Leadership Development Reflection Diary Theology Religion Essay Example
Leadership Development Reflection Diary Theology Religion Essay Example

Leadership Development Reflection Diary Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 9, 2017
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One experience of this Principals Servant Leadership attack stands out in my head. During a catered tiffin at a school in-service twenty-four hours with other staff, this Principal taking a home base from the tabular array, 'worked the room ' and served some of the staff and instructors tiffin. However, what diluted the impact of this attack was the 'see me, expression at me ' attitude that he portrayed. The Principal 's actions of service did non aline with his attitude and voice. The 'Servant Leader School Principal ' diminished the impact of his service by pulling attending to his act of service by declaring to the staff as he moved around the room ; 'look at me being a servant leader. '

Although my experience of this peculiar Principal 's leading manner did non reflect the servant leading mantra which he espoused, the servant leading manner has ever profoundly impressed me as a really effectual method of taking and developing others. In my ain leading journey in my function as an Area Manager, I have endeavoured to work with and develop my staff to help them to better. My personal motive has been one of retainer first, leader second. Although, the aspiration of Servant Leadership has ever been something I have strived for and something that has influenced my determinations and leading manner, what I have learned by really being a leader and director is the importance of healthy relationships with my staff.



would comprehend Servant Leadership as my personal leading manner nevertheless I recognise that I do non systematically use its dogmas in my mundane leading and direction. I believe the servant leading theoretical account of leading best aligns with my personal values and beliefs and I aspiringly strive to outwork servant leading in my personal and professional life.

Belly laugh! My eyes have been enlightened! I have exhaustively enjoyed the research, thought, be aftering and composing for this assignment. I have lost infinite hours delving deeper into the leading diaries and following the breadcrumbs to happen nuggets of leading inspiration. It has besides been honoring researching the lives and leading journeys of my chosen leaders.

Whilst I am non wholly satisfied with my statements and concluding assignment construction, as I do n't believe it captures my personal acquisitions and research findings, the procedure has been a thoroughly rewarding experience for me.

My initial appraisal of my leading manner as being that of a Servant Leader has been confirmed. Understanding the servant leading theoretical account in greater item will help me to be a more successful leader and retainer in the hereafter. In add-on, researching Transformational Leadership has been improbably actuating and has challenged me to work towards implementing transformational leading features suitably into my leading function at work.

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