The Second American Empire

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For the past centuries, America have significantly dominated the world. This is due in part to the mighty power that that the said country is able to establish, making it inconceivable as a second-rate power. From the late 19th century, United States of America outlined different “empires”–a term relatively referring to the grouping of client states and traditional colonies in a voluntary manner.

Perhaps America’s rise to power may be associated with their steady expansion of global influence by taking over former empires of great powers as fortified by several wars (Heilbrunn and Lind, 1996). It can be said that the second American empire is the most poignant among the recorded empires as it bear witness to the near-collapse of the American power. According to Alice H.

Amsden (2007), author of “Escape from Empire: The Developing world’s journey through heaven and hell,” the second American empire began in 1980 during the elections of Ronald Raegan and Margaret Thathcher. However, unlike that of the first American empire which is perceived as a prosperous era until the time of Richard Nixon, the second empire deviated from what has been established during the first empire as it had focused on various collective action in contending other

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powerful countries at that time.

As such, it lost track of some of its third world colonies, not realizing that most of those are reliant on the principles embedded by the American culture. Due to such lax action, the second empire saw some of its colonies with zero growth in their income per capita, while some mostly Asian countries have grown but very slowly (Amsden, 2007). With the given perspective, it is evident that the change in economic policy during the second American empire greatly affects not only the host country itself but its colonies as well.

With America’s direct focus on further strengthening its position as a superpower, it also was not able to protect some of its colonies from foreign competition, thereby causing financial instability. In this regard, America might have learned its lessons that more flexible treaties are needed in order to protect its alliance with other countries because at the end of it all the protectorates it have collected during ages ago are the ones that could adequately provide a back up in the future.

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