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Included in this report will be a detailed report of the cosmologies being requested, as well as information on these vendors MM, Nuance, and Optimum who can supply these technologies. Also included will be a list of performance Indicators used to score the vendors and there products. The computer Assisted coding system (SACS) Is a software that we already use In the spearfish regional Hospital, however for those unfamiliar with the system I will give a brief description.

A SACS Is a software that can be used to convert specific phrases within health care documents into the appropriate medical codes. Not only can it determine the codes biased on the key words but whether they are relevant to coding requirement. I. E. Whether a patient has diabetes or a family history of diabetes. The ICED-II code language Is a requirement of the new SACS software because ANIMA requirements the update effective October 1, 2014. MM refer to themselves as a global Innovation Company.

They have five major departments that they specialize in consumer, electronics and energies, health care, industry, and safety and graphics. As a whole the company dates back to 1 902, have a global sales of $30 billion last year reinvesting 1. 5 billion of that to research and development. They have three SACS programs available for implementation with wide support program. Nuance is a software development company that specializes in the development of programs for document conversion and organization. I. E.

Dragon speech software. They have helped to develop many of the commonly used software in the medical departments. Last year their sales were approximately 1. 4 billion, with 29% of that revenue recycled into growth and development. They have developed one of the leading SACS, Quantum, which is used by many of the leading schools in their coding training degrees and more than 3000 hospitals in the U. S. Use a nuance software. Optimum is another software company who has much dealing within the medical information field.

They have been in business since 1998, and have focused most of their attention on the medical field. They have developed a program called life code which currently runs ICED-9, however, it is beatable to the new ICED-II language. Optimum’s life code program is used in over 1000 hospitals in the U. S. And are currently partnered with the Mayo Clinic in hopes to develop new software for future use. Below I have included a sample of the overview for our organization to be submitted to the vendors. I have also included a scoring tool I recommend using to compare the vender’s technologies.

The Spearfish Regional Hospital is a 40 bed hospital that offers extensive patient services centralized at one location. This location not only includes the hospital but also has an adjoining medical clinic. The hospital on average has around 1200 inpatient discharges and 2500 outpatient visits a fiscal year. Since the medical clinic is attached to the hospital business stays relatively busy all year round with busier peaks during flu and cold season. The facility already uses an electronic health cord system known as Meditate.

This system is used by all medical staff working within the hospital and clinic in order to document patient visits or look through the chart for specific information. Our coders use the Meditate system to look up diagnosis and procedures for the patients so they can do the coding. The system that we are looking to purchase needs to be able to handle helping code roughly 50 to 75 charts a day in order to keep up with the patient load. The only department that will be utilizing the computerized coding assistant is the health information department mainly our coding staff.

The HIM staff will mainly use this system in order to help smooth the coding process of charts, check to make sure all codes are correct before being submitted for billing, and to help them identify codes for diagnosis or procedures they are unfamiliar with. The receptionists in the different departments may also utilize the system if a time were ever to arise in order to assist the coders with work load. The only projects that the organization is currently undergoing is the preparation for the implementation of the new ICED-II coding.

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