Online Grade Inquiry System Essay Example
Online Grade Inquiry System Essay Example

Online Grade Inquiry System Essay Example

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  • Published: May 19, 2017
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In entering the state of globalization, changes are inevitable. The advancement of technologies and development of systems that make works easier and faster are one of those changes.

Expert people develop system that is used for the improvement of establishments. In most companies, it is a common practice for them to identify and then plan alternatives that will serve as remedy in a very effective and efficient manner. Many establishments or businesses have embraced systems with the primary goal of reducing if not eliminating endless stream of paper that flows into or out of an office.However, we also have paper-based information document processing labor costs, document storage overhead and hardcopy related dependencies in our society than ever before. In a school, since computers are part of the educational scene and with number of students and teache


rs involved in most school systems, other uses have been found for computers.

These include school registration, class scheduling and academic grade reporting. A computer has been used to keep track of all the subjects we???ve taken and the grades we earned since we started going to school.The school records that computers have been building for us are part of the foundation upon which the future will be built. (Pick 2001) The increasing uses of computers in the last decade gave way to a new technological advancement that had assisted a certain establishment to make the work easier and lessen the tasks. The main advantage is speed, since no manual operations are needed. With the advancement of technology, the internet suddenly became an important aspect for local and global connectivity to facilitate sharing of information, thus, improving productivity of

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the users involved.

Communications have been easier with the use of E-Mail and other communication programs. As the technology???s complexity and bandwidth arise, so does the need for software to utilize them. Innovation pushed websites to include tools for specialized services. The need to inject applications to the fundamental web pages gave birth to applications based on web pages that are driven by modern database management systems and computer programming platforms. The fast paced development of technology made everyone???s like changed.

Better hardware and software are available almost every week.The development plays an essential role in developing the integral skills of certain individuals. To make one???s life easier and productive is its main role as of today. Computers are capable of turning a Manual System to Computer-Based system to reduce tedious tasks. Move by this concept, the researchers have decide to develop an Online Grade Inquiry System for the benefit of Data Center College of the Philippines. The students may easily update of their grades and so as to lessen the tasks of the registrars.

The DCCP Online Grade Inquiry system is a project for the fulfillment of our subject IT Project I.The Purpose of this System is to view the students??? grade and its profile via online. For the Administration, it can add, edit, and delete students and teachers information. The Online Grade Inquiry system would abridge and reduce the time of the students and the school staffs for the grade inquiring. This would help the other students who don???t have lots of time to inquire personally to the person in-charge of the grade inquiry, especially the working students and would also take the job

of the school staff in finding and presenting the grade of every student.And also to the parents who are working abroad they can tract if their child performing well at school.

Statement of the Problem This study attempts to develop an Online Grade Inquiry System of Data Center College of the Philippines-Laoag City that will make the service much better than the present system. The study aims to solve the following questions: 1. What are the problems encountered by the students in the current grade inquiry system of Data Center College of the Philippines ??? Laoag City? 2. What is the significant and difference wise of the proposed system from the existing system? 3.

What design of a System may be proposed?Objectives of the study Our objective for this study is to make works easier, faster and more convenient and for the parents to be updated on their child???s academic performance and to avoid children bluffs about their grades. It is not good to hear, but that is the reality. The DCCP: online grade inquiry system that we will be designing is very user friendly that is why there is no reason for the parents to worry not to be able to use this just because they do not usually use computer and internet. Specific Objectives:1.

To be able to solve the problems encountered by students in the presents Grade Inquiry system of DCCP-Laoag City. 2. To identify the importance and difference of proposed system, from manual grade inquiry system of DCCP-Laoag City. 3.

To design a system that is secured which cannot be modified or retrieved by unauthorized person. Scope and Limitations of the

Study The Online Grade Inquiry System is intended to upgrade the existing system of showing or sending of student???s grades. It is a secured multi-user system that includes all functionalities of showing, editing and submitting of grades. The system is designed to operate from a web server and is accessible through any network or computer as long as there is an internet connection.

It can only be accessed by the Registrar and/or by a network admin if the Registrar appoints anyone to input the grades into the system. The Prelims, Midterms and Final Grades are subject for approval by the Registrar before posting. Published student???s grades can also be edited by the Registrar if there are some updates especially for students who have taken removal examinations. The announcement of showing of grades, removal/ completion will be posted at the said system so that the students will be updated.

The student is required to enter his/her username and password in order to view the grades. The system provides all the subjects taken by students and their grades which are group by Semester and School Year. The default username and password is given by the network admin and cannot be change by the students. The Online Grade Inquiry System does not accept any financial transaction and evaluation. The proposed system is designed to be accessed inside or outside the school premises through the use of the internet but limited to the students of Data Center College of the Philippines ??? Laoag City.On the part of the students and parents, functionality of the system is focused on viewing of student grades.

Finally, the proposed system does not change existing policies

and guidelines on grade computation and reporting. Significance of the study: This study was made to find out that the use of online ??? based system will lessen the time for the transaction of encoding and releasing the grades of the students. Also in using the system it can recognize the persons involve this study. * To the Parents. This study is very accurate for those parents who are in abroad and provinces.To the Students.

This will help lessen the late issuance of grades that can affect the students in many ways including approval of scholarships, delay of graduation and others. Student???s retrieval of records easily is accessed. * To the School. The study will provide on improved method of processing the hundreds of grade reports they print and distributes to their students each semester. * To the future Researchers.

Future researchers who will conduct studies will realize that the traditional grade reporting process can be enhanced from manual processing to the online paper less system.Bibliography

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