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Founder’s Vision Of Governance
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The U.S is one of the countries with the largest democracy in the world and also the most powerful nation on earth economically, politically and military. Its political system provides many important respects compared to other countries in the world. It is important to acknowledge the people who contributed in architecting the constitution which provides […]

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The Us Supreme Court
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The Supreme Court has authority over the president, the constitution, and the nation as a whole. One authority that the Supreme Court has over the president is that it can tell him if his actions go against the constitution. It also has the power to stop a Congress if it makes a law that violates […]

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Lockean Influence on the US Constitution
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The United States constitution is one of the most prestigious documents that create a relationship as well as a social contract between the government and its citizens. John Locke described the US Constitution as a necessity to the natural state of all men. The Constitution protects citizens’ natural rights such as property and life with […]

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Constitution The Us Constitution United States Constitution