Use Of Technology Currently Us Schools Essay Example
Use Of Technology Currently Us Schools Essay Example

Use Of Technology Currently Us Schools Essay Example

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  • Published: October 2, 2019
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Axia College MaterialRuth Davila Appendix D Technology Use Timeline Currently, U. S. schools use technology significantly more than they did in the past. Research the use of technology in schools from 1980 until present day. Fill in the timeline below with events to depict the changes in school technology since 1980. You need to discuss a minimum of two events per decade, for a total of at least six events. Cite your sources in APA format on the next page.

In 1993 computers were being used for instructional purposes in 40 % of all elementary schools, 75% on all middle schools in the US. Schools begin using Gopher servers to provide students with online information. In 2000 Congress passed the (CIPA) and the (NC


IPA), which require all schools and libraries that receive federal technology funds to have an internet safety policy to protect children from visual materials that are obscene or contain child pornography. In 1985 whiteboards started to be used in the classrooms.

The 1999 Laptop Learning Challenge sponsored by Toshiba and the National Science Teachers Association (http://www. nsta. org/programs/laptop/index. htm) recently recognized innovative uses of laptops in K-12 mathematics and science education. In 2007 educational software became more useful and interesting to students as graphics and videos are incorporated. Also at the end of 2007 beginning of 2008 the IPod revolutionized the way education is deliver.

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