Educational Experience With Needy Students Essay Example
Educational Experience With Needy Students Essay Example

Educational Experience With Needy Students Essay Example

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  • Published: March 19, 2022
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Education is a very vital tool for survival and interactions between people in our contemporary societies. A positive change in one's learning and growth means good moral, knowledge and value addition in one’s life. Therefore, this paper seeks to underscore a life transformation experience with twoneedy students and a personal experience during an inclusion program at P140k@CS21 in 2009.
Remarkably, learners in special schools have numerous challenges and in turn require special attention from their teachers and parents as well. Due to their disabilities, these students are vulnerable and have low self-esteem perpetuated by the anti-social treatment such as stigmatisation and rejection from the regular students. It is for the reason above that I began by fighting for their success hindrances.
During my preliminary lessons with my two special need students in the third-gr


ade general, it dawned on me that the students were green on the subjects claiming that the program was more sophisticated and advanced. Consequently, this made the implementation of the inclusion program more cumbersome and arduous since the students began losing interest in the same. As a facilitator, I faced quite some challenges; the students were becoming too difficult to manage to the extent that some refrained from doing their assignments and refusing tasks assigned.
The many difficulties subjected me into a serious retrospection into the menace to come up with feasible resolutions. I went as far as seeking permission from the teacher in charge to allow me to digest and reform the pedagogies into my students’ level of understanding. I burned the midnight oil and even worked extra time to ensure that my students understood even a single concept. I also did adapt all

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the other discipline such as math and reading languages into the program. Additionally, I engaged the students in the extra-curriculum activities and in social interaction in order to boost their ego and self- esteem. Afterwards, I realised I have a vibrant class, focused students and ready to learn hence, ease to the program implementation.

In conclusion, as a facilitator, I was convinced of a life transforming work that I have ever done in my life since I managed to do my best in order to enhance the learning ability of these two kids.

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