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Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Mental And Physical Health Public Health Nurse
Disease Detectives: Basic Epidemiology Terms – Flashcards 19 terms
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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Public Health Nurse
Parenting Final – Flashcards 58 terms
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Information Theory Nursing Pharmacology Public Health Nurse
ATI – Priority Setting & Team Work Advanced Test – Flashcards 30 terms
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Abnormal Psychology Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome High School Students Mom And Dad Music Education Public Health Nurse
Pysch 230 Final Quiz 7 – Flashcards 25 terms
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Community Health Foundations Of Professional Nursing Nursing Public Health Public Health Nurse
Ati RN Community Health Online Practice 2016 B – Flashcards 50 terms
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A public health nurse found that out of the 70 people who ate the potato salad at a school picnic, 63 developed symptoms of food poisoning. What is the attack rate? 1. 70% 2. 90% 3. 100% 4. 63%
What is a public health nurse?
Specialty of nursing that synthesizes nursing, social, and public health sciences to provide care to populations. “The practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences
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The public health nurse has been working with a​ mobility-impaired client with chronic fatigue for over a year. What newly arisen issues should the public health nurse address​ immediately?
-safety risks -infectious disease transmission
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A young woman tells the public health nurse that a friend was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis B and she is concerned about getting the disease. During the assessment interview, which question is most important for the nurse to ask this woman?
Have you shared any needles or had sex with your friend?
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4. A young woman tells the public health nurse that a friend was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis B and she is concerned about getting the disease. During the assessment interview, which question is most important for the nurse to ask this woman?
“Have you shared any needles or had sex with your friend?”
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A public health nurse leader is encountering barriers when trying to shift the public health agency’s efforts to a population-focused practice. The reasons peers are not supportive of the proposed shift to a population focus are most likely related to:
Opinions that nursing should focus on the provision of direct client care and services. (pg) 18
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The public health nurse deals with the examination of a community setting to determine the community’s health status. Which of the following activities should be considered in the assessment phase?
Include but not limited to: Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information Evaluating the social, economic, and environmental characteristics of the population Questioning the availability of health services to the community
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A: Public health nurses synthesize all their nursing expertise, as well as knowledge, from public health, whereas nurses with varied educational backgrounds may be employed in community settings
The only clear distinction between a community health nurse and a public health nurse is that a. The community health nurse gives care in community settings regardless of personal education, whereas public health nurses have specific educational preparation. b. Community health nurse is a title that has historically been used, whereas public health nurse is the new “in” title for the role. c. The community health nurse is employed to give care to families and groups, whereas the public health nurse works in public health departments. d. Community health nurse is the broader term that includes public health nursing, school nursing, and home health nursing.
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A public health nurse is working with a migrant farm worker who has experienced an exposure to a pesticide. When researching pesticides, the nurse looks at the family of the chemical. What similarities are found among chemicals that have been placed in the same family? a. Route of entry into the body b. Actions and associated risks c. Effects that they have on the body d. Potency and toxicity
ANS: B Chemicals are grouped so its possible to understand the actions and risks associated with each group.
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A public health nurse is working in a community that has a population of 24.096. There are 2.096 existing cases of heart disease within the population. The nurse can determine which of the following from this information. Mortality rate Attack rate Prevalence proportion Incidence proportion.
Prevalence proportion The prevalence proportion can be calculated given how many people were affected at a given time and the total population.
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