true personalities with pragmatism and good will. Servant-leadership will make a platform to function and take establishments. Servant-leadership truly offers hope and counsel for a new epoch in human development, and for the creative activity of better, more caring establishments.

    Everybody is a leader in one or the other manner. There can non be a topographic point which can run without a leader. One has to understand one 's possible and get certain qualities to instill and pattern servant leading. Courage can open avenues to convey the alteration. The bravery to talk the truth, to take an ethical life and an engagement which is indispensable to convey the alteration. In a society where the people are led by ego elated ego there it is indispensable for the leader to function

    others best by driving out self-importance. Criticism is a portion and package of one 's life. In order to convey about the alteration 1 has to confront unfavorable judgment.People like to hear all that is ever good but unfavorable judgment given right can convey about a reformation in the society and would convey professional and personal development. As one makes an effort and perform by doing such self-asserting stairss one can happen himself in an effectual place. The mission and aim would be clear and unambiguous. In order to actuate immature people is in itself a disputing undertaking a instructor has to be balanced with flexible heads and accommodating, to supply and accept new thoughts and penetrations. Now the inquiry that arises is how to prolong effectivity in all activities? The four L 's of one 's life which is the focus country of an single i.e. Lead, Love, Learn and Leave a grade for others to follow.

    A instructor is besides expected to be a visionary who is capable to believe and look at the hereafter. Vision connects to inner qualities such as Self Awareness and Creative Imagination. It enables to believe creatively conveying in new dimensions and concentrate attending. Another of import facet is the value. It is a powerful drive force which acts as a incentive to take through codification of behavior and ego subject. Thus it brings a significance and quality which makes one feel empowered.

    When we say that function of a instructor it includes duty, dependability and relationship.Responsibity requires to work and to function with answerability towards the growing of pupils. Reliability is to accomplish the religion of pupils in order

    to actuate and carry. Relationship is to construct up a healthy environment where pupils would experience free to larn and unlearn and could talk out their heads.

    Hence Servant Leadership begins when a leader assumes the place of a retainer in interactions with followings. There should ever be a holistic attack where people feel encouraged to work and portion determinations and feelings.Thus, Servant leading can be derived by a altruistic attack and self motive that is within the leader. It emphasizes personal features and beliefs over any specific leading qualities.


    Trust is an indispensable factor of Servant Leadership and its success. The followings need to be able to swear the leader.It gives an chance to the leader to bridge the spread between the followings and leader. Servant leader is a simple construct yet it is hard to implement. Although it is hard to acquire the coveted consequences but non an impossible factor. However, a individual with small or no place power can be an effectual leader. It may look as if the servant leader must be perfect.Individuals may be dissuaded from trying to be a Servant Leader as they feel they have to be perfect. Despite the fact that, flawlessness is non prerequisite for Servant Leadership. The lone thing necessary to get down the journey is an honorable desire to do things better and with an unfastened head. Servant Leadership has become a guiding force and has been adopted by assorted organisations. It is a affair of concern as to how far this construct has an impact on the academicians. Though this construct has gained impulse in organisational and institutional set up, yet a survey is to

    be conducted at assorted degrees with all those who are involved in faculty members like defenders, pupils and instructors to formalize this hypothesis

    Scope for farther Research ;

    This survey fundamentally emphasizes on instructors as Servant Leaderships but further it can be applied on pupils every bit good as corporate people who work in squads. It can besides be tested through the directors of non-profit-making organisations with a broad survey. This is a characteristic applicable to about all classs of people whether directors, coporate caputs and man of affairs.

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