A Report Evaluating ICT and its Implementation for Distance Learners Essay Example
A Report Evaluating ICT and its Implementation for Distance Learners Essay Example

A Report Evaluating ICT and its Implementation for Distance Learners Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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a ) Evaluate how to keep effectual communicating with your coach.

As this is a self-study class. the reply to this inquiry is a small complex. Although there is an existent physical coach to tag assignments and give feedback. a critical portion of deriving a good class on my assignments is to show my independent work ability with minimum counsel from my tutor1. Lessons are delivered via the on-line web site. so in a sense the most of import accomplishment set necessary is to read. re-read. seek the cyberspace to understand any footings which aren’t clear. and so re-read once more. There are two coachs on my class. I sent a note of debut. saying who I am and giving a brief outline of why I am analyzing this class. Although I am certain that I will hold survey related inquiries to inquire s


ubsequently. and perchance petitions for more information sing assignment feedback. I think that at the minute our communicating falls within the bounds of regular courtesy. As the class progresses I think look intoing my messages on a regular basis. esteeming and listening to my coachs feedback. directing a note of recognition on reception of any messages. and possibly if appropriate directing a note if I think there will be an unusual sum of hold in completing the faculties. are about every bit far as the bounds of the class allows for communicating.

B ) Evaluate how technological tools will assist you analyze.

The first thing to set up here is what technological tools are both available and relevant to me as a distance scholar. Basically the lone tools I will be utilizing are my computing

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machine and the cyberspace. My computing machine will be for collating information in my ePortfolio. composing essays. and accessing the cyberspace. I have divided my ePorfolio into four subdivisions: coursework. brooding notes. research. and self-assessment activities. The necessary ICT accomplishments here are: word processing. scanning and printing. drawing charts and diagrams. I completed a class in word processing and information analysis so I am comparatively competent at this. However I have besides been reviewing my cognition via the Microsoft Office ‘Help. Training and Tutorials’ page2. peculiarly for pulling diagrams. an country I haven’t had much usage for late. Remembering to organize and register relevant information and undertakings into the appropriate booklets. and guaranting that at the terminal of each unit I have created a comprehensive reappraisal of my survey methods and what I have learnt are the most indispensable constituents here. In finishing this class the cyberspace is my sterling tool. and can be broken down into many sub-categories. Below is a basic system diagram of how I am accessing the cyberspace to finish my class assignments:

To assist me research and survey. I can travel on-line and usage: electronic books. diaries. articles. picture. podcasts. and publications from authoritiess and respected reding administrations. I will travel into greater item subsequently. on precisely which websites I am using. However as a brief illustration: Exploring reding accomplishments with an accent on ICT.

I did a basic hunt for “counselling resources” online. I discovered a website tally by a qualified. practising. experienced. counselor in the UK. 3 This web site provided me with general information. a PDF ebook on preparation to be a counselor. 4 and links videos supplying on-line

lessons on reding accomplishments and constructs. 5 I returned to my original hunt and followed a nexus to resources offered by a UK university for its pupils making a comparable class. 6 This gave me a list of books and diaries that undergraduates would be utilizing to research reding accomplishments. 7 I looked at the recommended books on virago and ordered sample content of those available as ebooks

. I so did net hunts on the assorted writers. and subscribers to chapters. to both look into their certificates and see if they offered any resources on their pattern / university / personal web site. I went back to the recommended reading list and looked at the recommended diaries and found links to them. eg. British Journal of Psychology. 8 I returned to my original hunt and started look intoing reding administrations and their publications including: UKCP. 9 BPS. 10 the BACP. 11 and the CPCAB12 I went to the UN. 13 and EU. 14 web sites to look into their publications sing guidance. Finally I checked the PubMed15 web site to happen more links to relevant diaries. I noted all of these links for usage when researching other more specific facets of guidance.

degree Celsius ) Evaluate how executing a SWOT analysis can assist you analyze. I was unfamiliar with the thought of SWOT analysis before get downing this unit so ab initio I did some background research on the concept16 and looked at a sum-up of Authur Humphrey’s. the discoverer of SWOT. chief rules and decisions. 17 I so searched the cyberspace for thoughts on precisely how to place my ain peculiar strengths and failings. I

found mindtools18 peculiarly helpful because it gave me thoughts to see as I looked at each subdivision. I besides performed a personality test19. to see the strengths and failings of my peculiar personality type. This was less utile. because it was more to make with me personally than with my ability to analyze. although it gave me several things to see. I created this chart:

At first glimpse I really found it rather corrupting – the failings and menaces seemed to be well more extended than the strengths and chances. However as I analysed it more closely. I rapidly realised this was baseless. I think although I surely need to see the menaces and failings. they have a batch less weight in comparing to the strengths and chances subdivision. So far as I can see my failings are things I can counterbalance for and take into history as I study. These are my ideas and solutions for each of them:

1 ) Limited anterior experience of the topic being studied:

This is merely a impermanent job. I am making a great trade of background research for this assignment’s portion two. and looking into books which might supplement my cognition. I think I will experience caught up in the close hereafter.

2 ) Sometimes excessively perfectionist ( i. e. I can fight to retrieve that “done” is better than “perfect” ) : I am puting myself clip bounds on how long I can redact and re-edit my work. I am consciously composing things that I know may good be deleted or wholly revised subsequently. merely to do certain I have a base to work from.

3 ) Can go over-involved in

analyzing to the point that other countries of my life suffer: I have compiled a elaborate agenda for myself. to guarantee that I can keep a balance in my life. I have made certain to maintain clip free. in peculiar the weekends when my kids are non in school. and to let clip to maintain up with my domestic duties.

4 ) Not holding a schoolroom of other pupils to resile thought around with may restrict possible: I have been look intoing groups of other trainee counselors and mature pupils. I have besides made certain to check-in on the Oxford College forum20 so I have the potency of run intoing other people. I besides found the procedure of self-assessment utile in countering this failing. I give more elaborate ideas on that later in this study.

5 ) Sudden loss of enthusiasm – if I overload myself with unrealistic ends I tend to desire to discontinue: In portion this is covered by my solution for failing 6 ) . nevertheless I have besides been carefully interrupting down each unit and each assignment so it is in bite size. manageable balls. If I can concentrate on merely finishing each subdivision within each unit. without acquiring overwhelmed by the whole. and in peculiar with the word count. I can finish everything without any terror.

The menaces I identified are mostly out of my control. I am gauging that it will take me four to six hebdomads to finish each unit to the best of my ability. This leaves me with a lower limit of six hebdomads free at the terminal of the two twelvemonth clip bound. I think that this should

be adequate to counterbalance for any decelerating down in my gait due to unanticipated fortunes.

Listing my strengths and look intoing my chances was a really positive experience for me. Knowing that I am good at research. experienced in distance survey. and that I besides have entree to a university library has made me experience a batch more confident of my abilities. However admiting my failings and proactively coming up with programs to counter them has been the most helpful portion of the exercising.

vitamin D ) Measure the pattern of Reflective Writing.

Brooding Writing is the procedure used to:
See what you originally thought and what you have learnt. Analyse its deductions and results. See what you could make otherwise. what more you could larn. how what you have learnt will impact you. It is a critical accomplishment for scholars at any degree. and considered a necessary practise for wellness professionals at all degrees. When you write reflectively you use a alone mixture of both academic analytical accomplishments and use them to your ain personal state of affairs. It was a construct I was antecedently unfamiliar with. I looked at the general theory behind it on several university web sites. I found the Exeter University guide peculiarly helpful21. and so more specifically at the Faculty of Public Health web site and how it is used by wellness professionals. 22 Throughout this class it is a good manner to look at the larning results of each unit. To measure what you originally believed. what you have learnt. and how you can set things into pattern.

It is besides a utile manner to maintain path of things you think merit farther

consideration. So for case when I was researching SWOT. I came across an interesting theory by Athur Humphrey stating that that the degree of people’s work and the attempt they put into it is strongly related to reward23. Subsequently on as I was researching what makes effectual scholars. I came across a scientific survey by behaviors economic expert Dan Ariely that proved this same theory24. Although this information seems interesting. I decided it was non really straight relevant to what I was being asked to measure. It was nevertheless something to observe and see in my brooding authorship as something that might perchance be relevant later on and something I could larn from.

vitamin E ) Measure the pattern of Self-Assessment

Self appraisal. is one of the most of import and critical accomplishments in this class. One facet of it is brooding authorship. ( elaborate antecedently ) but there are several other constituents. When I do the self-assessment activities in the units I am provided with a baseline of my current cognition. When I look up the replies at the terminal of the text this gives me feedback on how much I know. and besides helps me to place what I should be researching to better my current cognition degree. This is a basic diagram of how I am utilizing the self appraisal activities:

Basically. one time I know the degree of my ain cognition. I can see what I need to work on. A big portion of self-assessment seems to be administration and apprehension. The Black Box Report25 on ego appraisal in British schools noted that the chief barrier to student self appraisal. is being unsure of

precisely what you should be accomplishing. If you can set up that you have a platform from which to work. Through my SWOT appraisal. I established my ain personal countries I need to work on. Through the topic specific larning aims. and self-assessment activities I can set up what I know and what I need to larn. As cognition is cumulative. administration is cardinal here – composing up my contemplations. with peculiar mention to the larning aims of each unit. and collating them in my ePortfolio to supply a organic structure of mention particular to my demands and acquisition penchants.

degree Fahrenheit ) See the Principles of an ePortfolio.

ePortfolios are widely used. and an built-in constituent of many on-line classs. The publicity of ePortfolios is besides an EU policy26 as a manner of “valuing and observing the accomplishments of the person. 27” From under alumnus to doctorial study28 in reding ePortfolios are now prevailing. The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research29 says they are a manner for pupils to both generate and papers acquisition. “It’s important… to believe of an ePortfolio as both a merchandise -a digital aggregation of artefacts- and as a procedure – of reflecting on those artifacts and what they represent. 30” There are three chief ends when making an ePortfolio. First. mapping my advancement as a pupil. to clearly put out my research. programs. essays. and self contemplation. Making this allows me to non merely clearly see my advancement. but to critically measure and reflect on what I have learnt.

Second. my ePortfolio allows me to document my ain personal growing. ends. and accomplishments ; to be able to look at what I

have done. how I have viewed challenges and worked through them. and possibly utilize those methods once more in the hereafter. One of the most of import pre-requisites to being a counselor is empathy ; holding a clear position of myself. the challenges I have gone through. and my reactions as I went through them is a relevant manner of assisting me retrieve and being able to associate. Third my ePortfolio provides a organic structure of information that I can utilize to assist me arrange a CV – both by demoing what larning ends I have achieved and how I have achieved so. and by supplying grounds of uninterrupted acquisition. At a ulterior day of the month it can besides supply me with the footing for building a professional web site.

Undertaking 2. Collate Web Resources Relevant to Counselling Studies. and Reflect on What Has Been Learnt.

As detailed in subdivision B ) I have evaluated reding resources based on their credibleness. i. e whether they are peer reviewed. produced by a national or world-wide administration. and the makings of the writer. I have merely included resources that meet these guidelines to the full or in portion. I concentrated my web hunts on these web sites ( in alphabetical order ) : Bielefeld Academic Search Engine – BASE. 31 BASE is a hunt engine for academic related articles. and diaries. A batch of resources related to reding surveies can be found at that place. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – BACP. 32 The BACP is a professional administration for counselors and clinical psychologists in the UK. It sets guidelines for good pattern and has assorted resources

and information brochures for counselors and clinical psychologists. It has late become the first authorities accredited registry for counselors and clinical psychologists in the UK. CogPrints33 – is an on-line archive of diaries and articles with a big psychological science subdivision. It is run by Southampton University UK. Columbia University Academic Commons34 gives entree to a big figure of articles and research documents including many related to reding psychological science.

Reding and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body – CPCAB. 35 The CPCAB provides criterions for counselors and clinical psychologists. It besides has a big sum of mention information. including pictures on reding pattern. European Union – EU. 36 The EU sets criterions and makes Torahs for the whole of Europe. They have a database with a big figure of studies. many refering guidance and it’s execution. Falmouth University Library*3738 – has a big choice of articles and diaries related to reding and psychological science. FreeMedicalJournals39 – a website supplying entree to diaries and their articles that have passed their embargo period. Google Scholar40 – a hunt engine for scholarly articles and diaries. PubMed41 – is a website tally by The United States National Library of Medicine. It gives entree to diaries. articles. and studies refering wellness. RELATE42 – is the UK based administration specifically set up to supply reding for twosomes. It has a broad scope of publications associating to this.

This web site will be peculiarly utile when analyzing the ‘Relationship Counselling’ unit. Science Direct ( the replacing for the now retired SCIRUS ) 43 Science Direct is a web site that allows you to seek for scientific discipline related articles and diaries. The Directory of Open

Access Journals – DOAJ. 44 The DOAJ is a hunt engine for diaries and articles. many related to reding and psychological science and it’s world-wide execution. UK Council for Psychotherapy – UKCP45 The UKCP brings together reding clinical psychologists with a wide scope of specializations throughout the UK. It is nationally recognised and accredited. It has a scope of free publications for counselors. UN university46 – has a big aggregation of research. articles and publications including many sing mental wellness. United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF. 47 UNICEF trades with the rights of kids and female parents throughout the universe. They have a big database of studies refering the physical and mental well-being of kids and immature people. This web site will be peculiarly utile when analyzing the ‘Child Counselling’ unit. United Nations –UN. 48 The UN sets universe criterions for human rights and wellness attention.

They have a big database of articles and studies doing recommendations for international well being. including a important figure sing psychological wellness. This is a reasonably extended list of resources. and many of the web sites listed gives entree to studies and articles which figure in the 10s of 1000s. I have listed merely those web sites which have a really good hunt process – this means that when I look for information I can cut down on as many generalizations as possible and happen articles that specifically deal with the subjects in each unit. My penchant is to first hunt for articles in good regarded diaries. and so to travel onto lesser known or new studies and findings. So for illustration to happen information on Reding Surveies I went

to the Falmouth Library Database and checked for the three chief diaries related to reding in Europe: The European Journal of Counselling Psychology. Counselling Psychology Review. and Counselling Psychology Quarterly.

I so searched within these publications for articles on Reding Surveies and Therapeutic Person Centred Counselling in peculiar. I read the BACP and UKCP guidelines and policy for counselors and for their preparation. I made notes and considered what I had learnt. Before I began my research I made some brief notes on what I thought Reding Studies consists of: A practical survey of people and their demands in times of crisis. and how a counselor can outdo assist them ; combined with a minimal but still important appreciation of reding theory and doctrine. Having conducted independent research on this I think my thoughts were accurate though needfully really basic. Reding Studies is such a immense topic it is hard to sum up briefly all the necessary qualities a counselor needs – the prerequisite function of empathy and the difference between empathy and sympathy. the demand for credence instead than advice. could make full up several pages entirely. However I think that I have a basic thought of who a counselor should be and really much expression frontward to larning in greater item how to be that individual.


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