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The Whale Rider is a movie based on the fresh written by Maori author, WitiIhimaera. NikiCaro directed the movie in 2002. Director used Whangara east seashore of New Zealand to hit this gesture image. Whangara people believed their ascendant Paikea saved from deceasing by siting place on giant ‘s dorsum. Harmonizing to movie plot line, the tribal group has fixed the place of whale rider to first-born males merely, believing them to be posterities of Paikea.

Two leaders that have been selected for this assignment are Pai and Koro. Koro is head of the Town where as Pai is his granddaughter. Koro blames his granddaughter for loss of his heir ( Pai ‘s twin ) at childbearing.

Leadership Manner:

Koro is a rigorous leader: one who holds all governments and control to do determinations. A Kurt Lewin ( 1939 ) described bossy leaders are those who could “ supply clear outlooks for what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done. ” These leaders make determinations based on their ain apprehension and cognition and deny any suggestions or ailments from others. Chief Koro held single control over all determinations made about their territory and invited really small to no interventions from others. He did non take any advice from others ( including his married woman ) and invariably made determination harmonizing to his cognition. All other democratic leaders, Koro held complete, autocratic control over his small town.

Pai is a servant leader, person who is non recognised as leader but has the leading accomplishments. R. Greenleaf came up with this parlance in the seventiess. Pai is merely 12 old ages old miss. She ne’er recognised as a leader but she was able to steer people. Trait theory of leading besides applies to Pai. Trait leadershipA is defined as incorporate forms of personal features that reflect a scope of single differences and Foster dependable leader effectivity across a scope of group and organizational state of affairss. Pai is an illustration of how a individual should be without any prima place and becomes a good leader because she has the qualities one looks for in a good leader.

Effectiveness of a leader:

Koro is blinded through unfairness and even followings can non convert him that Paikea is the expected heir. Old Chief is persuaded that the folk ‘s bad lucks began at Paikea ‘s birth and calls for his people to take their twelve-year old male childs to him for preparation. He is positive through a demanding procedure of learning the immature childs. Tribal tradition and warrior techniques were taught so the future leader of their folk will be revealed to him. Meanwhile, deep within the ocean, immense school of giants was act in response to Paikea ‘s calls. When the giants got trapped on the beach, Koro was certain this signals an revelatory terminal to his folk until one individual prepares to do the ultimate forfeit to salvage the people. ( The Whale Rider )

Koro had a deep cognition of his civilization and his people which is really of import to the Maori scene of his movie. He is really effectual while he speaks to his people and everyone follows him. Knowing so much about his usage and civilization and being a main makes people listen to him and so he is an effectual leader.

Pai was strong willed and gives a new bend to the stating “ leaders are born and non made ” . Pai was born with the accomplishment to take. She was magnetic and singular and when she knew she was right, she was non frightened into accepting overcome. That is the one thing that made her base offprint from all the male childs ‘learning to go ‘ a leader. She is really effectual in her function as the voice of the younger coevals in the movie and heard in clip by everyone, even her rigorous gramps.

Type of power:

Koro holds rightful power over his people. His power remainders in the belief with the people that their leader has the right to direct them based on his place as the head. The island civilization believes that heads descended from their Supreme beings of the old. Koro gets his power over the people from being selected the head.

Expert power remainders on the belief of people that a individual has a peculiarly high degree of cognition accomplishment set in assorted type field. Koro knows a batch about his civilization and is so good informed in his field that he trains others on how to go a good quality Maori head. It is another thing how he abuses his power when it comes to his household. Koro uses his power in an effectual manner as he comes from a long line of heads, get downing from the original giant rider.

Max Weber defined charisma power as “ a certain quality of an single personality, by virtuousness of which 1 is ‘set apart ‘ from normal people and treated as gifted with extrasensory ” . That is regarded as Godhead in beginning. Pai had such good personal accomplishments that when she spoke people really listened to her what she said. Pai used her power in a really effectual mode. When she wanted to be heard, she knew how to acquire her message across. Pai uses her power over people to direct them into the hereafter: maneuvering them into accepting alteration instead than contending for it.

Scene from film

A sight from the film that shows these leading analyses for the two characters is the 1 where Pai dives into the ocean to recover Koro ‘s tooth necklace and brings it back. This scene shows how courageous Pai is and the leading traits she has. It shows that Pai would non allow others ‘ fail or even old imposts force her to give up on her vision of turn outing herself to Koro. When she brought back the necklace, her grandma and the people knew she was the leader they had been waiting for but no 1 said anything to Koro because of his obstinate belief in imposts.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

Type of ‘organisation ‘ in this movie is that a Maori iwi or small town is set in the little fishing small town of Whangara and negotiations about Ngati Konohi, which is said to be portion of the Ngati Porouiwi on the East Coast.

However, Pai did non allow this impact her. She was liked really much by everybody and they all saw her leading abilities, even when Koro refused to see it. Bing a miss did non impact Pai ‘s leading abilities. It made her more strong-willed to turn out everyone incorrect. Pai did non encompass any sort of senior status at the small town and if old imposts are to be assumed she was inferior, as she was a miss and she had survived childbearing while the new whale rider.

Koro is the head of this small town and so he has most senior status in the traditional hierarchy of his people. The word “ mana ” , in the Maori linguistic communication, refers to a individual or administration that has great personal prestigiousness and character. In this movie, Koro holds mana as the head of the Ngati Konohi. This degree of senior status meant that he listened to and the community adhered to whatever he said.

Individual civilization and its consequence ( s ) on their leading

Similar to what I discussed supra, the single civilization in this movie is that of the Maori citizens. Pai and Koro do a batch for their civilization like the taiaha, whale equitation, Maori intonation, and the usage of native linguistic communication ( like ‘my moko ‘ ) . Koro comes from a ancestral line of heads and highly believes that leaders are males. This has been the instance in many Polynesian civilizations. Their civilization makes two characters who they are and what type of leaders they have become.

Other leading constructs and political orientations

Movie illustrates broad extent of Great adult male theory of leading. Great adult male theory describes leaders are born non made. In film, Pai was merely 12-year-old miss and really effectual leader act as if she was born to be a leader. Paikea ‘s gramps the leader of the folk did non believe that Paikea could be a leader because she is a miss. Even though Koro ‘s incredulity and negative response of Paikea, she proved to him that she was competent of being a leader.

In Good Company

A comedy movie of 2004, written and directed by Paul Weitz. Film is about a middle-aged adult male ( Dan Foreman ) working as the caput of selling gross revenues for “ Sports America, ” a prima sports magazine. Large international companies bought “ Sports America ” and leaves Foreman with a immature foreman, Carter Duryea.

Two leaders that have been selected for the intent of this assignment are Dan Foreman and Carter Duryea. Dan is middle-aged adult male who has spent 20 old ages as caput of marketing sale for Sports America. Carter becomes his foreman when a multimedia company buys the Magazine. Carter is merely 26 old ages old and he takes Dan ‘s place in new company.

Leadership Manners

Carter shows transactional leading manner: involves actuating and directing protagonists chiefly through delighting their ain involvement. Transactional leading draws out the exchange that occurs between the leader and the follower. This involves waies from the leader as respects to the demands and aims ( Bass, 2008 ) . The selling section has freshly promoted Carter as the caput of the selling section. Carters purpose is to increase the gross revenues and carry through the company ‘s common end. Carter has really originative ideas and likes to portion his suggestions with people even though he does non hold first-class leading accomplishments. In the movie, Carter held a meeting to speak about how everyone should work together instead than on his or her ain. Therefore, that everyone can understand the current aim of the administration.

Dan Foreman is a magnetic leader: A leader who puts high sum of motive into followings. Harmonizing to “ Nick Tasler ” ( 2010 ) exposing magnetic leading is one of the most utile ways to better everything from motive and creativity to production and field old satisfaction.A Dan is really knowing and experient individual. Dan is successful when he speaks to everyone and knows that everyone is paying attending to him.

Effectiveness of a leader:

Dan and Carter both are really effectual. Dan motivates his employees and is really loyal to them. He is an vocal individual and takes base for his employees. Every employee respects him and trusts him. Carter has no experience as an executive. Carter besides has failure in his personal life. Carter is merely disquieted about undertakings alternatively of people.

Type of power

Dan has charisma power: A personal power that gives an single authorization over big figure of people. Dan is really successful while he speaks.Dan has charisma and people enjoy listening to him. In the movie when he asks a inquiry to Teddy k everyone listen to him carefully. He besides has Referent power: which comes when you are respected and trusted. The new foreman ( Carter ) respects and trusts Dan. Dan knows everything about administration and has new thoughts and suggestions.

Adept power: Is the ability to actuate or animate others based on expertness and cognition. Dan spent his 20 old ages the caput of the selling section for “ Sports America ” . Dan was the most experient adult male in the “ Sports America ” section.

Dan uses his influence really reasonably. Dan is really loyal and transparent to his employees. He ever helps Carter to do determinations and efforts to maintain his competent employees.

Carter Duryea holds legitimate power: Legitimate power describes a leader who has place of power on his squad. Carter is the executive officer in the movie “ In good company ” . Carter is a really good determination shaper and at converting people. Carter is really energetic and is competent at his work.

Carter uses his power negatively he dismisses some of employees from the section to understate staff wage and disbursals. He is merely concerned about measure but does non believe about employees.

Scene from movie

A scene from the movie shows the leading analyses for two leaders when Dan asked a inquiry to Teddy k. Teddy K was speaking about seting one subdivision about computing machines in the “ Sports America ” magazine. Then Dan stopped him and asked. “ I do non understand what you are seeking to state ” . It shows how effectual Dan is while inquiring a inquiry to Teddy k while everyone is listening to him. Even Teddy K was impressed by Dan and said, “ Dan Foreman from “ Sports America ” . You raise some first-class inquiries. Dan is magnetic. He showed his charisma power while he was inquiring a inquiry to Teddy k.

Another state of affairs in the movie that shows Carter ‘s leading analyses when Carter was discoursing approximately disregarding employees with Dan Foreman. Carter explained to Dan Foreman that he would hold to cut off some salary by disregarding employees from the gross revenues section. Dan wants to salvage his old employees and says to Carter “ my wage is bigger than them why do n’t you disregard me? Carter convinces Dan that he has to follow his employers order.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

“ Sports America ” is originally owned by “ Water-man Publication ” . After that, Globe-com overtakes “ Sports America ” . Dan spent 20 old ages in “ Sports America ” as caput of the section. Globe-com overtook “ Sports America ” and introduced Carter as caput of the selling section.

Carter has the most senior place in selling section. He is responsible for company gross revenues and pull offing employees. He is an assigned leader and has power to honor or punish anyone in the administration. Carter is really effectual while he speaks and employees follow him. Carter works harmonizing to the company ‘s policies and processs.

Dan holds a junior place in the administration and studies to a much younger employer. Dan is the most experient individual in “ Sports America ” . He is quiet effectual in actuating and animating people. Dan is a well-thought-of individual. Dan becomes a wise man for Carter at many times.

Individual civilization and its consequence

Culture and tradition plays a really of import function in both Dan and Carter ‘s lives. Dan is 51-year-old adult male with a loving household. Dan has two girls Alex ( 18 old ages old ) and Jana ( 16 old ages old ) . Dan is known to be a really happy individual known by his household and making really good in his professional life. Carter is a ( 26-year-old ) adult male and is really successful in his professional life. Carter and his married woman separated in the beginning of the movie. Carter has been a letdown in his place life and is merely concerned about Numberss and figures alternatively of people.

Leadership theories

Contingency theory illustrates mostly in this movie. Eventuality means that one thing depends on another, and for a leader to be effectual there must be a tantrum between leader behavior, leading manner and status of state of affairs ( R.D 2008 ) . Harmonizing to this theory, leaders do non hold merely one specific leading manner but it depends on the state of affairs and quality of the followings.

Fielder ‘s eventuality theoretical account was designed to place whether a leader is task oriented or relationship oriented. This theoretical account contains the relationship between the status of state of affairs and leading manner. Fielder describes the undermentioned footings in favorable state of affairs

The leader and member relationship

Undertaking construction

Position authorization

If all three of the above-named elements are elevated so the leader is respected and liked by his followings and would be favorable in any state of affairs. On the other manus if these elements are abject so leader is task oriented.

Dan was extremely respected by his employees ; he knew everything about his occupation. He assigned and structured undertakings to employees and used his power and authorization as the caput of the section to acquire improved consequences. Dan knows his employers and they trust Dan.

The Lord of the Ringss: The Fellowship of the ring

The Fellowship of the Ring is an heroic fictional movie ( 2001 ) directed by Peter Jackson. It is based on the first of three volumes of the heroic poem novel The Lord of the Rings ( 1954-1955 ) written by JRR Tolkien. This film was filmed in assorted locations in New Zealand. Harmonizing to the narrative line, Lord Sauron was seeking that one ring that would do him the most powerful being once more. During the film The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and eight other friends start their journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor to destruct the ring.


The two leaders that have been chosen for the intent of this appraisal are, Aragorn and boy of Arathorn, the King of Middle-Earth ( incognito ) and Gandalf, the Grey, aA ace, who is subsequently an associate caput of the order known as theA Isitari, and assigned leader of the Fellowship of the RingA and the ground forces of the West. These two characters are the premier illustrations of leading in the film The Fellowship of the Ring.

Leadership Manners

Aragorn is a magnetic and airy leader: One who believes in non merely accomplishing his ends, but besides determining and fostering those who are on his squad. A

Max Weber ( 1947 ) is defined as a magnetic authorization ; “ resting on devotedness to the exceeding holiness, gallantry or model character of an single individual, and the normative forms or order revealed or ordained by him. ” Aragorn was a hero he saved the hobbits ‘ lives in Bree when the Nazgul was runing them. Aragorn fought the Uru-khai when they were pitilessly assailing the Fellowship of the pealing members nearA Parth Galen. The determinations of Aragon after the death of Gandalf the Grey continued to salvage the lives of his squad members.

Charismatic leaders are to all purposes and intents accomplished communicators – people who non merely can articulately intercede with everyone, but besides able to be in touch with followings on a deep, emotional degree. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn was in uncertainty of his abilities to take others. Furthermore, when it came to his squad members, he knew what had to be done in order to actuate them. When Frodo offers the one ring to Aragorn at Parth Galen, Aragorn had an model strength of character to state ‘no ‘ and his bosom was pure when he lets Frodo go forth for the good of their mission.

Harmonizing to Roslyn Franz ( 2013 ) , magnetic leaders are rather expert at detecting others and spoting their emotional demands. A magnetic leader wages much attending to people during any conversations that they have. In the movie when Frodo decides to interrupt the family, Aragorn respects his wants stating the hobbit that, “ I would hold gone with you to the terminal into the very fires of Mordor and so motivates Gimli and Legolas to travel Hunt orcs so that they could salvage Merry and Pippin from their atrocious destiny.

Gandalf is a transformational leader: – Leaderships who are animating because they expect the best from their followings every bit good as themselves. Harmonizing to Stephen Warrilow ( 2013 ) . “ Transformational leading is all about values and significance, and a intent that transcends short-run ends and focal points on higher order demands. Gandalf was the leader in The Fellowship of the Ring, acquiring the ring into Mordor and destructing it was his end. Gandalf was more than that he was a wise man to Frodo and Aragorn and motivated them to both go better people and achieve cognition plus self-actualisation and the higher order of demands. He clearly knew his vision and motivated his followings to accomplish it.

Kendra Cherry ( 2013 ) says transformational leader ; is a type ofA leading styleA that leads to positive alterations in those who follow them. In the movie, Gandalf motivates Frodo to keep the ring and maintain it safe while Frodo did non desire to keep the ring. Gandalf inspires the hobbits to be courageous whilst actuating Aragorn to be a good leader.

Effectiveness of a leader:

Gandalf and Aragorn both are really effectual leaders. Gandalf is wise and quite effectual and people listen to him because he is trusty, honest, magnetic and dependable. Gandalf had high beliefs he appreciated everyone, and used his powers to form others and usher others. Aragorn was considerate, faithful and an classless leader. Both Gandalf and Aragorn were wise mans to the others in ( The family of the ring ) . Both leaders had a clear vision and a common end to destruct the ring.

Type of power

Gandalf has legitimate power ; this power describes a individual who holds a place and authorization over his/her squad. In this movie, Gandalf is a charming member and has charming powers plus wisdom and knowledge about middle-earth. He besides has referent power because he is 2nd in the Isitari aces order. Gandalf used his power to salvage the family of ring and battle with the animal in the mines of Moira, which lead him to decease.

Gandalf uses his power really reasonably ; he would give his life to salvage other followings. Gandalf besides used his charming power to entertain hobbits by making pyrotechnics at Bilbo ‘s party this was nil but good purposes on his portion.

On the other manus, Aragorn holds charisma power: which describes a particular individual whose qualities make him capable of animating a big figure of people. Aragorn is really effectual while he speaks, and everyone follows him because he has charisma and people are fond of him. In this movie when Gandalf is about to go through off, Frodo was shouting and shouting and on the brink of running to Gandalf, but Aragorn took the lead and made Frodo go forth. Frodo followed Aragorn ‘s lead even though he was non the chosen leader of the family.

Aragorn besides used his power to actuate others and take them in right way. Aragorn does non hold any charming powers but still he is able to animate people and do them believe in him.

A state of affairs from the film, which displays leading analysis for Gandalf and Aragorn, would be the scene where Gandalf was hanging on the border of the broken span while contending with bilrog and said to others “ Fly you fools! ” Because he knew that if they stayed there or came to assist him, they will decease excessively. He wants them to travel and finish their journey and accomplish a higher end, which is to destruct the one ring. As a transformational leader, Gandalf thought about all humanity and their followings alternatively of merely himself. He used his charming power to contend with evil. On other manus, Aragorn understood the state of affairs and followed the leader ‘s order. Frodo was shouting and shouting even so Aragorn made him go forth and go on their journey. The scene illustrates Aragorn ‘s magnetic and airy leader manner because he could see that although he did non hold with something personally he had to give his wise man Gandalf for the better good, so that Frodo could make Mordor.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its consequence

The family of the ring was a particular organic structure designed for the purpose of destructing the one ring. This organic structure was formed in Rivendell in the fictional 2nd age of in-between Earth. The family included nine members who had started their journey to Mordor to destruct the ring in the fire of saddle horse day of reckoning ; where the rings had been forged. The family of the ring included four hobbits ( Frodo, Samwise, Peregrin, and Meriadoc ) two work forces ( Aragorn and Boromir ) , and one ace ( Gandalf the Grey ) , and one midget ( Gimli ) and one hob ( Legolas ) from the forest kingdom. Gandalf was leader of the organic structure and Aragorn was so subsequently forced, to take all members when Gandalf sacrificed his life.

Gandalf was the assigned leader of the family of the ring. Every member agreed and accepted him as leader. Gandalf was a really effectual leader and everyone followed him whether followings agreed with him or non. He was the most senior and well-thought-of individual. The leading grid created by Blake and Mouton was a two dimensional leading theoretical account that describes major leading manner based on mensurating both concern for people and production ( R.D 2008 ) . Gandalf is a “ high high ” leader and falls in the 9,9 place on the grid. A 9,9 leader is extremely people and undertaking oriented. Gandalf is taking attention of his followings and is responsible for the undertaking that must finish.

Aragorn was the lone male monarch in the family. He ne’er used his power as a male monarch but he was able to animate and actuate people by utilizing his leading accomplishments. In the film, he used the traits that he had and rose to take on the mantle of leading when the state of affairs arose. Harmonizing to the Great Man Theory, great leaders are born with the traits of a leader, one time they have inherited the capacity of leading. The attack sought to place the traits leaders possessed that distinguished them from people who were non leaders ( R.D 2008 ) . Aragorn was born a leader because he was a male monarch and he had those traits in him but he hid his individuality from the remainder of the universe. He led the family when the state of affairs arouse.

Individual civilization and its consequence

Culture and tradition play a really of import portion in the lives of both leaders. Aragorn was the male monarch of Gondor. He in secret lived in Rivendell as a Texas Ranger after his male parent ‘s decease. The consequence of this cultural background taught Aragorn knew how to take and he was already a leader, whether he realised it or non. This is why when Aragorn talked people listened to him.

Gandalf was a ace in the Isitari order he was 2nd in his order. The Isitari order does non let anyone to misapply their powers harmonizing to their organizational civilization. Saruman who was foremost in the ace ‘s order had misused his power and wanted to destruct human sort but Gandalf tried to halt him. In their administration, they could merely let reding people in the right way but could non alter people with their charming powers. Both Gandalf and Aragorn are seeking to salvage all animals in middle-earth by destructing the family of the ring.

Leadership theories

A theory that illustrated in this movie is the 1 uncovered by the ‘Ohio ‘ province surveies research, which conducted to acknowledge dimensions of leading behavior. Consideration and initiating construction are the two classs of leading behavior that this survey uncovered. Consideration describes the leader who cares about their followings and esteem their feeling and thoughts. Originating construction: describes the extent to which a leader goes in order to finish an assigned undertaking. In the film, Gandalf takes notice of his followings experiencing and thoughts. However, he was besides responsible for the undertaking that was to be completed, which was the devastation of the one ring. In the leading grid Gandalf is on the 9,9 place besides called the “ high high ” place. In the film scene, Pippin knocked the skeleton into the well, Gandalf got angry but he still lead the others and saved their lives. He did this so the lasting members of the family could finish their undertaking of destructing the ring.

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