Joseph Gallagher

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Joseph GallagherJoseph Thorabold Gallagher was born on July 1, 1893 in Quispamsis, New Brunswick (King’s County). Gallagher was a single man who enlisted on March 30, 1915 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Gallagher was a young 21 year old, approximately 5-foot-8 with blue eyes and black hair. He came from a family of six, including his siblings Mary, Alice, John, Ellen and parents George and Ellen.
On January 1st, Gallagher boarded for France. He was paid 15 dollars a month, which was sent home to his parents. The NB native began his service as a gunner, but later became a driver. It was common for men to cross over between “Gunners” and “Drivers”. There would be certain amounts of cross training to make replacement on the field much easier and convenient. It is unknown whether or not Gallagher had been admitted to the hospital, as no evidence has been found.
His brother John Gallagher also fought in the war and was later presumed dead, after being reported missing for some time. Joseph was killed in action on August 8 1918, during the Battle of Amiens. The battle began on Aug. 8 and Canadians were involved in the attack. This battle was the beginning of the end of the German armies. Led by a powerful Allied force, Canadian and Australian troops pushed the Germans back several kilometres, breaking through the lines. Gallagher was crossing over the German front lines, in close support of his infantry, when he was struck by a piece of shell which burst close by and almost immediately killed.

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