Thinking Outside Idiot Box Essay Example
Thinking Outside Idiot Box Essay Example

Thinking Outside Idiot Box Essay Example

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  • Published: November 16, 2017
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The notion of whether watching TV enhances intelligence is explored in two contrasting arguments. While Steven Johnson proposes that decoding the intricacies of television programming can improve cognitive abilities, Dana Stevens presents a rebuttal to his claim in the article "Thinking outside the idiot box". Stevens strongly refutes Johnson's argument.

Starting off her article with a sarcastic remark, the author quotes Steven Johnson's argument that TV makes you smarter, indicating disagreement. In contrast, she emphasizes the importance of a TV show's subject matter, which Johnson overlooks. While I support Johnson's view, I believe that to properly evaluate a show's effect on society and determine its pros and cons, viewers should focus on the message conveyed instead of merely anticipating the next episode, which can keep them hooked without insight.


Nowadays, many shows prioritize entertainment over education.

TV industries have mastered the art of captivating viewers and getting them hooked on their programs. With many Americans lacking excitement in their daily routine, program makers face the challenge of providing engaging content that resonates with audiences. Johnson cited 24 as an example of an advantageous program, which Stevens countered by pointing out the lower viewership of a Discovery Channel scientific show lasting 45 minutes. However, it's the thrill and excitement of 24 that keeps viewers invested in the show and eagerly anticipating the next episode, without necessarily analyzing its content.

Due to the profits gained by TV show producers, there is a tendency to create increasingly unproductive programs. Meanwhile, society's quest for excitement and entertainment fuels this trend.

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