Fort Santiago Visitation Essay Example
Fort Santiago Visitation Essay Example

Fort Santiago Visitation Essay Example

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  • Published: July 27, 2017
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Last October 26. 2012. the twenty-four hours me and my group mates visited the Fort Santiago located at Intramuros. Manila. This topographic point is known where Dr. Jose Rizal was detained during his period of test. But we didn’t cognize what the history behind Fort Santiago is before it served as a gaol for Dr. Jose Rizal. That is why we chose this historical landmark to function as our co-curricular activity and since no 1 of us haven’t been at that place.

Upon come ining the entryway of Fort Santiago. there is an entryway fee that cost P50 ( pupil rate ) . after come ining we signed an understanding about taking images for our activity. During our trip to the house wherein Dr. Jose Rizal was detained. you can see the bronzy pes prints on the floor. this is said to believe th


at. it is the way where Rizal walk from the house to the bagumbayan before he was shot. There is besides the aggregation of his memorabilia’s like his apparels. the lantern. pens. chapeau. and many more. After trekking the house. we reached the outer portion of the house wherein we discovered that the house where Rizal was detained was situated beside Pasig River. There besides some locked topographic point that is still in advancement of reconstructing the latter portion of Fort Santiago.

After this trial. we could state to ourselves that we have travelled back in the history and larn the importance of this co-curricular activity particularly for us who are first timers sing the Fort Santiago. We could urge this historical landmark to our friends and allow themselves see and go to endors

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to a great history of Philippines.

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