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Strategic Management of Scottish Tourism and Hospitality Industry Essay Example
3947 words 15 pages

1. Introduction Tourism injects 4. 5 billion annually into the Scottish economy and is one of Scotland largest employers, employing 197,000 or 9% of the workforce (13% in the Highlands & Islands). It pays the wages of more people than the oil, gas and whisky industries combined. Scottish tourism has grown since 2002; hotel occupancy […]

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Management Scotland Strategic Management Tourism United Kingdom
What factors lead to a pressure group being successful? Essay Example
859 words 4 pages

There are many factors that may lead to the success of a particular pressure group. A good example of this would be the pressure group ‘Friends of the Earth’ (FOE). The main reason why this pressure group has had a huge success is that they have many branches all around the country and a huge […]

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Marketing Research Research Success United Kingdom
To What Extent Were The Trading Companies Responsible Essay Example
1564 words 6 pages

From the 1680s through to the 1740s, the Empire expanded in a remarkable way due to the growth in trading to and from colonies or settlements and the increase of jobs from this; the profits and territorial gains from war and government policies and interventions within the UK or placed on trade. The question of […]

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Atlantic Slave Trade British Empire Business Process Company Management Racism Society Stock Trade United Kingdom War
Thatcher Her Opponents Assess The Essay Example
2023 words 8 pages

Many believed in 1983, that Margaret Thatcher’s first term in office would be her last. There were deep party divisions’ amongst the conservatives, and many were sacked or driven to resign. Margaret Thatcher was accused of “steering the ship of state straight on to the rocks. ” by her ex colleague Sir Ian Gilmour. The […]

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Automotive Car Culture Cars Inflation Society Unemployment United Kingdom Work
Defending Unionism in Ireland
5840 words 22 pages

This piece of work will demonstrate how effective Edward Carson was in his defence of Unionism in Ireland during the third home rule crisis. It will examine events from Carson’s rise to the mantel of Unionism to how the crisis emerged and the resulting events from this and ultimately answering the question of how successful […]

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Home Ireland Northern Ireland United Kingdom
Why did the Liberal Party fall by 1874? Essay Example
1370 words 5 pages

The Liberal party was led by Gladstone during 1868-74 who also assisted its transformation. The party makeup was very complex as it involved many different groups like Peelites, Radicals as well as Nonconformists. During the beginning of the ministry Gladstone worked hard to keep the party together, however by 1870s the party started to become […]

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Conservatism Law Liberalism Political Party Politics United Kingdom
To War Two The Key Turning Point Essay Example
1454 words 6 pages

The significant impact of World War Two on Britain’s relationship with its Empire cannot be denied. Although the war exposed Britain’s weaknesses as a world power and triggered India’s decolonisation, events of equal or greater significance had already initiated the process before and after the war. However, one crucial outcome of World War Two was […]

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British Empire Key United Kingdom World War Ii
Why Did Cromwell Refuse the Crown in 1657? Essay Example
695 words 3 pages

On the 23rd of February a remonstrate was presented to parliament, in which Cromwell was asked to assume the title of king. At the end of March, after detailed debates, a new constitution, the Humble Petition and Advice, was offered to Cromwell. The proposals would transform the unstable elective Protectorate into a hereditary Cromwellian monarchy. […]

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Law Monarchy Parliament United Kingdom
Bsb Versus Sky Tv Essay Example
1997 words 8 pages

Executive Summary British television viewing levels had stagnated in the 1980s due to already high levels of television viewership (3. 5 hours per day) and the rapid penetration of the VCR. This caused broadcast companies like BBC and ITV to look for new ways to spurn growth. The British government tried to allocate three of […]

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Bbc Broadcasting Mass Media Movies United Kingdom
Slave: My True Story Essay Example
1684 words 7 pages

Fourteen thousand. That is the estimated number of Sudanese men, women, and children that have been abducted and forced into slavery between 1986 and 2002. (Agnes Scott College, http://prww. asp? id=260) Mende Nazer is one of those 14,000. The thing that sets her apart is that she escaped and had the courage to tell […]

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Database Human Rights Slavery United Kingdom
Dual Language Programs Essay Example
1793 words 7 pages

In 2005, Cornish noted that the global apprehension about rising deculturation is a result of various factors including high mobility, swift changes in societies, economic growth and more. This trend has influenced education by leading to deculturation for individuals who move to foreign countries with diverse languages and cultures or those whose traditional cultures have […]

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English Language Language Learning Literacy Multiculturalism Programming Languages Special Education Technology United Kingdom
The Hard Times Of The Late 1830S And 1840S In The Uk Essay Example
916 words 4 pages

Reform Bill of 1832 gave birth to a political movement named Chartism. Chartism was a movement based on improving the political, social, and economic conditions of the working class and is considered the first mass working class movement in the world.The main points of the Chartist movement are defined in the People’s Charter, a document […]

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Activism College Government United Kingdom
How East Is East This Essay Example
3660 words 14 pages

How is Britishness represented in East is East, this is England and Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech? In its most simple form; Britishness is simply living within the nation of Britain, with a British passport and obeying and abiding to the laws and rules of the land. However, many people have and still do, […]

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Law Mahatma Gandhi The nation United Kingdom
Arthur Balfour and the Defeat of Conservatives in 1906 Election
725 words 3 pages

To what extent did Arthur Balfour cause the defeat of the conservatives in the 1906 election? Arthur Balfour was elected as prime minister in 1902 after Salisbury retired and gained the approval of the unionists, even though it appeared to quite a few people in the parliament that Arthur Balfour wasn’t actually up to the […]

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Free Trade Government Law United Kingdom
The Battle of the Boyne Essay Example
2779 words 11 pages

The outcome of the Battle of the Boyne, also known as Cath na Boinne, marked a significant moment in the Williamite claim to English sovereignty. William III, who had dethroned King James VII of Scotland and James II of England and Ireland following an invitation from Parliament in 1688, delivered a crushing defeat to James […]

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Battle Military United Kingdom
Rosa Parks Diary Essay Example
439 words 2 pages

Dear diary Today is a very special day. I did something brave. Something I never thought, I’d have the courage to do. I know that after this, my life will never be the same, but I’m sure, it’s the right thing to do. ‘ was on my way home after yet another long day of […]

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Black People Cat Diary Racism Society United Kingdom White People
Urban life Essay Example
2620 words 10 pages

At the same time, the British Empire was getting smaller, and many people were coming from former colonies to live in England. At first, the two main groups of people to come to London were from the Caribbean islands and from Ireland. This caused some problems at first with the native population not always being […]

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British Empire Life Multiculturalism United Kingdom
The Fall of Singapore Essay Example
1169 words 5 pages

World War II Is widely regarded as the largest global conflict ever, with more than 100 between 50 and 85 million. The Second World War not only tested the military power of many countries, but more importantly the relationships and cooperation between these nations. For Australia, a relatively new country, this was only their third […]

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Australia British Empire Singapore United Kingdom
Post University Job Essay Example
499 words 2 pages

Almost 36 percent of the British graduates from university is working in low skilled job, and many of these Jobs does not even require a degree. This Is Just one of the issues the UK is facing right now. Millions of young British people is without a job, and this leads to a huge debate […]

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College Employment Slavery United Kingdom
Thatcherism and the policy of RTB Essay Example
4061 words 15 pages

Thatcher believed and the effects of her policy which was duded by this ideology through the analysis of R TAB policy in Britain. This paper firstly introduces “Thatcher’s democracy’ characterized by individualism that acted as the agent of all her prevarication policies, then studies the detailed terms contained in the ART policy, which to a […]

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Policy Poverty United Kingdom
Motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Publi Essay Example
453 words 2 pages

Manufacturing, Public Policy, the Economy and Growth The I-JK motorcycle industry as a whole offers a notable contribution to the UK economy with a turnover more than E5billion and around El billon paid in taxes. In total, the in dustry supports E2. 8 billion of added value and 81 , 500 jobs in the UK economy, […]

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Economic Growth Manufacturing Motorcycle United Kingdom
Evaluate the Internal and External Influence on Primark Essay Example
841 words 4 pages

Evaluate the internal and external influence on Primark and relate to it to best practices, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and ethics? Majority organizations need best practices for achieving organizational objectives in the terms of profit, social and ethics issues. Primark’s best practice frame work is discussing below: Foundation of Primark in Ireland In June […]

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Business Process Marketing Northern Ireland Social Responsibility Swot Analysis United Kingdom

Popular Questions About United Kingdom

Is Britain and United Kingdom the same?
Great Britain, therefore, is a geographic term referring to the island also known simply as Britain. ... United Kingdom, on the other hand, is purely a political term: it's the independent country that encompasses all of Great Britain and the region now called Northern Ireland.
Which countries are in UK?
The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Is the United Kingdom a country?
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is an island country that sits north-west of mainland Europe. It is made up of mainland Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and the northern part of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland). It has numerous smaller islands.
Is it called England or United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom (commonly abbreviated UK) is a country that includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its official name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. ... The United Kingdom comprises, quite literally, the united kingdoms of Scotland and England.
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