Is English an Universal Language?
Is English an Universal Language?

Is English an Universal Language?

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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English is one of the most widely used languages in today’s world and has a great impact on a successful career. Due to rapid modernization and westernization, the popularity of the English language has increased. It is internationally used and globally accepted. “English is being recreated every minute of every day, in billions of conversations in every country on earth; in countless books, films, television and radio programs, on the internet—recreated organically: that is, in ways that grow out of its extraordinarily, perhaps incomparably, rich history and flexibility. (Robert Dessaix, 21/01/2006) English is an integral part of business communication, job opportunities and globalization. Although some say that English is not a commonly used language, statistics prove that increase in business transactions, job opportunities and advancement in globalization are due to the wide influence of the most commonly spoken language, English.

Firstly, English is an effective method to communicate business transactions for a successful career. There are various ways of communication such as verbal and written form.Verbal communication conducted through phone can be used for telemarketing. For example, Ford Motor Company, American Express. (http://library.

uow. edu. au/search/X? (telemarketing)+and+(examples)+and+(companies)===D). Call centres in banks also use written form of communication.

For example, the ABN AMRO bank, in spite of being a Dutch bank it has established itself in more than 53 countries and it is conducting business transactions in English. (http://www. abnamro. com/com/about/worldwide_presence. jsp).

Written form of communication is also used for a successful career.For example, emails, word documents, snail mails etc. English as a communicative language can be used for international conferences and meetings. It improves


the communication skills for the speaker.

For example, the international conference about the Finance Infrastructure, to be held in Dubai. (http:// www. allconferences. com/ conferences/20060917015256/). English iis ………..

the information age has started to advance swiftly hereby showing the growth of the English language. The high technology used currently is mostly in English. For example: in medinces, computer science and genetics. http://www.

antimoon. com/other/whylearn. htm). Business people can read important business newspapers & articles related to trade, commerce or industry(http://www. antimoon. com/other/whylearn.

htm). English is essential while looking for job opportunities for a successful career. It requires an admirable knowledge of English to create a CV. People who know English can access to almost all employment required sites on the internet. Nowadays most of the job advertisements are in English. For example, newspapers, websites and recruiting agencies.

The English language is also helpful in climbing up d corporate ladder for successful career. English is the main language used in multinational companies. For example: coke cola, Toyota. Monolingual graduates who speak English tend to compete, in any country, with job seekers from other countries who can speak some languages – including English. (http://www. open2.

net/society/education/globalenglish. html) (http://www. cels. bham.

ac. uk/resources/essays/Doms6. pdf) Globalization even affects the language that we speak to achieve a successful career.English language helps in developed countries to gain a lot of outsourcing opportunities such as creating a boom in the economy and mass marketing.

It improves the capitalism thereby increasing the job opportunities, which will lead high salaries and help in raising the standard

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of living. (www. abc. net. au/rn/arts/ling/stories/s1285647. htmwww.

abc. net. au/rn/arts/ling /stories/s1285647. htm) However many believe that English has suppressed the other languages. It tends to dominate the other languages and results the cultural way of life to fade due to westernization.

People who don’t know English are considered less educated and sometimes illiterate. It is assumed that Esperanto should be the universal language. However Esperanto not a language of any nation and it cannot be a replacement for national languages. Esperanto cannot be the universal language because it cannot be expressive since it does not have a culture, while each language takes on the personality and culture of the people. English is the universal language for a successful career. Although some say that English is not a commonly used language, statistics prove that increase

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