The Causes why I Deserve Grade A Essay Example
The Causes why I Deserve Grade A Essay Example

The Causes why I Deserve Grade A Essay Example

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  • Published: March 20, 2022
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Pursuing academics is a major aspect of life that needs to be undertaken with seriousness thus I consider balancing academics and lifestyle issues. Am a goal oriented student and very much concern about my future life hence I always need to focus on my education. On a daily basis, I ensure that my day is well planned to accomplish my education endeavors such that my professor can consider my efforts. I usually have in mind that many aspects are taken into account in order to succeed and attain grade A in education. The major thing I do first is to familiarize myself with the factors including inquiring the ones from my professors. It ensures that I work according to their expectations and meet their requirements that they need to grade students on given assignments.

Self discipline is one of the most important things I m


ake sure is observed. It helps me to keep time for my academic work and never at any given time I late for lectures. It enables me to be prepared enough before the professor gets to class since I will be settled and attentive. The allocated time for each lecture is enough to be alert and understand the lecture’s lessons. Managing time also assists to avoid absenteeism in class. All information provided by the professor including course notes are covered each time issued in class. Class attendance provides me with the ability to have first-hand information from my professor.

Professors usually consider grading students who use their reading materials properly. When doing my assignments I unsure that I utilize my professor’s references since they provide accurate information required to complete numerous assignments in

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my course. The tutoring center where the materials are issued I normally attend and inquire about them. Meeting the professor and having conference is also an aspect that enables me deserving better grade in my studies. I find out the objectives of the course. It ensures that the professor can have in touch with me as I make follow ups for clarifications in my studies.

Turning my assignments before deadline ensures that my jobs are checked in time and have a review of them. I make sure that the assignment is well researched and presentable to my professor in that all factors of formatting are followed. Commencing any course with my professor I ask for the course outlines such that I can do my research before attending my classes. Active participation in class as well enables me to gain confidence in asking clarifications and even when answering questions. Prior research helps me to have some clue about the parts to be covered in a given lecture thus am in a position to verify my knowledge and understanding.

I usually consider making presentations of what has been taught in class such that my professor can advise me accordingly whenever am wrong. It also confirms to my lecturer how best have improved on my critical thinking and flow of ideas. The good presentation shows how best you understand a subject since you can explain to novice person and understand. Instructions are also important in academics since they guide students to be discipline and respond to assessments. My professor can observe my practical skills in presenting my research materials. They enable me to have varied perspectives on responding my professor’s

questions that show better understanding of subjects. It thus confirms to my professor how I deserve good grade not less than an A.

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