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Not yet. Rizal. non yet. Sleep non in peace:
There are a 1000 Waterss to be spanned ;
there are a 1000 mountains to be crossed ;
there are a 1000 crosses to be borne.
Our shoulders are non strong ; our tendons are
adult flaccid with dependance. smug with easiness
under another’s wing. Rest non in peace ;
Not yet. Rizal. non yet. The land has need
of immature blood-and. what younger than your ain.
Everlastingly spilled in the great name of freedom.
Everlastingly oblate on the communion table of
the free? Not you entirely. Rizal. O souls
And liquors of the martyred brave arise!
Arise and scour the land! Shed one time once more
your willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red
into our thin anaemic venas ; until
we pick up your Promethean tools and. strong.
Out of the depthless matrix of your religion
in us. and on the soundless drops of freedom.
we carve for all clip your marmorean dream!
Until our people. seeing. are become
like the Molave. house. resilient. staunch.
lifting on the hillside. unafraid.
Strong in its ain fibre. yes. like the Molave!

Not yet. Rizal. non yet. The glorification hr will come
Out of the soundless dreaming
from the seven thousand fold silence
We shall emerge. stating WE ARE FILIPINOS!
and no longer be ashamed
slumber non in peace
the dream is non yet to the full carved
hard the wood but harder the forests
yet the molave will stand
yet the molave memorial will lift
and god’s walk on brown legs

The Literary Interpretation Of Like The Molave:
By: Rosie Normanton

The chief reading of the Filipino verse form Like the Molave is one sing how the people of the Philippines must work to do the state stronger. The verse form states that a part of the Philippines – Rizal – can non yet rest. as there is still much work to be done to do the country successful. At the beginning of the verse form. the poet outlines how the Philippines is dependent on other states. and must work towards going independent in the hereafter in order to back up its citizens. Like The Molave besides highlights the importance of the younger coevals. and how they must contend for their state and better the Filipino manner of life. The poet believes this will allow the state freedom. Like The Molave besides talks about heroes and how they inspire regular Filipinos to be great themselves and joins them on the quest to do the Philippines a more comfortable topographic point. The verse form states that whilst many Filipinos are accomplishing great things for their state. there is still much more to be done and more occupants must lend to the attempts. In short. Like the Molave is about animating the Filipino state to better their state and do it self-sufficing.

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