Battle of Bemis Heights

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Grandfather was a much younger man, he was fortunate enough to be part off very famous battle in the Revolutionary War. In fact many people say that It was one of the turning points of the war. He had the honor of serving under two of the greatest generals in the American Continental Army, General Thomas Gage and General Benedict Arnold. Let me tell you a story about the battle that changed his life… It was a cold and foggy night on October 7th, 1777 when the British army led by General Burgeoned was about to attack the American army led by General Gage at Beams Heights.

This battle was known as the second Saratoga. This battle was almost like its own war, because so many people died that day. I’m sure everybody that fought that day remembers it like it was yesterday, I know he does. All the men were dirty and hadn’t seen any of their families for three months but General Gage insisted they hold their position. General Burgeoned was the general for the British, and according to my Great Grandfather, that man shows no mercy! General Burgeoned decided to make a quick strike on the American’s left flank In attempt to tact them off guard and try to advance to Albany, but he did not prevail.

Even though General Burgeoned only had 6,000 men, and Gage had almost 11,000, Burgeoned decided to fight against the Americans because he was getting desperate. Burnoose’s plan to reach Albany must work or the British might lose the war. Gage sent out 1,500 men to search for the British. He considered this a reconnaissance in force. Once he knew exactly where the British were, one of Sage’s men, General Benedict Arnold, advised Gage to attack the British first instead of waiting to be attacked.

Gage agreed and General Arnold led my Great Grandfather and his fellow soldiers Into the forest to attack Burnoose’s troops. They certainly caught them off guard! General Arnold was a great battlefield leader. He was able to inspire his men to fight their best even though they were all tired and homesick. He knew that they were much better trained in forest fighting than Burgeoned and his men. The Americans used this to their advantage and after repeated assaults the British line crumbled. Burgeoned ordered his men to retreat back to Freeman’s Farm but his forces were ouch weaker than before.

General Burgeoned decided to wait at Freeman’s Farm to see if General Clinton, another British general, would be coming up the Hudson to meet up and Join forces with him before launching another offense. Fortunately for the Americans General Silicon’s army never arrived. My Great Grandfather and his fellow men continued to launch mini attacks on Burgeoned until he eventually surrendered. General Arnold was truly the hero of this battle and respected by all of his men. Sadly General Arnold was badly wounded and needed to be evacuated from the field of battle.

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