The Seven Years War

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The end of the Seven Years War did not literally terminate the war but instead brought about unspeakable conflict between affected nations. I am of the opinion that it was the cause of many strained relations between several countries particularly that of Great Britain and those of the English colonies. Those who lost had to face a lot of problems brought about by the destruction of the war, not to mention the task of having to build their nation from scratch. The initial effect of the war was felt by France in that it can be said that its pride and glory was trampled upon and it lost its dominant force in America.

Great Britain became the prevailing force after the war and it made sure that this power would be felt by all. The influence of Great Britain was tremendous upon those it was able to conquer, the latter spoke the language of the former, which just reinforces the strength that it has over them. I believe that the relationship between Great Britain and the English colonies worsened after the war due to the circumstances that transpired after the war. For one, there was much land grabbing and power tripping by

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Great Britain at the expense of these English colonies.

It can also be said that there was an adverse effect on the economy of these English colonies in favor of Great Britain. These cannot be taken lightly for this meant taking the life of these colonies and depriving them of their source of livelihood and income. These acts crippled these nations and gave them a hard time to regain their independence and their sovereignty. The end of the war brought down the dream of the English colonies to be able to conquer great power and to spread their influence to the other nations.

I believe that there is also much conflict due to the feeling of betrayal that the English colonies have against Great Britain since much of the ‘natives’ pledged their support in favor of the enemies in hopes of alleviating their difficulties in life. Great Britain took away the dream of the colonies to have a better life, to be prosperous and to have a better future for its people. Great Britain used excessive force to gain power and this naturally results to bad blood between the former and the colonies.

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