Making the Grade by Richard Ward Essay Example
Making the Grade by Richard Ward Essay Example

Making the Grade by Richard Ward Essay Example

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  • Published: December 10, 2021
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Richard Ward is an art and design teacher who have a vast knowledge of art through his 24 years of teaching. In his 24year of the career, he has been able to discover one of the every important roles of art. As he argued, the meaning of the art can be defined as any design idea that can be developed in order to achieve a particular goal. For many who perceive art as predominately as a form of drawing, Richard argument contradicts with such statement arguing that art is every kind of design whether being in the form of a drawing, singing or any other form that falls in an academic discipline that involves sketching of thoughts. Richard continues to argue that, development of art originated from human desires to achieve a particular goal where the human environment contributes mainly to the development of



For instance, people have been admiring to fly like birds, and from these desires, the human tried to build flying objects. After a series of failures, finally in the early 19th century, the Wright brothers were able to fly the first aircraft successfully. Therefore, what inspire people to design a particular idea is highly dictated by the environment, and it’s from this perspective that Richland saw as vital for every student to work much harder in developing their personal ideas rather than building on the already existing designs.

In The Making the Grade article, Richard say that his chess coaching skills were developed when he was younger from observing physiologist. This idea shows that art can be developed out of daily activities. In his argument based on the development of chess, th

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game is that student can create something out of their life experiences, this idea marks his two arguments on inspiring his student to realize their potential. Most of the successful design that the world is proud to come out of scientist that were focused and determined. Richard argues that, when ones realize his/her potential, it becomes more elaborate to achieve the intended goal rather than perusing a career to be just employed.

In most of Richard’s arguments, he attempts to bring the theme of self-dependency where student not only those that pursue the art but in all disciplines should come out with their own ideas that will either act as a solution to the problems affecting their societies or development of new ideas that will make their communities grow. While locating one of his lower middle-class near Fort Eustis, Richard aimed to enhance his student skills and confidence. First students ought to be equipped with the proper knowledge about what their careers is all about; this involves defining the subject matters in order for the students to get familiarized with the learning. To archive this, Ward made his class understood the elements and the principals of design which enabled his student to become aware of their artist capabilities.

In conclusion, in his 24 years of teaching, Ward discovered that no other essential thing helps in building student’s career than first making them realize their potential. Through a sponsoring learning art programs that Ward have been participating, show clearly his passion for the new young artist. Therefore, Ward serves as a model that other teachers and scholars ought to follow to equip their younger learners in their respective


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