Personal Statement Essay
Personal Statement Essay

Personal Statement Essay

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Since my childhood, I have always had a desire to have a career in political science. Today’s world has greatly got contribution from the theory of Darwin’s on evolution, Karl Marx’s theory and Nazi Hitler’s ideology. The reason why these theories fascinate me is the history they have left behind. What compelled me in having an interest in pursuing this course is the different political developments that have arisen recently and features of ideologies. These include why religions always fight each other but do coexist within a society and how different circumstances affect international relations. Additionally having an understanding how different circumstances do affect international relations and the reason why economic disparities are very prevalent. Through political science, these questions can be studied and answered. International relations is the aspect of politics that is fascinatin


g to me. This is through the understanding that I have received that an international system has the capability to solve political, economic and social problems that are in existence today.

During my school years at California State University, I have been involved in different extra curricula’s. They include being a member and leader of various groups. They assisted me in developing my leadership skills as well as learning how to work as a team member. Additionally the opportunities assisted me in developing both communication and presentation skills.

Through my leadership experiences and educational background I am certain that I am the best candidate to purse Political science in your esteemed university. Since it will provide me with the opportunity of understanding how social structure is governed and the balance of liaising between society and government. It is my wish and believe that

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when awarded the opportunity at your esteemed university, my goals will be achieved.

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