My Personal Statement Essay Example
My Personal Statement Essay Example

My Personal Statement Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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I hope that this personal statement supports my application to major in economics under Bachelor of Arts. Despite the university also offering business school, I prefer economics as it does look into how resources can be used to maximize human wants while business studies focus on the management of a firm. It is this broader outlook and impact that economics has on the social and global welfare that intrigues me.
I have always had a personal interest in economics ever since I joined the elementary school. I was fortunate to have supportive parents who both majored in economics. My drive towards it got eminent during the financial crisis in 2007. I did get to witness the effects of it directly as my parents’ business in China was negatively affected. Its uncertainty made me be on the trend with economic p


olicies and news till to date as I closely monitor their impacts.
In my first and second-year summer intern, I was at Congress and HSBC in Hong Kong respectively. In my last intern, I was posted in the financial trade department that I found fascinating as we would predict and manage risks while facilitating global trade. I did get to enhance my fundamental and technical skills along communication skills during those periods.
Due to personal circumstances, I had a difficult semester during this quarter which led to my poor grades. At the time, I was going through an emotional breakdown as my mother was ill. Visiting her on the weekends also did put more strain on me mainly as a result of jetlag. Since then, I have made sustainable improvements in my grades in the subsequent examinations.

I believe this

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university will provide me with the ideal environment to grow and develop my understanding and analysis of the global economy. It will also enable me to attain my goals: pursue my M.B.A, start my own business and work for the government as an economic policy adviser.

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