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What color are gram positive and gram negative bacteria on a gram stain?
gram + are blue, gram – are red
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what has been historically classified as Gram negative bacteria but is genetically more simialr to low G+ C Grm positive bacteria?
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Which has a thicker cell wall- gram positive or gram negative bacteria?
Gram positive
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What color do gram negative bacteria stain?
Gram negative bacteria with lipopolysaccharide layer that can be broken down and Lipid A is released
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Fimbriae & Pilli-gram negative bacteria-shorter, thinner & straighter than FLagella-used for attatchment and transfer of DNA rather then movement
Pilin= structure consisting of protein, arranged in helical around central core- divided into two types. FImbriae & pilli Fimbriae- used for attatchment-form biofilms-help bacteria stick Pilli- not MAIN role of attcmt but CONJUGATION-transfer DNA from one cell to another FImbria absent, then no disease can happen bc it cant colonize*help colonize mucous membranes (ex: gonorea)
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Serum sensitivity/resistance of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
–The complement system has the ability to kill many Gram-negative bacteria by cell lysis, using the membrane attack complex–Some pathogenic bacteria have the ability to resist complement lysisEx: Neisseriagonorrhoeae utilizes an outer membrane protein that binds to factor H, increasing the conversion of C3b to iC3b–Gram-positive bacteria are naturallyresistant to lysis by complement due to the thick peptidoglycan cell wall of these bacteria–However, Gram-positive bacteria still are opsonized by complement.
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examples of gram negative bacteria
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
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What is present in both gram positive and gram negative bacteria?
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