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Short Term Therapy Therapy
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Counseling Psychology Short Term Therapy
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Pharmacology Short Term Therapy
Laxatives – Flashcard 23 terms
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End Stage Renal Disease Fluid And Electrolyte Balance Nursing Short Bowel Syndrome Short Term Therapy
TPN – Flashcard 72 terms
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Patient: Drug: (G) Ducosate Sodium; (B) Colace Dose/Frequency/Route: 100 mg = 1 cap, by mouth twice daily Indication: stool softener Teaching: instruct pts with cardiac disease to avoid straining during bowel movements; best if used as short term therapy – instruct patient to try other methods of bowel regulation (i.e. increasing fluid and bulk intake)
Instructor: Drug: (G) Ducosate Sodium; (B) Colace Safe Dose Range: 50 – 400 mg in 1-4 divided doses Classification: Stool softeners (lower surface tension of GI fluid so more fat and fluid enters stool and intestine) Reason: To prevent constipation (in pt who should avoid straining) Nursing Implications: – s/e: diarrhea, cramping – p/m: assess for abdominal distention and bowel Fx (also note color, consistency, and amt of stool produced)
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